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Basically I WANT THE SUFFERING AND MADNESS TO END! I'm tired of being thrown to doctors who tell me "nothing can be done, learn to deal with it, but here's this nice drug; just freaking suffer miss."

Date:   4/22/2010 11:52:50 AM ( 12 y ago)

Hello, I'm an 18 year old female, and clearly would like to ask for some help. I have been having physical problems since I was a child, weather it was a headache, stomach problem, or my knees hurting during a thunderstorm, there was always something wrong.

I began having extreme depression problems when I was 7 (which makes sense to any one since I am a child who suffered the death of a parent).

When I was 12ish, I began having severe back pain, but it has never been treated. It is now arched really bad, and I think it may have to do with all the other problems that have continued to come up.

About 5-6 years ago, I began having severe migraines. I missed school, was in the hospital several times for the migraines and depression. I started seeing a hypnotherapist and that was the only thing that seemed to help. (Up until I was sexually abused, and he told me it was OK).

Then about 2 years ago, I began having extreme joint pain. It hurt to move any part of my body. I was in a wheel chair for a while and then was using a cane. I was seeing a chiropractor and an acupuncturist, but only the symptoms were treated (and only lessened for a few days). It hurts to walk or do anything. I get fatigued by just sitting on the couch for a few hours. Not to mentioned it ruined my high school career, and future plans.

My only theorized connection is that they treated all the symptoms they told me would not go away, but completely ignored my back pain and currently hunched backed, which could probably be cured and have been prevented. Therefore I think my back is the main problem, even though the joint pain is the most prominent (but my back is involved in joint pain).

I do exercise, I am on pain medications but I only take them once a week. I am I birth control, but those are the only drugs I am taking right now. I am on a Gluten & MSG free diet. I get out every day (and pass out every night). I have been trying to do the Water Cure. so forth and so on.

So basically I WANT THE SUFFERING AND MADNESS TO END! I'm so tired of being thrown to one doctor and the next who tell me "nothing can be done, learn to deal with it, but here's this nice drug; just freaking suffer miss."
So I would like some suggestions for what can most likely help. I've been doing The Water Cure for about week now, so my main focus is on that. I am going to do a Cleansing (but my dad is regulating it, so I dunno if it will help). Just suggestions please.


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