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Lyme and co-infections

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About Vector transmission

 B.burgdorferi (Bb) is the only Vector distributed Lyme Disease, the others are spread via human and animal contact.

Always included with Bb Vector (tick, stinging and biting insects):

Sometimes included with Bb Vector (tick, stinging and biting insects) or received all by itself from other Vectors:

About Placmids

Borellia garinii has no placmids, it simply causes lowered immunity where it is. The next version is Borrelia afzelli, it has a toxic plasmid that causes mostly skin issues and targets the glands itself.
Borelllia burgdorferi (Bb) has 23 infectious plasmids they supply Nucleic acids to allow infections to lower immunity for it to gain access to vital cells.

The dowsed list of infections triggered by Bb plasmids (not in order), keep in mind it takes multiple plasmids for some infections:

  1. Fusobacterium
  2. Haemophilus influenzae type b (HiB)
  3. Hantavirus - aka Korean hemorrhagic fever
  4. Epidemic parotitis
  5. Norovirus
  6. Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  7. Serratia marcescens (natural)
  8. Shigellosis   
  9. Smallpox
  10. Yersenia pestis
  11. West Nile virus
  12. Sarcocystis   

List of nearly always present infections


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