FIRE ANTS ON A LOG or RED ANTS ON A LOG by Avocadess .....

Healthy enough to be a full meal, quick and fun enough to be a snack. What's not to love? Goji berries are PACKED with nutrition and antioxidants and one handful a day gives maximum rewards! Recipe below!

Date:   2/7/2010 7:22:16 PM ( 11 y ago)


Celery sticks filled with favorite raw nut butter(s) and trail goji berries down it. For real fire: stir a bit of cayenne powder into the nut butter(s) before filling the "log"! KIDS will love this. YUMMY...!!! Without the cayenne is when it is called RED ANTS ON A LOG rather than FIRE ANTS. (smile)

Today I made this recipe using homemade raw cashew and sesame butter (ground in a mortar and pestle) where I also added a wee bit of apple cider vinegar, a wee bit of local honey, a couple pinches of Celtic sea salt, cayenne powder and a couple cloves of pressed garlic. But no need to be so adventurous. (And of course most kids won't want the cayenne in there!)

Oh, and to my homemade nut butter recipe made in mortar and pestle I also added some OLIVE OIL...! You can make small amounts of nut butter by using a coffee grinder and then after moving to a mixing bowl stir in some olive oil, hemp oil or coconut oil (the best oils to use) and adding a couple pinches of salt -- easy and MUCH less expensive and MUCH fresher than ready-made nut butters!!

Are you thinking of using peanut butter? Forget about it. 95% of peanuts and peanut butter full of aflatoxins - the WORST mold for humans ever! (I would be okay using Sunfood's jungle peanuts, but this is not an inexpensive choice.) There are SOME peanuts -- very few -- that do not have mold on them from the get-go. If you really, really, really want to know where to get American peanuts with no mold and not treated with harmful chemicals and poisonous-style sugars, check with Rhio -- the author of the great raw cookbook classic HOOKED ON RAW. If anyone knows where to get 'em, Rhio does!

Thanks for reading, and here's wishing you the Best Day EVER...!

Michele / Avocadess

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