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Date:   1/5/2010 1:17:09 PM ( 11 y ago)

Ok the results of eating, drinking and not exercising for the last 3 months have been, as you can imagine, horrible. Not only am I the biggest i have been since my intial weight loss efforts, i feel awful. So i am starting a 30 day juice fast today and i have got to say i am really looking forward to it. I dont know what my weight is i think if i found out i would feel really bad and beat myself up. I am guessing it is around 165 pd. so i have about 30 pounds to lose. But more importantly i have to get it together. I am simply eating way too much and not exercising at all. I just havent made myself a priority and that is going to change.
What do I want to achieve?
Weight loss - I want to fit back into my regular jeans comfortable. I want to be at least 140 pound hopefully less
Skin - I want to have healthy skin not what i have at the moment which is itchy, dry and frankly feels dead.
Exercise - I want to be exercising at least 4 times a week, I want to feel fit, have muscle tone and be running at least twice a week
Sleeping - I want to be falling asleep easy at night and waking up feeling really rested
Life style - I want to have something extra in my life maybe a volunteer job, a social group, dance lessons??? i am really not sure but i have to find something to do with my extra time and something that uplifts me in some way. This may not sound like something that is related to a juice fast but it is. I find when fasting i have so much extra time due to not eating and drinking and i want to spend this time finding something to do that i really enjoy.
Eating habits - I want to stop being so greedy and only eat what I need. Reduce processed food post fast. I know what i am suppose to eat so i just want to do it!
Stress - I want to feel less stressed about life and more calm, i want to get some perspective.
Alcohol - I want to have power over it and drastically reduce the amount that I drink long term. Not only the frequency but the amount
Smoking - I want to quit.. i have being toying with it for a year now and i know it is time. i dont smoke that much but it has been escallating and it is time. (Note to self here - you are nearly 40 yrs of age you cannot continue to smoke and not have some health effects from it!!!! you have to quit julie!!).
This is my fourth long fast, i am aiming for 30 days but i think this one may have to go on longer. But as with all fasts i will go in stages. I like having milestones to reach and pass and then move on - it helps me. So first milestone will be my first friday nite, this is the tuffest for me. Second will be one week. Next milestone will be the half way mark 15 days. Then 21 days where i am hoping i will feel really good. From then to 30 is the last leg of what i have comitted to today. However i am hoping that i will want to go on.
My plan is to follow pretty much what i did the last 30 day fast and go with how i feel. i will be using a combination of juice and master cleanse lemonade and loads of water. i will also consume herbal tea and if i feel like it add a veggie broth to the mix. I have had a lot of trouble with vegetable juices in the past but i am really going to make a huge effort to find something that i like and maybe keep playing around with it so i dont get bored. i will also be using a combination of laxatives to find what works. I have on hand oxy powder, smooth move tea, and cascar sagrada. This in the past has been my arch nemesis...but i feel ready to attack head on.
So this is how i am feeling today, i am really excited to be moving in the right direction. To know that i am doing something about it rather than sitting by and letting it deteriate is a good thing. I am trying not to feel depressed about how far i have let things get, i dont want to spend energy concerntrating on the negative. I guess because i have done so many fasts i know what to expect. However that being said each fast has been totally different. But i know to expect the boredom that i feel during a fast. There are times when i feel like i am so seperate from everyone else because i am juicing. But the positive changes are worth it. The bad things about juicing for me are: boredom, missing meals with my family, aches and pains, feeling cold , taking laxatives, drops in energy levels and at first sleeping problems. However the good things are: weight loss, holiday away from food, feeling that i am giving myself the gift of health, knowing that nothing bad is going into my body and toxins are coming out, exercising and strengthening my will power, energy levels increasing and eventually improvment in sleep patterns.
I know this is a huge entry but i find keeping this blog a huge part in my success with fasting. I write it in hope that it may help someone else with there fasting but to be honest it is mostly for me.


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