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Made it through day 4 of the water fast!

Date:   11/25/2009 12:00:22 PM ( 13 y ago)

Sorry I didn't post, but I have been fasting!!! Doing great! I'm completing my 4th day and I must say that it's been MUCH easier than I thought it would be. Mornings are a bit rough, I'm low on energy and find it difficult to get out of bed. At night I get clammy and I am always cold. Last night I woke up a couple of times in the middle of the night, which is unusual for me, but I went right back to sleep. Somehow, during the day, my body finds the energy to go to work and get thorugh the day. I do get tired even after very short walks, so I'm trying to go home straight after work and rest. Some days that's possible, some it's not, but I generally feel fine and there are times when I completely forget that I'm fasting.
Interestingly, I only experienced hunger on the first day. After that, there's only been the psychological need to eat, but no actual hunger.
I'm also finding it very strange that I'm not experiencing many of the detox symtoms people have described. I had a slight headache on day two, but that stopped. My tongue is a bit coated, but it's only slight. No nausea, dizziness, just weakness from time to time. Does that mean I'm not detoxing like I should be? Or that I wasn't that toxic to begin with?
One of the biggest problems I've had was balancing my social life. It's hard to always refuse food and drinks and no one, except my husband, knows that I'm fasting. I have a huge Thanksgiving event tomorrow night and I do not know how I'll get out of that. On Saturday, I have a very intimate family gathering, my mom is cooking, and I don't know how I'll refuse food.
Overall, I'm very pleased with my progress so far. At this rate, a full 10-day fast seems feasible, but I don't want to set myself up for a disappointment. Maybe the worst is yet to come!
I'll keep everyone posted on my progress!


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