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"It is essential to correct and balance our thought energies in order to maximize our power."

Date:   10/28/2009 12:15:46 AM ( 12 y ago)

Imagine the following scenario: Picture a company where some of the employees follow guidelines and work faithfully toward company goals, while other employees ignore the guidelines and put up resistance to any company goals. How effective would this company ultimately be?

Our minds are very much like the above metaphor. If we have thoughts that are misaligned and incongruent, we literally create our lives inefficiently and ineffectively. When we are divided against ourselves within our mind, we are subject to haphazard results in the areas where these fractured thoughts exist. These can be in areas of abundance, relationships, health and virtually any area in our life. Incongruent thoughts and belief systems have a profound negative impact on our lives. Incongruent thoughts impede all of our creative potential and handcuff our ability to succeed in particular areas in our life. It is essential to correct and balance our thought energies in order to maximize our power.

This is where various change work therapies excel. With change work we can leverage our thoughts and belief systems making powerful edits within our psyche that get are thoughts flowing in the same direction. This has the profound effect of removing resistance and increases coherency that extends both inward and outward. Since body follows mind, having a coherent mind will create a coherent body system that will maximize our health and well being. Since thoughts precede actions, we are able to create amazing lifestyles and influence others to do the same.

I cannot emphasize enough how important the notion of a coherent mind is. If you are consistently facing the same challenges over and over and continually feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, this is a tell-tale sign that you are most likely experiencing some degree of incongruent thoughts.

There are several change work paradigms that can help in powerful and lasting ways. Clinical hypnosis along with a host of sub modalities, in the right hands, will leverage essential changes at the core level. Other methods that work well are NLP, TAT, and various metaphor work.


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