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Most peopleís thoughts are like a runaway train. Society has grown to think that thoughts continually filling oneís head are a normal aspect of life.

Date:   10/24/2009 1:43:52 AM ( 12 y ago)

We live in a world where diseases are running rampant, stress is at an all time high and many people are living in states of heightened anxiety. For most of us in our western culture, the threat of our everyday, basic survival is a non issue. Yet we act and feel as if there is a monster out to get us at every turn even though when stripped away, these monsters are nothing more than perceived threats that float around in our heads. Our bodies donít know the difference between a real threat and a perceived one. We may be worried over an upcoming event, may regret something form the past. Either way these are perceptions and as such are only thought forms. Compare this to being chased by a hungry bear which is a real threat. However once the threat is removed, the stress fades away.


The trouble with perceived threats is that they have an accumulative effect on us because they affect our bodies with stress hormones and they shape our experience/reality in negative way. From these filtered thoughts we branch out into similar thoughts until entire thought form constructs (belief systems) are assembled (all in the mind). This then affects all of our choices, how we perceive and color events, how we respond in situations, what choices we make and as well. Our bodies also respond to these thoughts at the cellular level. We literally become what we think about.
Almost every disease known to man is due to stress in one form or another and all of this stress is either directly or indirectly an after effect of thought. Thoughts lead to actions. Thoughts place us in environments and situations that are either healthy or unhealthy. Thoughts lead the way.

There is an innate wisdom encoded into your body. It is this innate intelligence that keeps your body in balance (homeostasis). When this intelligence gets obscured (most often by our own thought processes), the result is a kind of distortion. This distortion acts upon the otherwise naturally occurring innate intelligence within our bodies and disrupts communication. Depending on the interference patterns involved, the body begins to take on corresponding distortions. This is the nature of disease.

The most powerful method for any and all healing to take place is actually very simple but most people are unaware of it. It can be very difficult for most people to overpower habitual mind chatter with their will power. Actually, itís impossible to do so - because what you focus on grows. If I tell you not to think of a pink elephant, can you do it? Nope, you canít, because itís in your awareness now. We must take a different approach with the mind altogether. Various types of change work will leverage these thoughts and shift them to more harmonious ones, but the most powerful thing you can do for immediate results, all on your own, is to literally take a break from your thoughts. I will get to a powerful way to do this in a moment.

Most peopleís thoughts are like a runaway train. Society has grown to think that thoughts continually filling oneís head are a normal aspect of life. Add to this that approximately 95% of the thoughts you have today are the same ones you had yesterday, and you begin to see a potential problem here. Many spiritual philosophies recognize how these obsessive thoughts can be a problem and have devised methods to reduce excessive mind chatter. The problem is that this can take a long time to master.

There is a method, though, that can begin to work right away. It is based on meditation techniques and has been distilled in a way to get powerful results and quickly. Here is the technique - Turn your attention inward and begin to notice your thoughts appearing in your mind. Spend about 15 or 20 seconds watching these thoughts flow and change. Then, after about 20 seconds, ask yourself this question: Where are these thoughts coming from? Notice what happens. What will likely occur is that thoughts will either vanish altogether or become less frequent. Try it repeatedly throughout the day. The more you do this, the more your mind will begin to rest. When you need to use your mind, it remains in a calmer state of readiness but at least runaway thoughts will begin to disappear. Hereís the great bonus. The body-mind distortion that this mind chatter causes will disappear along with the thoughts. More practice brings deeper results. This is a powerful first step in getting your brain to be an ally instead of an enemy for your well-being.


People who begin this practice notice all kinds of positive results ranging from calmed nerves to the disappearance of disease states. The mindĖbody connection can be favorably influenced through change work and this is one of the golden gems because it works quickly and with ease.

In successive blogs we will explore getting the thoughts you do have, to work with you instead of against you.

Until then...



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