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"Change work is diversified and most of it aims to rearrange or change the thoughts (code) at the subconscious level of our minds."

Date:   10/14/2009 1:31:01 AM ( 12 y ago)

First of all, to make changes in our lives, it is important to first take stock in our lives - what do we feel is working and what do we feel is not. By identifying the contrast in our lives we can then look for patterns, then leverage these patterns so they change quickly and easily. Change work is diversified and most of it aims to rearrange or change the thoughts (code) at the subconscious level of our minds. By making the changes at that level, everything trickles forth and we experience our lives very differently as a result. There are many ways that our thought forms (stored memories) can inhibit our freedom in any areas of our lives.

Why is it important to access the subconscious mind to shift our reality (so to speak)? The bottom line is that our thoughts act as circuits and as the animating force some call energy, some call Tao (I call flow), flows through these circuits then act as, what quantum physicists call, interference patterns. The metaphor at work here is that of an electrical circuit. The circuit is flowing but depending on how the flow is manipulated by placing circuit components in the path of that (electrical) flow (like our thoughts) it creates different results (experiences). The same electrical flow can be harnessed to function as a toaster, or maybe a light, or maybe a radio, etc. It all depends on what components are placed in that flow. The same is true with thought forms. They act as interrupters to the universal flow that animates all of life, and through interruption they create various experiences (all in fact). Within this paradigm we can begin to move these circuits around, replacing some, realigning others until we create the function/s we desire. We tap into the subconscious mind which is that special place where these circuits function as parts and as a connected whole. One of the most powerful ways to tap into this area of the mind is through various forms of trance work. Shamans and healers of old have understood this and now we bring new world sensibilities in our modern culture to play. The techniques may seem more sophisticated, but at their core, they are the same. Entering trance allows the conscious mind to take a back seat for a while so the subconscious mind may be accessed directly. Once the subconscious mind is accessed, powerful edits to these thought form circuits can be made. This is done through use of metaphors, symbols, constructs in many forms (feelings as well) etc that leverage beliefs to change so that desired outcomes can take place.

No two people are the same, so it is important to uses processes that allow valuable feedback to occur. That way, you can get a representation of the thought form circuitry and then begin to shift it accordingly.

I will now touch on one method that accesses our subconscious mind through our feelings. Since the subconscious mind is the center for our feelings, we can use our feelings to help make changes. Actually, we can leverage change at all levels of our reality including spiritual (beyond our physical reality), emotional, physical (body work giving direct access to the subconscious mind) and mental (where thought form processing occurs). I will get into more of these methods later in this series.

There are many modalities that aim at our emotions or feelings in order to leverage changes. Probably the most well know is EFT which is short for Energy Freedom technique. Although this method has helped many, I personally find it cumbersome and a bit of a hit and miss approach. That is not to say it doesn’t work, it can, and often does take more time and effort to achieve results. I think other therapists may feel this way too as evident by the myriad of spin-offs emerging from EFT. I do appreciate EFT’s founder Gary Craig in being so open about sharing these spin-offs with the healing community. It shows that his deepest desire is for people to heal and not about protecting a modality that he fathers. So then, in my search for a quicker, more complete method I tried and practiced various spin-offs and similar techniques until I honed in on TAT. I can say in confidence, that through my own experience with TAT as a therapist and using it in my own life, TAT is a more complete, less cumbersome method, and accesses deeper levels of healing. Of course EFT is still valuable in many cases, however, TAT is, in my opinion, a much more evolved method and it, like EFT, is continues to evolve. That is good news for everyone.

In my next blog I will focus on TAT, what it is, how it works, how anyone may benefit and why I think it gains even more power when someone else does it for or with you.

Stay Tuned.


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