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Everybody is doing it! Well maybe, but there is more to the feeling than just the momentary pleasure; HUH!

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 For every action in life there is a consequence or reaction, HUH! 

 Let's look at some interesting facts that many young women will wish they knew before it all got started!

  Read on dear friend... 


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 Here is something every young woman needs to know!  Young men should be aware of this also, as it is not just a female thing alone!

 A little poem and some hard facts here on simplytruth.com

 We all understand that as the youth mature,
 the urge to procreate is great!

 The group may say it's OK,
 but they never say that you should wait!

 Every one seems to think,
 Let's hook up before it is too late!

 They do not know that,
 every thing you do is not all fate!
 It is never discussed,
 that many STDs put you in a sore state!

 Currently here in the good old USA; the CDC estimates that 25% or one in four young women between the ages of 15 to  25% presently have at least one (1) STD...  That is scary to them, to the nation, to the society in general...  

 Why you may ask, well folks all this hooking up will lead; you to many days of grief and pain some where down the road!
"Those who do not pay attention to the first things in their life, usually end up paying attention to them later in life... But usually too late to stop the pain...  Either you learn to use your God given intelligence or you live a life wishing you had!"  
     a True-ism    

 ***  BTW:  We do not get paid for telling you the truth here!  HUH!  

  Just maybe some of you, young ladies will pay attention then take the corrective action to help ensure your future happiness and learn to live a healthy life!


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