I know why it hurts when I swallow... by thedreamer .....

Canker sores!! ow ow.. ouch!! hahahah nah they're alright

Date:   8/5/2009 4:02:35 PM ( 12 y ago)

... ive got canker sores on my soft palate and uvula!! Its nothing to worry about..(part of the process) I'm sure you know.. its because of all the "excessive bacteria" in the mouth!.. I'm gonna gargle salt water.. that should help.

Its kind of a sign too.. coz I'm in "Stage 3" now and canker sores are most common during this stage.

I had another busy day today.. This morning I got up about 7.. then went back to lie down from about 8.30am til 10am. I just had to lie there and chill. I was soooo grateful for that time then I went on my merry way and got back about 9.45pm!

Apart from that.. I am feeling SO strong! I've never felt so strong before in my life. This is so empowering

On to day 9!!



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