Day 2 by sfeliz001 .....

Second day, I slept a lot and going to do salt water flush now...

Date:   6/18/2009 7:55:04 PM ( 13 y ago)

Its been going well so far. I definitely miss eating but I keep reminding myself the good I'm doing for my body by cleaning it in this way.

I took one of my finals today (archaeology: world prehistory), got home and took a long nap (about 5 hours). Now I'm going to the store to get a couple of gallons of water to do the salt water flush...

Started the day today with a cup of laxative tea, walked around campus plenty and also walked my dog for about 20 minutes.

My tongue isn't covered in too much white stuff, generally feeling really well the nap helped a ton.

I weighed in at 184.4 this morning, which is pretty cool. I know its all water weight, but I prefer to be at 184 than 188 like I was at yesterday.


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