The Quest: Day 6 by KleanJay .....

Day 6 of 10-day urine fast

Date:   5/7/2009 12:20:28 AM ( 13 y ago)

I had another bowel movement this morning, and I was sure it would be watery stool. Yet it turned out to be solid again. Weird. Anyway today sucked the life out of me. I felt like caving in most of the day and struggled to maintain my bearing, but I survived. The reason I'm struggling more is perhaps due to the fact that I have 2 major exams coming up, starting the day after I break my fast. Well this is the decision I made a few weeks back, so I can't back down now. I will finish this fast and study as much as I can while doing so. I'm starting to chug a lot more water to stay afloat but it's actually beginning to feel a lot like summer out here. Today was around 90 degrees and windy, so the heat is another factor at my sudden decrease in will power. At times like these I wonder how in the hell I managed to last 10 days the last time, haha. But on to day 7.


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