Bike Riding...Saves gas and gives me a heart attack! by ren .....

bike riding into respiratory failure going up a hill LOL

Date:   5/2/2009 11:23:35 PM ( 12 y ago)

So I rode my bike to work todayÖI almost made it to the house (itís on a hill) before my heart said NO MAS! so I pushed my bike up to the house like a dweeb. Well okay Iíll give myself a break. I had a great shift and got to take care of sweet little old ladies.

I didnít go the gym. I didnít want to chance going to the gym on the bicycle. Itís at the top of a steep hill and the traffic pattern here isnít bicycle friendly. Iím going to see how long it takes me to get to the gym, do a workout and ride to my job on Monday. Itís my day off so I can take it easy.

Instead I did a back and bicep workout outdoors on my total gym and redneck workout bench. I canít say ghetto anymore because I donít live in NY. Anyhoo, the paintcans are filled with concrete and I use those to work my traps and farmer walkarounds. It does wonders for preventing shoulder injuries at work believe it or not.

I'm feeling extraordinarily HAPPY AND GRATEFUL for being alive these days. Maybe part of me is remembering what last year was like around this time. It's a little depressing at times when the memories come flooding back! I love going outside and soaking up the sun, working out,etc. to make myself feel better.


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