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Plan of action -- fast to start within the week!

Date:   4/29/2009 4:38:51 AM ( 13 y ago)

Well, what a day to start planning this...It's Wednesday, 3 AM. On Thursday I have my EMR final...oh boy!
Still, I've often found that this dead times of the night are when the good thinking happens...and I've been needing this for a long time! Some things in my life are finally sorting out -- I've escaped a psycho landlord, for one, and am doing this wonderful course, for another, etc here we go.
I'm sure such details aren't as interesting -- and at the moment, really aren't as important! -- as the bare bones (no pun intended) so let's get down to it.
I'm 5'5", and currently weigh 214 pounds. 7 years ago, I weighed 120. It's been, shall we say, a challenge, as I know ALL of you understand!
Generally, I'm very athletic (although of course, that's part of the challenge now!) so I'm setting my target weight as as acceptable as 125. However, my bone structure is pretty fine, so I know that even with muscle mass I shouldn't be over 125. Since I used to dance and do gymnastics several hours a day, I have a very good idea of how high my muscle mass can be -- without taking my weight too high.
So, the goal: 95 - 100 lb lost, and a substantial amount of muscle gained! That, of course, has yet to be determined -- but I have my work out plan worked out, I just won't bore you with it...The plan of action (developed from my experience fasting) is 21 days juice, 7 days water, 21 days juice, 7 days water, and then another 21 days juice. Of course, I'll be monitoring my weight, body mass, bone mass and bgl as I go, so the last while is open to interpretation -- but the body does need a good while to adjust, often, so long-term is the plan this time.
A few days ago (in the course of my EMR) we did BGL (blood glucose level) tests, and I found out mine was 9.5....a big shock! 4-8 is great, as they say. I've known that I have the possibility of developing Diabetes the longer I'm overweight, so it was a huge concern to find this out -- and just emphasized how important this weight loss is. At the moment, I am classified as pre-diabetic -- it's still curable, but I need to be extra careful -- and habits need to change! Exercise will play a huge part in this.
I grew up vegetarian/vegan, and at the moment am probably about 90% vegan. I'm pretty content with that -- so far, I haven't found a *perfect* substitute for custard! -- but I do need to cut down and be more careful on how often I eat's a weakness. Other than that, I'm really not a junkfood person at all; my main weaknesses are that I overeat, eat when I'm bored, and (in incremental proportion to how much weight I've gained!) -- have trouble exercising.
So folks, bedtime for me! I plan to start the fast itself in the next week -- once my juice recipie book has come! I'll talk to you then.


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