Day 8 by cloud gate .....

day 8, not hungry

Date:   4/27/2009 7:34:35 PM ( 14 y ago)

Last night I had a strange dream that I was having surgery in my stomach/intesinal area. The doctor said something about it being an alternative to a gastric bypass. It was supposed to help me in weight loss. After the surgery I had to be careful with that area. It felt hard in my dream. I was able to feel my body in my dream and was consciously sleeping face up because of the "surgery" Besided the obvious, that I am cleansing that area, I wish I understood the dream better. Then I was on vacation or work shop with co workers, after my surgery because I was still being careful with my abdominal area and i walked past a barn on field and there was a fire, but no one was worried or anything, we just relaxed and said that we would call the firedepartment. I think i woke up then.

today i really wanted to eat. I made whole wheat organic spaghetti with organic red sauce, with a little garlice, sundried tomato pesto and some herbs, i tasted it, small dab on the finger, several times, nothing I had to chew, just the sauce, slippery slope.....

I didn't use the smooth move this morning and I feel a little full.

lots of water
juice of 3 oranges and 2 grapefruits throughout the day

1 kombucha

juice of
1 beet
1 cucumber
5-7 leaves of some type of lettuce, not romaine, not sure
it was a little too bitter so I added juice of one apple
that made it bareable.

2 oz of wheatgrass,
this made more juice than I expected, like 14 oz

I wasn't feeling very hungry but i wanted to kill my cravings for pasta

I need to start exercising! I did feel a little slow today.

I will have a smooth move to get things moving.


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