Days 4 and 5 by vide .....

The answer is in each of us, NEVER anywhere else.

Date:   4/25/2009 6:03:51 AM ( 14 y ago)

I was not strictly water fasting on day 5 but I AM close to god and on a journey aiming at STAYING FOR EVER FOR GOOD FROM NOW in contact with my, our, beautiful god and the way to remain in this state I discover is to be ever here and now, as exactly as possible in the moment and what it commands and ever seing and noticing all things beautiful. I do not want to lead I want to follow, the answers I do not make, the answers are all here and now in every moment. Water fasting is on my path too, as is resting, as is tasting life and exploring all aspects of me, the exteme ones and the moderate ones. BEING ALIVE is being exactly who I am when I am, being alive is BEING, not planning to be but just responding to what I am told I am each and every instant, then constantly letting go of whatever I am hanging on to, and falling, sinking, melting, flying, NOT RESISTING TO where I am led.
If I eat when I am truly hungry (past the false hunger0 and past the emotion (let that pass first, however long it may take), and I eat exactly what appeals to me, and if I stop eating as soon as my food does not talk to me as a living being who works with me (as soon as I start to treat it like an object, a dead helpless thing to abuse) I realise that I am eating very little and not often and with no particular pattern (does not follow meal times...). Eating with family can be right too but not always.


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