Medication error causes bad reaction after head injury by #113806 .....

Hospital and phamracy error put my health at risk. Too many errors in the modern world of health care.

Date:   4/13/2009 12:41:40 PM ( 13 y ago)

I was at the ER for a severe head injury and told the intake nurse, triage nurse, doctors and pharmacy that I was allergic to Soma.
Not only did the hospital write me Soma after pumping me full of pain shots and Valium, the check out nurse, doctors and pharmacist also missed the mistake and filled the RX at Longs Drugs in Angels Camp, ca..They even wrote ALLERGIC on the bottle. I went through severe allergic reactions for several days before noticing that the RX was actually Soma under its generic name .I have my medical records from the hospital on both days i was there, on 2-25-09 accident date. 3-1-09 returned to ER .
I want to sue all the parties involved. I felt like I was fighting to breathe and had a bad rash and hives from the medication SOMA.
Longs drugs is telling me it is not their fault that they filled a drug I'm allergic to,, The hospital is saying they did nothing wrong after 4 weeks of investigating. What does it take for the medical professionals to admit they are wrong? With a head injury like mine, I was not aware of things like normally and that is why I didn't notice their mistake.

PS.. My Blood pressure was 235 over 124 while in for the head injury... Combine that with my head injury, wrong medication and chance of bleeding on my brain, I feel my health was at risk.

SO on recap:
2-25-09 Came to ER with head injury
2-25-09 ER did a CT scan, neck and head xrays
2-25-09 Gave me a pain shot of Dilaudin
2-25-09 Wrote me an RX for pain meds and SOMA
2-25-09 Longs Drugs filled my script. My friend was with me and picked up the meds...even told mt friend that "If someone takes the time to tell us they are allergic to a drug, it must be serious" BUT FILLED IT ANYWAY!!
3-1-09 Returned to ER and told them I was having a reaction to SOMA, and severe pain in my neck and shoulders. They didn't even bother to put my reaction in my medical records
3-2-09 Went to my regular doctor and told him about it.. Ordered an MRI for me..

3-5-09 Contact legal person for Longs Drugs.. they told me it wasn't their fault and m y friend should have noticed the mistake, not the pharmacist. WHAT GOOD ARE THEY THEN?? It is their job to check into any meds written if they feel there is a problem. They never even bothered to call the ER and tell them the case.. they should NOT of filled SOMA...


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