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Oh no, Superbowl Sunday is this Sunday!!!

Date:   1/31/2009 12:33:29 AM ( 14 y ago)

1/30/09 Ė 12:20 p.m. Day 6 is about half over and I have a little bit of a headache. It might be from letting too much times pass between lemonades. I had a Dr.ís appointment this morning and it was about 3Ĺ hours between my first and second glass. I think Iíll go make another one right now. Iím still experiencing hunger every now and again. I keep thinking that itís only temporary and Iím improving my health, which is my goal. I do have a major concern thoughÖmy birthday is on Feb. 2nd and Iíll be on day 9. Iím pretty sure that my mom will want to take me out to dinner, so I might tell her that Iím not feeling well and letís just meet as a family and lavish me with gifts :). She wouldnít be very open to idea of intentionally going without food for 10 days, and Iím not interested in trying to convince her that this is good for me both physically and mentally. Not to mention that I wouldnít want to tempt myself by sitting at a table full of food. Maybe sheíll just give me cash and call it a dayÖfat chance of that happening.

7:05 p.m. Iíve already had 7 lemonades and Iím feeling great. I just read a comment that someone left for me and it has inspired me to not only complete this cleanse, but to do so with a smile on my face. I noticed that I had the most MOVEMENT on those days that I had 8 or more lemonades. Iím going to aim for 9 again today. I mean this is why Iím here, why take a short cut and only have 6 or 7. I would be doing myself a disservice, and Iím not interested in that.
HOLY CRAP!!! Superbowl Sunday is this SUNDAY!!! Oh man, I guess Iím going to be watching the game by myself. Going to a party with chips, dip, wings, beer, whatever, all within my reach might be bad :).

10:00 p.m. Day 6 is in the history books and it was a pretty good day, considering I havenít had anything to eat in 6 days. By the way, staying upright after drinking the SWF is the way to go. Iím really getting used to the program. Drink the SWF, stay near a toilette for the next hour and a half, then drink lemonade and water all day and try to keep your mind busy. Iím getting better at it. I think it will actually be a bit weird to get up in the morning and not drink the SWF, or feel hungry and be able to eat. Glickman does write that you can still drink the SWF to flush your system when youíve eaten something thatís not that good for you. Iíll keep that in mind.
I was reminded today, while reading that comment, that just because the fast is over should not be a green light to pig out. Iím actually thinking a lot about fruits and veggies and they sound delicious. Iíve read about a lot of people finding that they are craving raw healthy foods more after the cleanse. For me Iíve always enjoyed fruits and vegetables, and as a matter of fact I just became a vegetarian about 3 months ago. I am finding that Iím craving the fruits and veggies but itís more about not undoing what Iíve been working so hard for. 4 more days to go and I can break the fast, I know that if I keep my mind occupied elsewhere, day 10 will be here before I know it.


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