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Day 2 part 1 Feeling good...

Date:   1/29/2009 4:51:02 PM ( 13 y ago)

I woke up this morning at 5:45am and had my first real BM.I was in the bathroom for 15 minutes and suffered some mild cramps while I did.They are gone now.
I woke up at 12:30pm.I felt groggy but my headache was gone.I was a little shakey trying to type and think.I had 3 cigarettes.I know thats bad.It from the hunger.
I had another very small,very loose stool.Maybe mucus,maybe just loose.SORRY for the details,but this is the stuff I wanted to know about before I started.
I drank a serving of lemonade and after my shower I felt pretty darn good.Energy is definately up a bit,not much but a bit.I have the desire to get up and move which is not usually the case on my day off.
My fiance stopped by on his way to work and commented on how slim I felt.He went on and on.Thats really encouraging even though now that Im up,my clothes fit the same.Im not drinking and much as yesterday so Im not peeing much.I will weigh myself at work tomorrow.
Hunger pains are much reduced today.They are there but nothing I cant ignore.If I dont think about it,Im not hungry at all.I even hung out in the kitchen with my aunt as she prepares ribs.No problems.No desire to eat.
I just made another 120oz of lemonade and am going out.I will drink some more tea when I return just so my bowls dont slow down.Not looking forward to that as Im cramp free right now.
I will post again tonight.


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