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Day 1 of Fasting

Date:   12/7/2008 4:44:10 PM ( 15 y ago)

OMG. I have been Googling so much about this. So much ppl do it! And I really hope it works for me. I had a cup and a bit of theV8 Fruit and Veg juice (apple burst), I dunno if it's the best idea to use this drink but will have to do until I get a proper Juicer. Am taking some other detoxifying Chinese herbal medicine (for eczema) as well so ate 5 natural almonds today and some more V8 just before and drank the medicine as I couldn't have it on a empty stomach.

There has been goods and bads about fasting and water fasting seems to be the best for eczema or problem skin, but it is just way to hard man... I will sooo die from it :P So juice seems to be the pick for me. I was so determined since last night, searching for weight loss programs etc.... and looked up "starving yourself" for hours and then came across fasting. Yes it is the best for me. And to lose weight quick and fast! But have to be very very careful when I break the fast

I have a conference this afternoon I hope I don't faint! But should be ok. Just have to control my hunger and cravings!!

I feel quite embarrassed telling people about how I am fasting. The first reaction would probably: WTF?!! from my friends. But what the heck I will stick to it!!!!!!!! I have made it a 30 day fasting, and will break the fast on the last 4 days and eat solid fruits and raw veggies.

Anyways I better get back to doing my uni work :P See how it goes later on, starting to feel a tiny wee bitttt hungry.... eekkk.... V8 V8 where are you???!!!!!


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