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I got thru 4 more days of the MC

Date:   11/11/2008 8:19:10 AM ( 15 y ago)


My 5th day on MC was a success because I didn't eat anything however, it proved to be the most emotionally straining.

I was on the road driving most of yesterday and I really hate the way most people drive. Either tooo daggone slowwww or just plain wreckless. Either way it was frustrating!

By the time I got home yesterday I was an emotional mess. My husband got home late last night but when he did I got a chance to get so much off of me.

I was angry and sad all at the same time that had nothing to do with the traffic I had faced most of the day. I knew then that it had nothing to do with my road hassels but everything to do with MC.

Even before my husband actually got home that evening, I was trying to read the MC Pdf online on my laptop after getting into some cozy jammas but my stupid touch pad kept acting up. Finally, I got sooooo angry that I slapped the touchpad portion of my laptop 3 good times, kinda hard I guess because then the darn thing just went black. I KILLED IT!!! Needless to say, this just made my emotional day, chaotic!

Anyway, after spilling all my emotional garbage onto my husband, he just listened and literally ministered to me for probably a few hours. The more I griped, the more he ministered and finally my joy was restored! I was laughing and really understanding things now and it felt very good.

Now it's morning, the 6th day and I'm ready for whatever comes my way! Even more garbage.

Oh, down 12lbs total since starting MC.


Well this is day 7! I love the number's 3 & & so this is a beautiful number day and one of success. Didn't really journal yesterday because I guess I forgot but today is another day.

Drank nearly all my lemonade today. Oh, before I forget, I had this very realistic dream about eating what I believe was Chipotle's. It was cheating without the calories, LOL!

I was 238lbs today down 13.6lbs total since beginning MC on Monday, Nov. 3rd. Only 7lbs from my goal weight, Yay! Although that's not the reason I'm doing it, again and again, it is a really great fringe benefit.

Not in the mood for a lot of journaling but I wanted to get something down for the day. Down nearly 14lbs!!! What an awesome fringe benefit.


Wow! Yesterday, Nov. 10th, was a trying day. I thought it would get better but it didn't. I still haven't eaten anything but I sure wanted to.

I thought about food all day yesterday. My stomach actually moaned and groaned for some kinda of food. Pizza, burrito, fruit, veggies, steak, soul food. ANYTHING!!!

I finally figured it out this morning. I'm getting ready to start my menstrual cycle and that's when I start to crave things. I'm hoping for a much better day since now I know why I'm craving. Now I can mentally grab hold of what's the most important task for the day, completing my MC and not eating anything.

Oh yeah, I did eat a lemon yesterday with salt like I use to when I was a kid. It was soooo good. I actually didn't eat it because after sucking all the juices out of it I chewed, then spit out the flesh. It was satisfying although not apart of the menu, LOL!


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