Understanding Rejection Part I ! by kerminator .....

We are born into a worldly environment which chooses favorites based on some particular qualities...

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 Understanding Rejection Part I !

We are born into this worldly environment which chooses favorites based on some other particular qualities...

Date:   11/10/2008 13:38:47

 "Everyone knows some form of rejection in life...  Rejection is based on the imperfection of mankind and the guilt of or pride for certain desired  qualities!"  a True-ism

 It all starts in the eye or the ear of the rejector...   They will tend to gravitate toward certain commonly misconceived qualities; as to what makes for a better person!  Some is due to sheer ignorance, other is when predigest creeps in,  as a form to ensure the position, of a perceived superior person(s)...   Of course truth dictates that most all,  if not every one of the scenarios are just a control technique...  It has been used to instill the view that some people are just "Better" Than others else!  Like Wealth, or Talent, or Physical / Mental abilities, or Class, or Race, or even some Social/ Religious standing! 

 If we could be perfectly honest, {which seems to be nearly impossible for most people},  we would learn to look upon the heart of another and not just the outward appearance...   Then to not be selective and judgmental; here is where most people just give in to the worldly system... HUH!   Sad but true!

 The largest group of people {98%} in the world fall outside the so called group of " Pretty, Perfect or Beautiful" people!  The rest of us, the 98% tend to go through life believing that we are worthless, or unlovable, or unacceptable, or just don't fit this mold!!   Which is a complete lie; because if for some reason all the so called "Pretty" people just dropped off the face of the earth one day; everything would still go on,  because the 98% have more than enough to continue life, Perfectly!

 The worst fate is that many of the worlds,  98% never seem to understand there is really nothing wrong with them...  It is a control comparison thing!! Here is where most people find themselves today, going about rejected and suffering day to day based on a false premise; that only the perfect are successful!  Guess who made that up!  Yep the 2% crowd!

 BTW: It is not how cute you look, it is who you are inside that counts! Seek to be the best person possible, based on the GOD given talents and abilities you can use to help others find peace in their lives!!

 That is why there are so many rebels in the world...  They go around in a maze of ignorance questioning everything and not accepting the real worth of the individual!  Therefore they continue the system of rejection and guilt...  Because they have accepted the true belief of the system's false judgment and control...  Then if and when they do receive any success or acceptance; it is doubted or questioned out of existence! What a vicious cycle of grief we weave for ourselves!!

The worse of this thought is that during times of trouble or grief people even blame GOD, for their sad estate or circumstances!!  Thus this attitude of rebellion and bad behavior tends to alienate others and push them to defend the very system that holds them captive and breeds more rejection...   It is some what like having a festering sore, which you keep picking at and do not allow it to heal, it is always there with more pain!

 "Remember most grief people bring upon themselves!"   a True-ism

 The final analysis in this earthly system is no one wins!  We need to learn that;  Life is not a completion, rather it is meant to be a shared event...  You can never win in a system where you the lower class or controlled ones;  or someone, who would not dare to compare themselves, to those who measure themselves by themselves... (the upper 2 %)

  The real hope and theme is to have everyone come to learn that they are loved for who they are...  It should be based on a system where people help others to succeed,  which then results in our succeeding as well. The more we build up others, Then more we really help ourselves!! Here is one of the secrets of the universe!!

 The secret is to get beyond yourself and not become engulfed by the many systems in the world today...  There are many detours that lead to dead ends!  If only we could hear the testimonies of the millions of souls who die each day and pass on into Eternity; they could tell you of the many wasted days and idle pursuits they had engaged in!! 

 The final analysis is that no one wins in any of the world systems!!

Stop back for part II...




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