MC day 4 by #94670 .....

Another day of success is upon me.

Date:   11/6/2008 8:54:58 AM ( 15 y ago)

7:42 a.m. - I'm awake pretty early because my hubby left for work and accidentally called me. I decided it was a good time to be up so here I be.

Feeling very ready for day 4. No pooping yet today but that's probably because I drank my tea at nearly midnight. The thought of the achy, breaky stomach cramps almost convinced me not to even drink it last night but I know how important the complete process is to my well-being so I did the right thing for myself. Nobody else will, right.

Prior to starting this cleanse, I was developing a cold. I had my husband to pray healing over me and believed for that healing and I've been fine. However, there is this really swollen limp node on the right side of my neck. Before both sides of my neck were sore like from my ear down to my neck. The left side is totally healed and I just have this small, semi-sore knot on the right side. The roof of my mouth feels a little itchy as well but it doesn't feel like a cold. This must just be apart of the cleansing process. Otherwise, I'm feeling good.

My daughter, who is 11 years old is starting a juicing fast today for 2 weeks. She hates the lemonade so I don't make her do it. She did MC for 10 days in March 08 as well.

Oh, I was 243.6lbs down 8lbs from my Monday weigh in of 251.6. I know that this is not about the weight loss and I am not doing it for the pounds lost but you must admit, it is a wonderful fringe benefit for those of us who are overweight.


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