How to Find Balance in These Turbulent Times by FlyingSwan .....

While the energies in the world undergo rapid change and the turbulence in financial markets prompts us to review our scale of values, where do we look for stability and joy?

Date:   10/26/2008 4:35:12 AM ( 9 y ago)

The answer is within our heart. If we look at the bigger picture and ourselves, we only have control over what we are creating in the Now moment. The love that is flowing from our source energy within our heart, outwards to the world, and which expresses itself through our every thought, word and deed, is under our control.

Through maintaining a positive vision in our imagination, we can create positive outcomes, even if the world appears to be in turmoil.

Through relaxing, releasing and seeing everything as a part of your Self, you can allow these changes to take place without strain or attachment. Just view the world with unconditional love and know that everything is made of energy, which can be neither created nor destroyed; know that there will always be enough and that the process we are going through is releasing the power held by the few and empowering us all to take personal responsibility for ourselves.

Through self-love and appreciation we can build up good feelings in our heart. By being aware of our breathing and conscious of our breath, we can allow the mind to settle down and become the observer of these changes, rather than being caught up in them.

This process of self-love and of witnessing the change, gives the body a chance to release tension and stress and come back into balance. This allows us the space and time to take the attention within and imagine a world we would love to live in.

Through positive visualization we are programming our body’s magnetism to draw to us that which we have created and which we desire to show up in our life. As we take time to do this, we feel good inside; we connect to our soul energy and start to live our life purpose by bringing forward the images from deep within our heart.

This inner work is the most important thing we can do at this time. Consciously remove yourself from any negative influences which may come into your space; exercise your power to neutralize them simply by living each moment as it comes. Turn the awareness onto the Self, breathe consciously to release the mind and feel the silence within the heart.

Bathe in this elixir of life as your streams of awareness and consciousness mingle together in your heart. This union with the Self is very healing and balancing. Allow 20-30 minutes a day to do this; it can make all the difference to how you feel within the day and how the world reacts to you.

You are empowering your Self to connect with the bigger picture which your soul energy knows. When you emerge from this type of energy work, your vibration is in tune with your heart energy, which connects you to the whole Universe.

You start to notice synchronicities showing up in your life. You gain much more support from all the laws of nature when you connect to your own inner nature. We are all a part of the universal life force. By releasing and relaxing tension and stress, we come back to the Self; we feel whole and complete.

We experience the Joy of our life purpose and of riding on the crests of the new waves of consciousness and awareness which are welling up on the New Earth. Align yourself in the Now and enjoy the ride by going with the flow.


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