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Rantings from my day.

Date:   10/7/2008 6:31:18 PM ( 13 y ago)

I have so far had 1086 calories and its only 4:19. I walked 3 miles with one of my dogs and will take the other out later. I did really well up until about an hour ago when I overate some macaroni salad. I don't even really like macaroni salad. I had exams in school today and recognize stress as a factor. I think that my test notes in Geography may have crossed the line into forbidden test not territory, and I may end up with many less points than I originally thought I would have. My Algebra test was ok except I went brain-dead over the angle questions. Supplements and complements??? I do well in school though. I am so proud of myself for even being in school at my age. 37 is old if you think starting over, but young in terms of years to use my new degree. I anticipate my degree completion in 2010. I will have an A.A. in business accounting. I may go for a B.A. if I can use summer terms to my advantage. I have many emotional issues as well that I have to deal with before I can fully consider myself remoely normal. My husband and I are both addicts, me with food and caffeine: he with pot and whatever else happens to be handy. He is trying to get "sober" as well. As a result of our dysfunction, we have some trippy relationship issues. I may go into those at another time. Let's just say a marriage contract is being drawn up after 11 years together, because we never agree on what was said, or who's to blame. Responsibility accounted for!!!


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