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What is Self-Love and how do we create it in our life? Love is the flow of the Universal Life Force, which flows from our heart outwards. We can turn our attention in on our Self and connect with this love within the heart and then consciously direct it into any part of our body to bring healing and balance.

Date:   7/24/2008 11:05:09 AM ( 13 y ago)

When you start to wake up in the morning, while in a semi-conscious state; scan through your body, feel and visualize your body from the inside. Choose to be in a good mood and happy; just because you choose to be. Place a gentle smile on your face and feel the energy flow around your mouth and through your cheekbones as you smile.

Feel this soft loving energy, which is generated through a smile, flowing through your body, through your face muscles, and radiating from your body into the aura and beyond. Know that this gentle smile and feeling good is creating a vibration within your body, which radiates from you.

You can use your powers of visualization to create a positive dream for the day, where you see all your desires and aspirations being easily fulfilled. Visualize all the people you would like to involve in your day and see the perfect situations and circumstances to fulfil your heart's desire. Bring this in tune with your life purpose by letting the love from your heart flow over this dream or vision.

Know that energy attracts like energy – attracts energy like itself – through the forces of physics; the smile on your face acts like a magnet, while all the cells in your body line up in perfect symmetry – all joining their energy together to create a field of energy that is bigger than the combined individual cells of your body.

This process of choosing to feel good works like a miracle and attracts to you positive circumstances and situations which match you body’s vibration. Visualization is a creative process where we can paint with our thoughts, scenes that are beautiful, positive and life supporting, both for our Self as an individual and for all the people whom we come in contact with.

When you are sending out vibrations like this, everyone wants to be your friend; you are the centre of the universe. Your magnetic presence creates a charisma around you which everyone wants to be near.

Think positive life-supporting thoughts by choice; scan your thoughts with conscious awareness and stay present.

Know this is a field of all possibilities, where you can dream any thought you choose. I am choosing to recommend staying with positive thoughts and life-supporting circumstances, because what one creates with one's imagination comes back to one through the force of attraction or karma. If you create loving thoughts, Love comes back to you through this force.

After charging your energy field in this way and setting your personal energy field for the day continue to wake up fully and enjoy the rest of your day. Treat this as an experiment in conscious living and in being the master of your own destiny.


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