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BMI and goals

Date:   7/24/2008 6:11:52 AM ( 15 y ago)

Well, yesterday was tough, The pain in my shoulder pushed me to drink some juice, I watered down some papaya 10/1 and took some aspirin to ease the pain. I am feeling much better today, I walked for 20 minutes and weighed in at 288.5, from 291 the day before. No hunger issues, tired and very alert.
Thanks for the responses and the support.
My plan is to get down to about 225 and then see my holistic Dr. to do a workup on my BMI and fat% so I can get a good idea of exactly where to aim. I am large framed for 6' and I can squat 400 lbs in 15 reps at 5 sets(when I am not fasting) so my muscle mass is significant. I need to be at 18-21 BMI before I begin a standard food regiment, because I know I will gain back some weight from colon storage and water. So I need a real good set of numbers to start with.


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