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Apples and water - no hunger

Date:   4/13/2008 8:13:49 AM ( 13 y ago)

Last night I dreamt about chicken, its my "I can't live without it food". As a matter of fact my diet consists mainly of chicken and vegetables since I decided not to be a slave to weight watching like my mother and sister who are both obese and can't find the simple courage to stop eating carbs to get their weight under control.

Prelude to the Fast

Before I started this fast I told myself If I was them I'd do anything to get rid of the fat, giving up carbs wouldn't even be an issue if I knew it would help. Then the finger pointed back a me. I have acne, they don't. What would I be willing do to get rid of my acne? If it meant fasting for a week would I do it? I'm 29, 5 1', I weigh 98lbs by BMI is 18.5 (the lower end of the scale). If I fast I shall surely die. But if that's what needs to be done yes I'll do it. How can I judge them and be no different?

On the three day apple fast you eat apples and drink water to cleanse your system. This is day two for me on apples and water. I'm not having hunger or anything. I told a few friends, they think I'm crazy. I'm avoiding them til I'm done fasting. Their "bad vibe" drains the resolve.


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