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Update on food habits and thoughts on the Law of Attraction

Date:   4/5/2008 7:15:34 PM ( 9 y ago)

Today I'm on a lil mini-vacation on Maui with a friend of mine that came out to visit me. Even though we're on vacation, I have still had decent habits. I had a little junkfood out here, shared some Hawaiian chocolates with her that I really like, had some ice cream. Even though I didn't make pure healthy choices, I didn't get all stupid about it. The worst I did was eating till a bit over-full b/c I was falling asleep at this internet cafe where I need to get some homework done (ok, I'm not 100% on vacation, still too much to do). She's out on a boat looking for dolphins. I did not finish my breakfast - that's part of the new habits I'm trying to develop - finish when full, not when everything is gone. Anyway, that's good.

Thoughts on the Law of Attraction, I've concluded that although it corresponds with some very important principles that strongly influence one's life, it is too absolute. It sits completely in the psychological/spiritual realm and denies the physical. Actually, my spiritual philosophy does have a way to explain why the physical realm is designed to limit or direct us in some ways and why it may be designed to give us certain challenges. And all of this is ok. It's just another dichotomy where one truth is focused on, which is fine, but it is not the whole picture. Still, I will continue with this 100 day experiment and focus on improvement on these psychological aspects of what I want to do and taking action in those area.


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