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Date:   4/1/2008 12:58:05 AM ( 15 y ago)

I'm about 1.63m tall, and weigh about 58kg. I want to eat healthy, cleanse myself from inside out, detox, and lose weight over the course of the next few months(hopefully 10 kg or more). And I also hope to be an example to my parents, who aren't exactly the epitome of health, although they have been eating healthy for quite a while already. Want to try liver flush, and if it works, convince my parents to try. Especially my mum, who has a gal bladder stone.

I tried to fast few days ago, got found out by my SO, and the rest is history. Long story short, I ate. Oh well, guess that gives me the chance to really eat healthy, and slowly get the detox process going, before going to water fasting (after convincing him that fasting is actually good for health).

Here's the new plan. I've always been constipated, and only go about once every 3 days. And that's on a good week. So I want to do a complete colon cleanse, along with a parasite cleanse, and then a liver flush, and a few more rounds of parasite cleanse, liver flush, colon cleanse if need be, and in the meantime, make the transition to whole grains and more vegetables and fruits.

I've always loved vegetables, so that shouldn't be a problem for me. But I have an unhealthy obsession with spicy food. Oh my gosh, over here, everything has chilli in it! From noodles to rice.. Haha, and its so yummy! Have you guys ever tried eating something so spicy that your heart rate acceleraets and you start to feel numb all over? The feeling's like taking a rollercoster ride! Haha... I get a kick out of eating really spicy stuff. I guess chilli in moderation is great for your circulation, but wreaks havoc on your digestion and skin if taken in excess.

So from now on, I will have 'non-spicy' days, where for a whole day, I won't eat anything spicy. That will happen once a week for now, and gradually be increaed till 5 days a week.

I am starting my colon cleanse with oxypowder from tonight, and will try to document the process here everyday. So watch out for it.


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