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Day 3 of fast.

Date:   2/3/2008 7:56:43 AM ( 14 y ago)

It seems unreal to me that I am actually on Day 3 already! I told my husband yesterday about what I was doing, and he has actually been very supportive. Yeesterday I noticed that my skin and hair look different .. more vibrant. Unfortunately, I also noticed a few minor aches and pains. Namely, my right knee, and this morning, my right wrist. Very minor, though. Last night, after the surge of weakness, I went on to have a boost of energy, and today, I feel the same way. I fell asleep late last night, but popped up early this morning. I do not feel hungry, except when I have very specific foods cross my mind. Mostly, it's the opposite: to think of having a Bacon, Egg and Cheese meal, or stromboli, the two crazy meals I had before deciding I was losing control again? well ... *barf!* I am certain that I can make it through today. I am more scared of tomorrow. Today is my last "easy" day. The entire family is just home, lounging, and the only responsibility on the agenda is getting the kids to a soccer game at 2. Past that, my husband is cooking, or otherwise worrying about meals. And, thanks to the boost last night, my house is clean, so even that is off my mind! (Jbabe = Clean Freak). Tomorrow, though, it's back to the office, and this week is a high-pressure one, with deadlines approaching for various things in every which direction. However, at a minimum, if I am forced to break, I do promise that I will break clean, by either moving to diluted julice, or raw fruits and vegtables, because some way or another, I *will* make it to the morning of day 6 without food-food.

The diahrea persists. However, if this is the form that weight loss takes, I will gladly deal with that side effect.

Regarding the scale, it was 167 this morning. That makes the summary the following thus far, for a total of six lbs:

0 - 173
1 - 169
2 - 167

I hope to see 164 or less on the scale by Wednesday morning. (That is my weigh in day for weight watchers). Ah well, I will be writing more as needed.


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