Day 2...not so bad by TexasMom .....

Day 2 and still going strong

Date:   1/8/2008 10:08:11 AM ( 14 y ago)

OMG yesterday was somewhat hard, I have to admit there was times I was hungry, really hungry. As long as I just drank some lemonade or had some tea I was fine. What I found odd was how I started feeling dehydrated (!!) so I drank a lot purified water (I filiter water at my house) somewhere around an additional 60 ozs of water. I also was surprised at HOW many times I had to use the bathroom. It seemed the liquid was going right through me. I hope today isn't as bad. It reminded me of being pregnant at 9 months! Any other Mother would totally understand--
I found myself irritable, but I was able to control my attitude LOL. At work (im a real estate agent) their wasn't that many agents in the office so I just kept to myself and drank my liquids. The main area of irritablity for me was when I cooked dinner for the kids (3,5) and they wouldn't eat their dinner. They just nibbled. They ended up wasting A LOT of GOOD food. ;( It looked so good.

So here's the stats today
135 --of course that's ALL water weight lost. For the amount of time i spent in the bathroom yesterday I thought my weight would be around the 134, 133.
Measurments taken last night

Ok,-I'm not totally sure where the waist measurment is suppose to be taken but I took it at the largest area--right below my belly button, about 1 to 2 inches. At the smallest area a few inches above my belly button was about 32 (Good God, that's a 4 inch difference)! I have a tire around my waist--which is making my pants fit oddly! Hopefully this cleanse will help with that.

To be honest I'm not on this diet for weight loss. I'm having a lot of pain in my right hip. The pain wakes me up at night (must be from sleeping on the side? not sure but only happens at night) to the point my body shakes (cold shivers) what I do is take 2 motrien, and use a heating pad and normally it will ease up enough to fall back asleep within a few hours. This is happening about 5 times a month for the past year or so. My parents, who are nurses believe my hip joint is inflamed and that I need to take an anti-immflamatorys on regular intervales for several days. I on the other hand Hate taking pills. So Im hoping this will work. The pain is intense,a very dull achy pain that throbs in my right hip joint and radiates down my right leg and through my lower back, it's right up there with hopefully this will ease up the pain at night when it gets irritated from me sleeping on it.

Oh, to follow up with some loose ends I left in yesterdays blog. I did the sea salt flush, nothing happened, so I made some laxative tea, nothing happened I went to bed. And woke up around 1 am feeling constipated--still nothing happened. So I took a hot bath, felt better. Went to bed. Woke up this morning-nothing happened! Not sure what's happening inside to make nothing happen!

Sorry about my misspelled words but-it is what it is. I can't spell. ;) Need to run to the bathroom LOl


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