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Intro and brief health challenges

Date:   12/31/2007 1:53:54 PM ( 12 y ago)


this year is ending an d another is on its way. I am so thrilled. I am looking forward to the infinite possibilities available for the next 365. My spirits are up and I am ready to make this change.

A little about me. For the past ten years I have slowly been leaning in this direction. I grew up with a typical SAD minus the large amounts of fast food. I have been over weight / obese for most of my life. I have issues with acne, anemia, fatigue, GI tract irregularities, PTC and Herpes Simplex 2.

I chose to create this Blog because I have find myself spending more and more time here. I stumbled across this site about a year ago when I was firs diagnosed with PTC and was looking for help. I love this place and I look forward to promoting my own healing!!

Okay, well this was just a quick hello. Next time I am here I will be documenting my cleansing goals.



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