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introduction to my journey

Date:   12/11/2007 9:24:31 PM ( 16 y ago)

I am a teenager, and i love learning about health, healing, medicine, it's all very fascinating to me. A long time ago by research i learned about fasting and thought it was a good idea for me since i have a lot of unnessecary weight. Oy, anyway I plan on losing 40 pounds and more.


I weigh now 158.5, and plan on water fasting tomorrow (or now at this point, rather). I'm aiming for no particular number for fasting days, but it has to at least be around 17 days. I'm doing this for organizational skills as well, for g-d too, and starting a new blog where i can update data on my health, fasting, dieting, life basically is REFRESHING. like it's a new start and finally I realize I have to get this over with or it will literally stick with me forever. So i decide, now, I will not put anything into my body besides for raw fruits and vegetables once I weight like 100 pounds or so, until I build up my metabolism and then can start a healthy balanced diet, moderation and such. (i'm waging around mid-febuary)
Yeah so, I will update everyday. :D


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