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Starting olive leaf.

Date:   10/19/2007 2:54:03 PM ( 14 y ago)

I just wanted to document my experiance with Olive Leaf so far.
I started it on wednesday.
1880 mgs a day. (4 pills, two in morning two in night)
Thursday morning I took 940 mgs. During the day I began to feel quite ill.
I suspect this is some type of die off or healing crisis. My right ear ached, my jaw joint ached and my right tonsil started swelling up. Had fevery feelings too. Mildly flu like. So I decided to cut back again, and only took 470 mgs for my night time dose.
I feel a little better today. My right tonsil is still swollen but not as bad. I used homeopathic ear drops in my ear last night and its better today.
I will do 1410 mgs total today and see how I feel.


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