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Descr*iption Of My Health Problem/Diagnosis/Treatment Plan

This is a longer descr*iption of my health problem and will give you an a more indepth descr*iption of treatments, etc.

Date:   7/19/2007 4:27:21 PM   ( 14 y ) ... viewed 17371 times


In 1974, when I was 19 I traveled overland to India and when I returned had ongoing night sweats, but was never checked or diagnosed for parasites. In my early 20’s, I spent 6 months in Mexico with no clear effects. In my late 20’s, I worked in a greenhouse where I was exposed to many toxic chemicals . At that time my sense of smell diminished and I began to have digestive difficulties. In 1990 I moved to the okanagan valley in British Columbia , Canada . The Okanagan valley is fruit growing area and there is a lot of pesticide spraying. Soon after I arrived in the Okanagan I had an extensive series of vaccinations in preparation for a trip to Asia. It was a this time that noticed a type of nausea that I had not ever experienced .

Things remained stable until I returned from a year long trip to Asia. At that time I was diagnosed with parasites. The names of these parasites were entamoeba hystolitica, entamoeba hartmanni, chilomastix mesnili,endolimax nana, ascaris lumbricoides,entamoeba coli, and blastocystis. Through a variety of treatments most of the parasites were eliminated. At this time I do not have any parasites according to repeated stool tests. The last two parasites that I had were blastocystis which then left and was followed by dientamoeba fragilis.My wife has not been tested in the last few years but she took the same treatments I have to rid ourselves of parasites, and at one time had both blastocystis and dientamoeba fragilis Through out this time my wife was asymptomatic but I was not.Although the parasites are no longer present in my system according to the stool tests- which I am not sure I completely trust, after reading how smart parasites can be in terms of hiding in the body- still I experience similar symptoms that were present when I had the parasites. Of course the parasites may have never been the problem , but I felt that the research I did indicated it was a strong possibility and until they were eliminated I felt I had to focus on them as being the cause of my symptoms.

The nausea problems have been ongoing for the last 16 years .This has happened despite my efforts which have included completely stopping drinking alcohol, eating sugar, or drinking coffee, for the last three and a half years-although for the last two years I have returned to coffee and alochol and it seems to have no effect on the nausea may actually improve it at times. For long periods of time I ate a diet that was very restrictive and high in raw veggies, and fruits and at time I have modified this diet to be low carbohydrates and at times for long periods not eating any fruit and little grains or wheat and I have not seen the type of results that would lead me to believe that diet could really this could be any sort of solution. At the best I get a day or two once in a while where there is no symptoms , otherwise I have what I would call nausea attacks of varying intensity daily.

I am able to function , which for me includes – responsibility in raising 3 children ages 14, 10 and 8.. The ten year old is mentally challenged due to a chromosome abnormality so this presents a level of work that exceeds what one would have to do for a regular child of this age. I also run my own growing business and supporting my wife who is also runs her own quite successful business. I put in these details to address the issue of possible psychological depression. It is one that I have considered as there is a history of depression in my family , however at this time I do not accept that as a diagnosis simply because of the random quality of the nausea attacks and the fact that I really do not exhibit any of the classic signs of depression- I may be a bit manic- sort of speedy, and certainly this illness has caused depression- being sick all the time can really get to a guy.

However, In general my health is good. I exercise approximately 3 times per week, doing a mixture of yoga, walking and outdoor work. I am approximately 5ft 10 inches tall and weigh about 175 lbs and am 52 years old. I few colds and nothing of a serious nature. I have a tendency to get headaches, but even they only come on average 1 time per month.

The thing that seems to be the most unusual about my health is that there is some sort of pain cycle which is on going. Essentially, , if I am not nauseous some other area of my body will seem to be experiencing pain, whether it be a headache, severe back pains , even a cold. It is this part of my health picture which makes me aware there is a psychological component to this situation, but what role it plays is unclear. What is clear is the nausea feels to me like is of an organic origin, and is clearly the dominant health issue.

The nausea I experience comes in various ways most times it follows a bowl movement, and often it is the 2nd or third bm of the day, which can be quite a minimal amount formed of small almost diarrhea like pieces. It also comes passing of gas or internal burping, and sometimes it seems to just come out of nowhere. I call it nausea , but I should clarify what that means. To me nausea mean a general feeling of sickness, loss of appetite, and a sense of being poisoned. The pain many times seems to centre in the solar plexus but radiates to other areas I feel it in my extremities arms and legs and face- if I push on the solar plexus many times I can feel a soreness in that area. Many times my appetite is affected, food almost repulses me. When I am in this state, I feel irritable, sometime I feel like I want to get out of my skin, and making decisions is extremely difficult. I become short tempered, and each task I do takes a tremendous amount of effort. I feel nervous about what lies ahead, and wonder if I will have some sort of breakdown . Even having a conversation is not pleasant. I feel paranoid will try to avoid contact with people and doing things. It is very hard to remain positive at the moments . At times I feel mentally cloudy as if I am in an altered state somewhat outside of the normal rhythm of life, like I have smoked marijuana. This feeling can be part of the nausea and body pain or can appear on its’ own with no pain, but eventually the pain will follow . The very strange thing about this nausea I do experience it differently almost every time, in other words, sometimes it starts as a lightheaded altered state and moves towards pain, other times it begins as pain, which sometimes is very sharp almost as if I am being stuck with a knife , I want to bend over and go into a fetal type position At times this paint seems to be focused in a particular area of my body, and other times the pain is more diffuse, just a general ache,but I feel it , as if someone is pinching me deep inside There seems to be no correlation between the nausea attacks and what type of day I am having – eg. whether I am under stress . It can last from 30 minutes to 2 days. The average is 6-8 hours lately in the last few months it seems the attacks last longer but are slightly milder in their intensity There seems to be no specific time that the nausea comes however it is more prevalent in the earlier part of the day , and overall the evenings seem to be better but at times that can reverse, eg –day
is fine but I go to the bathroom in the evening and am sick all night.
Things that may affects symptoms-make them worse
Cherrios, rice crispies, a number of cereals
Brazil nut
Some baked goodsIce cream
Some cheeses-fruilano/swiss cheese
Processed meats-hot dogs,luncheon meats
Possibly pickled food
High level of exercise-/sweating/ running

There seems to be a pain pattern eg, if I am not nauseous, then I have a headache, if there is no headache then colon is irritated
Bowels feel like they are going to move – but do not
Other issues
Odd shaped stools-small, narrow
multiple bowel movements throughout the day
Must run to the toilet to have bm at times-loss of control
Loss of sense of smell
Ongoing colon irritation,burning feeling on exterior of anus
Face tremors
General stiffness and muscle pain

Pesticide exposure- greenhouse in mid 20’s all problems can be traced to this point
Parasite- picked up parasites 1990 India, definitely seemed to increase symptoms and of course all the treatments done for parasites, a lot of powerful medications
Possibly vaccinations taken before trip to India- thimerosol mecury poisiningMeanwhile, classic symptoms of mercury poisoning include anxiety, fatigue and abnormal irritation, as well as cognitive and motor dysfunction.


My digestion does not seem too good, after eating at times I will have an upset stomach ,though it is rare. What is more common is for my stomach to gurgle sometimes all night if I have eaten late at night, and eaten all sorts of different foods together. I also have a lot of gas and many times it is odorless. My Bowels do not function in what I would call a normal manner. My stools are in turn- well formed, then mushy, sometimes narrow, sometimes copious sometimes very little, most of the time yellow/ green. The one thing are not is consistent. There is no connection to the firmness or normalness of my stool and whether I have a nausea attack - as a matter of fact more attacks will come after a full well formed stool, then when the stool is watery or mushy. Sometimes in the morning I wake up and have to run to the toilet the need to go to the bathroom is so strong.


I mentioned earlier that my sense of smell began to diminish in the mid 1980’s . This has continued to the point where now I barely I have a sense of smell , and there is a constant hard mucus build up in the nostrils, this mucus build up does not seem to affected by my diet in a major way, but if I do eat lots of wheat and dairy it will get worse and I will sneeze more, In the last few years since I had bells palsy, which has totally cleared up, I have experienced facial tremors , they are minimal now but affect my eyes, and have affected my lips . I also experience what I would call sort of a involuntary jerking effect that occurs when I am sitting and relaxing. It is at a very minor level and hard to explain but it does occur regularly and seems to get more regular if I eat a lot of meat. I also have a lot of gas although much of it seems odorless.


Homeopathy – with registered homeopath- various remedies
Oregano oil
Hydrogen peroxide food grade
Peppermint oil
Primal defense –homeostatic soil organisms- hso
Awareness products- set of products to clear parasites
Various anti parasitic treatments from naturopaths\ including kroeger parasite cleanse, paracide, parasitin, crummil-ayurvedic medicine
Many allopathic medicines to kill parasites- flagyl, paromycin,tinidazole ,septra, iodoquinol, and mebendozole- for ascaris
Ozone- rectally and intravenously

Neshi treatments-japanese treatment using heated metal on points in the body
All mercury fillings removed from teeth
Hair analysis
Allergy testing
Visceral massage
Arise and shine- vitamins, acidopholus, bentonite, psyllium, herbs
Brain gym
Water fasted for 18 days
Juice fasted 9 days
Emotional freedom technique –(EFT)
Magnetic products
Various digestive enzymes
Herbal teas- peppermint, camomille, roibos, ginger
Vitamins- Pure Synergy- by Mitchell may
Zinc- for loss of smell
manuka honey
herrbal foot patches

Acupuncture – combined with homeopathic injections
Poor reaction to this treatment, felt it made me feel worse
TEST- for heliobacter pylori
RESULT- negative

TEST- stool test for parasites for Assunta and Myself
RESULT- we both test positive for dientamoeba fragilis

Tinidazole 500mgs- 3 pills – then repeat one week later and then again two weeks later
HLC probiotics composed of 8 billion viable cells
Lactobacillus acidopholus, -2kinds, bifidobacterium bifidum and lactics, and FOS
Manufactured by pharmax-in UK
The tinidazole did not eradicate the dienatamoeba fragilis, and the acidophluls made me feel sick

MARCH 2005
Mountain States Health Products, Liver liquid
After a few days of feeling a bit better, I had a violent reaction to this product and stopped using it

OCTOBER 2004- JUNE 2005
Self regulation therapy-visceral massage, cranio sacral work- physio therapy
The results are hard to evaluate, and it is also unclear which treatment did helped in which particular way. The work was done by one therapist and I would have it combined in a 1.5 hour session every second week approximately. My sense is that overall my nausea improved from this work; and specifically it seemed to dramatically diminish the ongoing facial tremors. However , it , like all other treatments seemed to reach a plateau and then the pattern of a good day here and there followed by varying degrees of nausea – see health score sheet - seemed to re occur

JUNE 2005 – July 2005
NATE – a form of allergy desensitization, which is performed using homeopathic vials , combined with muscle testing and acupuncture, and then a restricted diet for 24 hours. I was desensitized for Egg, and Calcium, Sugar, yeast, dientamoeba fragils,blastocystis, pin worms and parasite mix.
No improvement from treatments
APRIL 2005
TEST- - stool test for parasites for both Assunta and Myself
RESULT- I test positive +3 for dientamoeba fragilis and Assunta tests positive for both dientamoeba fragilis and blastocystis hominis

Gio and Shameera positive for Fragilis
Saul positive for blasto

1. Mega Antioxidant, a balanced, high-potency blend of 30 vitamins, antioxidants, and other important nutrients to support cellular metabolism and to counteract free-radical damage.
2. Chelated Mineral, a complete spectrum of essential minerals, in balanced, highly bioavailable forms.
After two weeks of varied results, had a very bad day, decided to stop usana products and began to feel somewhat better.

OCT 2005
Family is diagnosed as having parasites

NOV 2005
IODOQUIONOL-650mg 3 tablets per day- for adults and giovanna, saul and shameera do lower doses

Mark , Giovanna , and Shameera test negative on one test. Saul and Assunta test positive
Assunta for D.fragilis and blastocystis, Saul for D. Fragilis

After iodoquionol
Assunta positive for blasto and fragilis
Mark- negative on single stool test early in winter and then positive for fragilis in march
Saul positve for blasto
Shameera and Gio test negative for parasites on single stool test

FEB 2006
Assunta does 10 day course this medicine
Blasto and dientamoeba still present

MARCH 2006
Mark does 10 day course this medicine
Dientamoeba still present

MAY 2006
Mark begins Paxil. First week 12.5 mg and then up to 25mgs. Course of Medicine Begins on May5th. Full course 5 weeks. After 30 days feel terrible, sex drive gone, and nausea attacks very similar as before paxil

FALL 2006 USED FURAZOLIDONE,SECNIDAZOLE AND NITAZOXINIDE anti parastics, managed to get rid of blasto and dientamoeba, further testing confirmed they were gone

FALL 06/ SPRING O7- Stool tests no parasites present
Test  for Heliobacter [Pylori comes back as negative
In depth testing on gastro intestinal tract by Genova Labs
Show  no parasties and low levels of lactobacillus species and overgrowth of Enterobacter Cloacae
Treatment is to use Bio K which is yogur type of product containing up to 50 Billion Live l. acidophilus and l. casei bacteria build up good bacteria in my gi tract and combine that with Uva Ursi to supress or elminiate enterobacter clocae.
NOV 07-have used Bio K for 3 months still having nausea symptoms. Tried Uva Ursi drop 20-30 twice daily to supress supposedly high levels of enterobacter cloacae, no change in symptoms. Test for celiac comes back as negative. Went for endoscopy preliminary results show no abnormatlities.
Begin treatment with Acidophilus Ultra from New Roots Herbal, it has l.Bifidus,l.acidophilus,l.helveticus(8781) , L. Casei,Bifido- Longum,Infantis, and Breve, S.Thermophilus,L. Bulgaracus. The thinking is that my system is out of balance and perhaps the write bacteria can balance it. Began treatment on Nov. 22/ 2 tablets a day. This is in concert with cut back on alcohol, and coffee , and sugar.
DEC 07
After3 weeks of experimentations with the Acidopholus Ultra, taking up to 10 pills a day, and not feeling that I was getting results I wanted, I decided to test PARIET a medicine given to me by the gastrointestinologist, this medicine is supposed to help dyspepsia, which is the doctors fancy way of saying the gut is giving you problems and they can't really identify them so this might relax the whole area, a similar concept as the paxil. This stuff I could not tolerate, it did not help and began to make me feel strange immediately, so I stopped after one day. From there I began to test a product called REJUVENATE, essentially the concept is this works at a cell level provides nutrition to the cells that is missing in today's depleted foods. My sense is that there is some sort of communication breakdown between my cells- in a general sense and anything I can do to support and repair this may be helpful. After 3 weeks of testing wiht the REJUVENATE, I feel that it is helping but I still am getting nausea attacks. I have been using the rejuvenate along with 4 acidopholus a day.
I continued to  use REJUVENATE and the results are positive if not overwhelming. I am still getting the nausea attacks, and some of them are quite bad, but overall it seems that my system is a bit more stablized. The attacks seem less severe and I  have days where there is no nausea. But once again it feels like my system is adjusting to the Rejuvenate and slowly the symptoms are returning to their old intensity. This is a common result. I find something that helps, and it does , for a period of time and then it seems that what ever is bothering me finds a way to overcome it, and re manifest the symptoms. This sounds very weird , I know, but this is my experience. I tried to add a product called UMAC unique marine algae concentrate, a Marine phytoplankton made by Core. This was recommended by a website that said it worked well with fulvic acid. I thought it might help my system a cell level, however it seemed to disrupt my system and cause my symptoms to worsen, I stopped using it after only a few days because the results seemed to be so clear. Also noticiing that tremors in face and lips area are continuing and seem to be returning more than they have in a while
Added Collodial Silver -10ppm to mix of what I have been taking. 1 tsp per day. This seemed to help in terms of lessening nausea, but after approx 2 weeks of taking it, I began to get headaches. I am not clear whether the headaches are caused by the collodial silver, but as of this writing in early April I have stopped taking it , hoping that headaches will diminish and then I can take it again at a reduced rate.  i have also begun a treatemnt with a product called detoxamine, this is a suppository that I am to use every other evening for 6 months. It is supposed to chelate heavy metals from my body, it is made of calcium disodium and each suppository is 1000mg. My goal is to use this as prescribed and then do a new hair analysis, from genova labs. The current hair analysis that was done in February of this year showed  very high levels of copper, high levels of lead, platinum, uranium, and moderately high levels of antimony, cadmium, gadolinium , and rhodium. At the same time that the hair analysis was done, I did food allergy testing. The most significant allergy seemed to be to yeast and pinto beans  with moderate allergies to lettuce, and cabbage.
MAY 08
Began suppository Chelation with a product called Detoxamine EDTA, this a product marketed by Crusador Enterprises health products, and consists of taking a suppository every second night, for approximately 6 months. At this writing I have take just over 1 month of treatment. Still having nausea attacks, of varying intensity. Have been using this product in conjuction with the Fulvic Acid and UMAC marine phytoplankton which I began to use again in March . I want to see how I feel when I just take the Detoxamine.
Took Detoxamine on its own for a few weeks, then added Kent Marine Lugol's Solution. This is an iodine product,the theory being that iodine will kill all types of bacteria and worms. After using up to about 4 drops twice a day, I began to progressively feel worse. Of course I was doing the Detoxamine at the same time. After about 2 weeks of Lugol's I felt that it was not helping the way I wanted it to. So  I stopped it, and around the same time stopped the Detoxamine, to evaluate how I was feeling.
As of July 8th I have begun taking wormwood, again the theory is that there is possibly some sort of worm or bacteria in my body that continues to cause nausea, after stools, out of the blue, etc. I am not taking the Detoxamine at this point buy may add it in again, as the heavy metal issue still is in the backround. It is just that the way this nausea manifests, it feels to me as if there is some sort of living creature or creatures in my body , causing problems. Of course the stool tests show nothing and so it becomes a question of is there something they are missing from a micorbeal point of view. Or am I misdiagnosing ? Not clear at this time.


The way I see this from a diagnostic point of view is that there is a certain range of possibilities as to what is giving me nausea

1. Parasites/Molds-that I cannot diagnose even with testing
2. Some form of un diagnosed problems with my organs
3. Some form of mineral or chemical deficiency or excess
4. Psychological issues
5. Allergic Reaction to food
6. Free Radicals
7. Environmental source
8. Energy Blockage
9 imbalance in bacteria in gi tract, bad bacteria thriving and causing gi upset
10. Combination of two or more of the above categories

Bio Feedback
Exercise/ weight training/aerobic exercise at intense level
Further diagnosis by health professionals
Why would I nauseous after going to the bathroom?
Why does my gas have no smell?
Why do I pain in my solar plexus at times?
Why does the pain seem to be different every time I am sick?
Why do I feel like I am stoned sometimes after I have a bowel movement?
Why does the pain last such varying amounts of time from a few hours to a few days?
 Is there any connection between my loss of smell and my nausea?

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