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Implications Of Food Dye On Poop Color

Stories about food coloring

Date:   8/15/2007 11:25:27 PM   ( 10 y ) ... viewed 46138 times


dear poopreport,

i know you may find this hard to believe, but you just eased my mind tremendously about our daughter's "poop situation." beginning yesterday about 5p.m. our daughter began having bright green dirty diapers. she has had four in a 24 hour period and i (being an over paranoid mom) have contacted everyone i know, including our pediatrician, and no one had any answers other than it will probably go away. that response just does not cut it with me. i had to have answers. i have been on-line non-stop trying to dig up a possible answer. i told our doctor that the only new food or drink she had consumed was "purple kool-aid" and lots of it. he told me that purple kool aid would not produce green stool. after reading your article i realize it can. thank you soooo much. after hours of searching and worrying, i am off to bed.

-- grateful mom

Seriously Concerned -- 06.23.2006

I found this site possibly very helpful. After consulting Web MD and about six other medical sites, I was still left dumbfounded. Wiping your ass and finding your feces to be GREEN is very disconcerting to a person. And I mean green, not bright green or neon green, but very, very green - kinda like emerald green. I thought I remembered something about hepatitis and green feces or something. And that is disturbing. I can't afford $2,500 to go to a hospital ER. Anyway, after reading this I remembered drinking a gallon of blue Powerade over about a one day period. I'm going to check on what food colorings it has, but I am feeling much relieved already.

Anonymous Coward -- 06.25.2006

lucky charms cereal. i ate a box in 2 days when i was writing term papers and i shat BRIGHT UNMISTAKABLY-GREEN POOPS!

Poo Poo -- 06.28.2006

OMG! I feel so much better now. I have been pooping green since this morning and was worried. I now realize it was the Green Gatorade I drank yesterday - thanks to this site!

Green's My Favorite Color -- 06.29.2006

Yeah, I was curious about this as well.
I've been drinking a shit load (no pun intended) of koolaid lately and I noticed a beautiful emerald green colored stool. It's kind of hard not to notice.

But yeah, it's not just the purplesaurus red stuff, it's just all of the koolaid in general I believe, because thelast 4 liters I've consumed were "invisible" koolaid which is completely clear.

Twizzler Pig -- 06.30.2006

A large bag of Twizzler Twizted Berry = bright green poop

Lucky Charms Bandit -- 07.10.2006

So yeah, i ate two huge bowls of Lucky Charms, and I had the worst spinach green poop of my life, it was like a waterfall, i dont even think that it was solid, talk about colon cleansing, that'll do the trick.... it was even coming out all fizzy with bubbles and everything, i thought i was dying, i'm not even joking, it was so runny the toilet water turned green and cloudy :(

Momoko -- 07.13.2006

omg~ this made me feel better.
I'm a total hypochondriac and have been feeling sick lately so the last thing I needed to see was green stools. Started panicking after seeing a website mention "cancer" but afte reading this article it reminds me that I drank a medium BLUE slush puppy today. Those things even dye your tongue so yea. Your website is helping people learn about food dye. Those evil things. ;P

Shamrock poop!! -- 07.16.2006

I was super nervous after pooping twice and seing bright green poop! I was ready to rush to the hospital! I even woke my husband up to look at it!! I google everything and I thought I'd give this a try. Thank goodness for this article. It was a huge relief and made me laugh really hard! Last night I drank 4 or 5 full glasses of a grape Crystal Light fruit drink. Wow! Now I'm looking forward to my next bathroom experience!!!

mean joe green -- 07.20.2006

HA! My green poop mystery has been solved! All that damn blue powerade i have been drinking this week. I thought i had anal cancer.. WHEW.

Anonymous Coward -- 07.21.2006

So glad to find this site. Called the doc today about my lime-green poop. No veggies in the last several days, but birthday cake with blue decorative icing. Now I know the cause! Never seen anything like it! Love all the comments.

imadeastinky -- 07.25.2006

these carribean creme slushies (a mix of blue and red) made my poop a hunter green similar to the color of the shirt i have on. but i calmed down after i found this site, so THANKS DAVE!

Happy Green -- 07.25.2006

Thanks for the info. I've bought generic crystal light grape drink from walmart and have been drinking at least 2L per day for the past 4 days. I was really getting concerned! LOL

Anonymous Coward -- 07.31.2006

It's blueberry season here ... need I say more?!?!? Thank God I found this site cuz' I was afraid I was dieing of some rare disease.

Anonymous Coward -- 08.03.2006

My daughter called, concerned and a little embarrased. She wanted to know if there were any ailments that would cause your poop to come out neon green. How relieved she was to find out it was the grape gatorade she had been guzzling that caused it. Thank goodness for this site.

Poopstar -- 08.05.2006

Holy Cr@p! I have always suspected the grape gatorade was the cause for the Green Meanies... Always! Thank You for dropping the poop on the this topic. I've even gone to the doctor only to hear I am dehydrated - this must be what they mean by "fierce grape" gatorade.

Sonia -- 08.06.2006

Interesing site...I experience green stool every time I eat fresh blueberry or spinach.

Blue Icing -- 08.06.2006

Yesterday i went to a college send off party where the girl was going to Auburn so the cake she had had Royal Blue Icing. So no today my poop is green. Can these dyes cause other colors too?

Another Purple Pooer -- 08.07.2006

After 2 days of green poop i had to know...was it the few pieces of brocoli i ate? That had never caused green poop before. Then of course the fleeting hypocondriac thoughts went through my mind. So I had to look it up. Over the course of two days I drank 1 gallon of Walmart's (imitiation crystal light) grape artificially favored drink mix. The drink is purple in color and according to its labeling it contains Red 40 and Blue 1.

Patrick TT -- 08.08.2006

Green crap hits Australia! Copious amounts of pepsi max, beer and 'orange and mango' juice. The pepsi and beer are pretty normal, so i am assuming it is the orange and mango. So thought I'd let you know that it also happens this side of the world. Thanks for the all clear!

Samantha -- 08.09.2006

This cracked me up. I noticed my green poop and didn't know what it was from. I made "Homo Cake" by dyeing the cake batter different colors and the last three colors have blue food coloring in them (green, blue, purple.) I started eating the cake at the purple end. That explains everything. Lol! Always looking out for number two!

Fecal Matters.

blue powerade and grape juice -- 08.15.2006

Glad to know that my son is okey. He has been pooping florescent green stuff and I could not figure out why because he does not eat a lot of vegetables. I thought he had been eating florescent glow in the dark liquids. After reading you site, I understand how he got the green poop. He has been drinking lots of grape juice and blue powerade. Thanks.

Crappified -- 08.23.2006

I had Boo Berry cereal for dinner last night and my poopie is green! I'm going to force my husband to have a couple bowls and let him freak out. I'll scare him a little bit and tell him to call the doctor. What a trip that will be.

Anonymous Coward -- 08.26.2006

Bing cherries turn poop dark purple, and Thin Mints Girl Scouts cookies turn it black.

Sy From Great Britain -- 09.04.2006

Well i was paranoid about my greenish colour craps but it was the BLACK SAMBUKA i was drinking like water the night before, apparently the liquorish in it turns poo poo a nice shade of green, i've been trying to think of ways to use this to my advantage...but it aint happening... :)

healthy 1 (1349) -- 09.10.2006

Ok, New years 2004, I drank green Creme De Minthe. My poop had bright green stripes in it for about four days. Worst of all, black Sambuca turned what wasn't green, black.

Jammin' lo'flo's since 1977.

Iba Kon Golden -- 09.10.2006

If you drink those one-serving bottles of Welch's Grape Juice, you may have a black poop. That happened to me, and I was terrified it was cancer until I had a normal poo the next day.

Anonymous Coward -- 09.13.2006

the dye they use to color frosting black or blue on storbought cakes is the same kind of dye apparently: I've been having hunter green doodies for about a day now. It freaked me out till I found this site and realized what must have happened. Oh, and for the record, a pound of asparagus will turn your doodie emerald green. FYI.

AddSomeSpice -- 09.19.2006

Captain Crunch with crunch berries made me poo poo green! I knew it wasn't spinach or anything like that because it is a bright grass green, so I started freaking out, but then I thought of the crunch berries. Fun stuff!

josh -- 09.20.2006

i got a medium fruit punch like i always do. Well i went to the bathroom at like 3 in the morning and i was just reading away at my book and then when i was done i went to clean up and i saw bright red stuff under me. Like almost bloodish red..but now in retrospect i guess it wasnt dark enough..but i was thinking who knows how blood metabolizes or whatever. somehow I fell asleep and being really scared usually makes people need the bathroom so this morning i went again and its like more brown then red..actually theres really no can basically tell that its an after effect of the dye. I was wayyyy happy about that. Oh and the red stuff wasnt in the stool, it was like in the water. So..yah red happens too.

i visited my brother and brought some of this with me... i mixed it up, and we proceded to drink almost a quart each throughout the evening...the next day he asks me..."hey is your stuff green??" and i said "huh"??? and sure enough the next time i bothered to look...LIME GREEN!!! glad to know we're not freaks or something....

40 and pooping green (haha) -- 09.24.2006

So happy to find your site! Just turned 40 and apparently the black die in the icing on the cake will produce the GREEN results with just a couple of pieces! Looks like I wasn't abducted by the aliens afterall... :)

Anonymous Coward -- 10.03.2006

I had a blue slurpee from 7 eleven yesterday and then i pooped surprisingly green poop. It freaked me out. I looked it up online and everything said that I probably just ate too many veggies, but I knew that wasn't true. Thank you for confirming that I am not going to die.

Anonymous Coward -- 10.05.2006

I just got over what my doctor called a 'stomch virus' and then had a course of antibiotics for an upper respiratory thing. I just got done with the anti-biotic yesterday. Then I get up this morning and my daily business is 'plastic army man green'. I panniced and started thinking about bile and intestinal obstructions and stuff until I remembered something I ate last night. Then I remembered that I ate an oversized cookie last night (like one of those black and white ones from a bakery) that had gobs of very thick, very dark blue icing (it was a NY Yankees logo). I also remember that the icing actually had stained the wax paper the cookie was wrapped in.

Anonymous Cow -- 10.06.2006

four bowls of trix cereal was my culprit (at least i hope).

black log -- 10.10.2006

those oreos come out the same color they go in, yeah im not dying, i just ate a whole package of oreos. what a relief!

Sarii -- 10.18.2006

Yep, it's definatly the kool-aid. It's werid how something that's percieved as somewhat healthy makes your poop zoom through your intestines and turns it green. Oh and i find it very interseting that your poop turned pink "The Sh** Volcano"

Non-Multicoloured Pooper -- 10.23.2006

I had this army greenish poop just before, im not sure what caused it, today ive eaten tuna, an apple, popper, small packet of chips and pizza. Yesterday i did have a tonne of m&ms and skittles and a frozen coke ata party so maybe it was

Tropicana Twister -- 11.05.2006

Grape Tropicana Twister has done this to me for the past week. I was getting worried I had kidney issues or something, but it contains Blue #1.

Sherry -- 11.05.2006

I drank a couple of caprisun juice bags and I just had a glorious GREEN poop. I thought I was dying because I am scheduled for a colonoscopy because of a "butt" condition. This eases my mind a little bit. I also ate cake with food coloring that stained your mouth and fingers last night for my 50th birthday.
isn't getting older fun?

Bruce -- 11.07.2006

Dude, I took a Centrum all-in-one A to Zinc vitamin for the first time today and shat nasty army fatigue-colored green poop. This site=peace of mind ;p

Green Poop Guy -- 11.14.2006

I noticed a few years ago that I always poop green after eating Capn' Crunch Crunchberry cereal. I thought it might be related to food dye. Seeing this site confirmed my suspicions. Safeway just had buy-1-get-1-free on Crunchberries, so I couldn't resist. I guess this is the last time I eat that stuff. Yikes.

Anonymous Coward -- 11.15.2006

I typed green bowel movement into yahoo and it turns out that there's a site that explains that poop color can be altered by dye
green bowel movement hope this helps people

GottaGoGirl (2432) -- 11.19.2006

In the interest of poop science, I just ate a huge deep-purple frosting flower off GoGirlie's (13th!) birthday cake. I'll let you know how it comes out. If I can tell. We'll see.

Christopher Lopez -- 11.27.2006

I have been drinking Gatorade for my whole life. Most of the flavors are very interesting, but the ones that I think tastes the best are Fierce grape(dark Purple) and Orange. The Gatorade company has been producing the wonderful product for many years and I hope they keep the Grape and Orange flavors.

Johnny Boy -- 12.03.2006

I recently purchased a 100g bottle of Methylene Blue. I then spiked all of my friends food and drink with it. 1/2 teaspoon of methylene blue each=6 guys really, really, really freaked out.

Anonymous Preggo -- 12.16.2006

Add Shasta Grape Soda to your list if you haven't already. I was also freaking out and googling my brains out to find the cause of the mysterious green poop. Your site and experiments have put my mind at ease. Thank you!!

GreenGoblin -- 12.17.2006

I also have been worried about this, until i read your page. see i have been drinking about 40oz of feirce grape gatorade and my poop has been like bright green. check it out for yourselves, but it does the trick to.

Anonymous Coward -- 12.20.2006

how about trix wildberry blue yogurt?

Kat -- 12.21.2006

For my husband's 31st B-day, I bought a white cake w/ white and green whipped icing. Everyone who consumed 2 or more peices of cake had green poop. So I know for sure that food coloring has a lot to do w/ green poop. Everyone was scared and called me asking if I had a BM yet, and if it was green! LOL!

Anonymous Christmas Pooper -- 12.21.2006

After a holiday party, having consumed just one corn-flakes/marshmallow holly-like green treat, I was surprised with quite the festive poop the next morning. It wasn't just a little green, but bright and happy Christmas Green. It's good to hear that others have been surprised with such an odd color, even if it was caused by other things. An over-load of green food coloring = (once again) green feces!

Anonymous Coward -- 12.28.2006

just wanted to say thank you as well my 27 month old has been having this really green poop i mean like hunter green and sometime even will stain his bum and i was getting ready to call his doctor but after reading this site i found that my son has been drinking grape cool aid and cap crunch know i know i can rest at ease for a while thanks again.

Poop Scared -- 01.04.2007

My four yr old toddler is having bright green poop. He said he had a stomachache, so I thought he had an intestinal bug. My hubby is an MD and thought he had a flu. Then we remembered he ate quite a few (on the sly) red, orange and green frosted cupcakes we got from Sam's club. The tummy ache was probably due to too much sugar, the poop from all those darned dyes...

Anonymous Coward -- 01.21.2007

Long bright spinach green poops had me scared, and I asked my kids if they had any poop problems, too. They kinda stared at me and said no. Yeah, they just didn't want to tell me, because the only thing odd that I'd eaten was 2 superman blue frosted cupcakes from the supermarket. They ate the rest. So I know they had to poop green, too. Oh, I was worried, but, yes I had to search online to figure it out. Thank goodness for poop report. Now, why is this dye still legal? Supermarkets should post a warning.

Neon Bomb -- 01.23.2007

Well guess what Crystal Light Fruit Punch did it to me. Thought I was crazy but that was the only out of the ordinary thing I had. This makes sense. So watch it, if you like that kind of crystal light. I had about 1/2 gallon of it at work.

greeny poopo -- 01.24.2007

4 days straight of green poopy, and no clue why.. UNTIL I READ THIS! safeway brand fruit loops make the poopey bright green. ima keep eating it couz i really enjoy seeing that big green poopey go flush.

missd -- 01.26.2007

I drink Walmart sugar free grape drink mix all the time and my poop is always bright green! It's lovely!!!

Anonymous Coward -- 01.29.2007

Fruit Loops will also cause green poop, especially in toddlers.

Anonymous Coward -- 01.31.2007

I was freaking out over my 3 year olds poop and came across your web site. Thank God! I thought something was drastically wrong when she pooped bright green (looked like play dough). She has been consuming blue raspberry kool aid drinks for the last couple of days.

Bobert -- 02.01.2007

How odd. My poop seems to not be affected by dye. It is always shades of brown or black, and green only when I'm really sick...

poo me a river -- 02.06.2007

I've found POWERADE to be a sure-thing cure all for drug and alcohol induced hangovers. lately I've been drinking several litres a day as it's party time in the Australian summer and we recently had the Big Day Out music festival. Imagine how worried I was when after consuming mass amounts of extasy and methamphetamine and alcohol to see a big glowing green turd! my mind is at ease, it has to be the powerade :)

Rahul -- 02.06.2007

As much as i may believe that this is the craziest, most insane conversation ever carried out in history, and as much as i can't believe that it has been on for like 6 years, i must not make fun of it since you are my people, i am one of you. yesterday i drank a bottle of blue gatorade, and there i was this afternoon; poor unsuspecting soul. as i wiped my ass, i was astonished to see a green colouration on the tp. to my surprise, voila, green poop. for a second i was worried, but since i ate only one meal yesterday, i deduced that it was the gatorade. I was just at the virge of initiating a mass boycott of blue gatorade, when i decided to search for "gatorade blue shit" on google. thankyou all for your gorish insight on this page, you will all have your names engraved in green glowing letters in history. my time has arrived, i must leave your clan. from this day on i shall refrain from drinking blue stuff coz i dont want no green shits. good bye y'all. thank you.
(former green pooper)

Mr. Green Jeans -- 02.25.2007

I discovered this after drinking some Generic "Crystal light" that Walmart sells. I have a natural sweet tooth, but am trying to get away from drinking so much sugar filled drinks. So I tend to mix this drink extra strong, doubling the amount of mix to the normal amount of water. Their grape flavor has the greatest effect.

Anonymous Coward -- 03.01.2007

I was searching for why my poop has been green for some time now. I do consume about 2L of sugar free purple Koolaid a I have my answer.

Anonymous Coward POOPER

I have been pooing my whole life. I recall asking my ma, why my poo was green. The answer always: That can not be. (What am I stupid and not able to see that my poo is green?). Since I have been an adult I have asked 3 different doctor why green poo?, why blue poo? The answer always: That can not be. (Well I tell you it be!!!). This has taught me that doctors don’t know every thing and not all science is proven yet.

1 bowl of boo berry cereal = (blue dye) = green poo. 1 large scoop of cotton candy ice cream from Magee Moo's = (blue dye) = blue poo 2 shoots Blue Tattoo (liquor) = (blue dye) = blue poo(I MEAN NEON BLUE POO!!) 1 bottle (591ml or 20FL.OZ.) grape extreme Gatorade = (purple dye) = green poo

Timmytom -- 03.15.2007

After drinking a magnum of red wine, I noticed that my poo was a scary black-tinted-green colour- I immediately thought Colon Cancer, but I guess not. =D YAY POOP REPORT!

heatherhookah -- 03.15.2007

haha today my shit was bright green, and i figured out it was from having like 10 blue raspberries slurpies while i was working at cumbys last night. just the other day the dr. wouldnt let me leave my regular physical because of my dangerous high blood pressure. i thought i might have had some deadly illness- but i guess its just too much junk food. thanks to whoever made this site!

Black Licorice = GREEN -- 03.29.2007

I've found that eating black licorice (or black Twizzlers) are definite green poo inducing foods in my digestive system. Funny, I've eaten most of the other foods listed on this thread, but haven't gotten a visit from the "green butt fairy" due to their consumption.

cotton candy poop -- 04.04.2007

Heheh, funniness, i had the same deal one day. I ate blue cotton candy from the amusement park (I also consumed tons of Italian ices) i work and later pooped teal-bluish poop... Thinking I had poop cancer, i freaked out and later fainted til the next morning. Long story short I had cotton candy one day again and figured out that it made my poop blue! hehe, didn't know there was a science behind all this though!

Anonymous Coward -- 04.05.2007

This website was very helpful in determining why my 3 year old daughters poop was green...She drank a lot of blue colored slurpee yesterday. thanks

Creatine User -- 04.22.2007

Yah...I just started taking creatine and noticed the Green poop. Turns out the creatine is a grape flavored deal, premixed with the carbs. So its not the creatine... I guess Purple makes Green! Wow what a trip.

Anonymous Coward -- 04.25.2007

lol...Grape Koolaide is the culprit.

Lulu -- 05.04.2007

I was amazed the other day when I went to take a dump and after wiping my arse I realized that my feces was not the normal brown color that I am used to... I had to find out why so I searched the internet, as I usually do when I want to find out stuff. I stumbled upon this site and realized that the blue dye on the easter egg candies I had been eating the other day must be the culprit. I do not normally eat foods with dyes and artificial colors in them, but I have had green poop before - I found on another website that green crap can also be caused by my iron not being properly absorbed as well as my excess intake of green, leafy fruits and veggies.

Someone asked about "white poop", so I thought I'd share my findings:

Feces can even appear white if one drinks a substance known as barium sulfate. Barium sulfate is often given to patients getting an X-ray of the digestive tract because it assists doctors in visualizing the resulting picture from the X-ray better.

Johnathan -- 05.06.2007

Thanks for the info. I drank a bit tooooo much beer at my last party. The next day I had severe simptoms of dehydration. I went to the gas station and got two bottles of Powerade (Grape and Lemon lime. After I looked at your site I realized that mt bright green poop was caused by that drink and I did some extra research. I found out that the (Huge Chain) pizza that I had eaten with extra bell peppers was also a cause. I found out that they use dye to keep the peppers really green. Again, thanks. My anxiety has been relieved.

Theresa -- 05.13.2007

black raspberry ice cream = GREEN POOP. haha thanks for the info!

Anonymous Coward -- 05.15.2007

in the1960s purple koolaide and other grape drinks (popsicles too)
would produce green pooh pooh

Angela -- 05.17.2007

I had a drink thats called Guzzler. It is Concord Grape made with spring water. 20 fl. oz. I only had 2 slices of turkey and a cheese stick with the whole thing for breakfast (about 12:30 pm) and then nothing more to eat till about 6 pm. I just went poo at 10:15 pm and it was neon green and i got fasinated and scared. My mom thought that it might be an infection that I had but didnt feel the problems. So I decided to look it up and found your site on top and was so thankful and gave the whole house a laugh that there was a campus study done. Thank you graciously!!! I shall now drink more blue stuff to have more neon poo!!!!

Saint Poo-Poo -- 05.22.2007

I had a birthday cake made for my son in the shape of a soccer ball, well there must have been too much dye used for the black frosting cause now I have green trout in the pool. You know I had to show my girlfriend! Sharing is caring.

beyondbrows -- 05.28.2007

I couldn't believe the bright green color,like someone squirted green food coloring as a joke. Told my husband I thought I was an alien. After googling "green stool",thankfully your site came up.
It was the blackberry shake at Dunkin Donuts that did it.
Guess E.T.and I have no connection after all.

4kidsathome -- 06.02.2007

I just wanted to thank you. My four year old son just had a magnificent green stool. Crayola green. I was concerned he might be sick or something. None of the "Official" websites gave me a straight answer. You have. It is from the large blue slushy drink he had from the pretzel place at the Walmart. Thank you for easing my mind.

c00ps -- 06.04.2007

I finally realized what caused my epidemic. I though "It must have that blue raspberry slush from Cumberland farms". I usually get the green apple but the one I went to didn't have it. So after typing "blue raspberry slush cumbys" into google this is the ONLY site that came up lol.

Casey (not verified) -- 06.04.2007

My 3 year old son has been pooping neon green for the past 2 days. Worried, I searched the internet for information. This is the only site that confirmed our suspitions..."Krazy Kolors" ice cream from Blue Bell. It even stained his skin! You guys are awesome! I can sleep now.

Luck 'O The Irish -- 06.12.2007

Too funny... for the last week I've taken all soda out of my diet and replaced it with various flavors of Gatorade & Powerade. Last 2 days - dumps of the we're talking MARTIAN variety. Scary at first... googled here. I just spent an hour laughing my ass off. Thanks everyone!

Anonymous Coward -- 06.15.2007

Turns out that burnt peanuts have the ability to turn your poop a pink-maroon color! What a shocker!

???????????? -- 06.16.2007

i had a large very blue bubble gum snow cone. i have green poo. thans for your help!!!!!!!

Kurt (not verified) -- 06.18.2007

My 5 yr old came out of the bathroom shocked to see his poop was bright green. I saw it and confirmed. Yesterday he ate cake with bright blue icing. Seems it is the culprit.

Sir Jamie Poopsalot -- 06.19.2007

Thanks a bunch! I ate a homemade blueberry muffin this morning and just saw some bright green poop! I was like...that's green poop Oh My God! Thanks for helping with my nerves.

Anonymous Coward -- 06.19.2007

So...I woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible case of the runs. In my half-awake state of mind, I noticed a cool, mesmerizing neon green glow eminating from the can. Like a redneck around shiny stuff, I was inexorably drawn to it. I don't care how awake you are, when you first see neon green where dark brown is supposed to be, you will wake up. First the doc first thing in the morning, if not sooner! As with many others on here, before making "the call", I did a search online...and stumbled across this page. After reading all the other stories and thinking back, I found the culprits: 2 liters of Lipton Green Tea and 4 sugar cookies hiding under piles of, you guessed it, blue frosting. Lipton Green Tea has Blue 1 in it. I lost count of how many different blue dyes are in the cookie frosting. Because I worked around all kinds of radiation in the military, I often jokingly tell people I glow in the dark. Now, I have proof! GO GREEN!

Anonymous Coward -- 06.20.2007

Thanks so much for this site! Now I don't have to worry. At 32, I'm having my first ever bright green poop (a really impressive color). For three days I've been pooping green (not real solid either) and thought I should get online and see if I could figure out what the deal is. Three days ago I had a craving and bought a box of LUCKY CHARMS and have been eating them for the past 3 days. Lucky Charms have never affected me that way in the past, but its been a few years since I've had them. Now at least I know that they are the likely culprit to my green poo.

it's not easy being green -- 06.22.2007

so this morning when i woke up i had bright green poop. its been green-tinged before but never like this. i stumbled across this site and then sat for a few minutes contemplating what i could have eaten to cause this because i really havent eaten anything weird lately. i then realized that this awesome color could be attributed to the 4oz scoop of baskin robbins' new penguin swirl ice cream. i checked the nutrition info and found out that it did in fact include the above poop color changing dyes. i was amazed to say the least.

Pinkie (not verified) -- 06.22.2007

All this talk about green poop is great, but what have you got on neon pink poop? Ya, it's not red like I thought it might be and doesn't contain blood. Can't think of anything different that I had. I didn't drink anything besides diet Coke or Pepsi, ate Arby's and some steak. Any ideas?

Anonymous Coward -- 06.24.2007

3 yr old son + blue bubblegum ice cream = a lovely shade of grass green poo. :)

Unsung Hero -- 06.25.2007

wow. i ate 2 whole beets and thought i pooped a purple alien so i googled "do beets dye your poop?" and i found this site, but now i HAVE to try this koolaid experiment

Coloring -- 07.03.2007

After eating a lot of oreos and not much else yesterday I found my poop turned out black, which looks yucky but it must be the same reason as the kool aid as oreos also stain your mouth.

Raspberry candy laces also give you turquoise turd, but only available from Tescos in England. Would having too much Mountain Dew cause you to have funny colored poop as it contains a very strong form of coloring?

I like poop -- 07.03.2007

I just got done drinking one bottle of Snapple green tea and a couple hours later my poop was green!! I'm glad I checked this site. I was scared when I found green stuff on the toilet paper! It was soo cool!

Mikey (not verified) -- 07.05.2007

Another victim of Penguin Swirl here.

Curios pooper -- 07.05.2007

Homer's "Woo Hoo" Blue Vanilla flavored Squishie, being sold as a promotion at 7-11 will make you poop green.

Toklatkate (not verified) -- 07.06.2007

I consumed a 12 oz sugar free shaved ice today with blueberry flavor, very blue colored. My tongue, teeth & lips were blue after. This evening I "pooped" bright green, loose stools. I think the lose part was from the artificial sweetener(s), which can cause that. Toklatkate

greenpooFTW -- 07.17.2007

a 32 ouncer of Jagged Ice Powerade made my poop bright green

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