Blog: Learning to Juice Fast
by Photobetty

Day One - 20 more to go

Experimenting on day 1 (Recipes & Opinions Included)

Date:   4/29/2007 7:44:56 PM   ( 14 y ) ... viewed 1983 times

Here is the 411 on me - Mid 30's, 5' 7", 227lbs,Blood test showed I was AB+ (I always wanted to know that), T.C. 203, LDL 128, BP 124/96 I have health ailments that range from excessive gas, Acid Reflux, IBS, Diverticulitis, excessive tiredness, inability to get my snooze on or keep it on, poor diet, high blood pressure, family history of Cancer & Diabetes. Oh & poor memory - I almost forgot that one....

So I purchased an OMEGA 8005 a week ago because I have this friend who is a brainiac when it comes to holistic/healthnut stuff and he has been on me to do a cleanse to help me get on the road to correcting & preventing many of the health issues that I put up with on a daily basis. I read up on Juicing & I know quite a few folks who have juiced & enjoy it. I just don't know too many who have done the whole cleansing fast. With the exception of my brainiac friend who does it quite frequently. So I dedicate my 1st post to you Jeff... Err I mean Bob - Yeah Bob, that is his name (for annominity's sake) - Day one is to you... I hope I'm still thanking you later :-)

They say when your start detoxing you may not feel good. In fact you could feel achy in your body. They say that this is a sign that you’re stirring those toxins. Fortunately, they also say when you get over this stage of the detox you’re going to start to feel better than you have in a long time. I just want to know one thing…. Who are THEY?

Juicing Day 1

3 carrots - 2 celery stalks – 1 cucumber

Tastes a tad watery, which is OK; I just expected the flavors to be stronger.
I can taste the cucumber & celery real well but next time I think I will do one less celery stalk & 1 more carrot – it certainly needs more carrot
Drinking it wasn’t hard as it didn’t taste bad – I am just use to much sweeter drinks & saltier veggies

Once my body adjusts to the reduction in refined sugars I expect to enjoy the veggie drinks more

*Note – Celery acts similar (not same) to salt in regards to flavoring.


Around 11:45 The Acid reflux crept up – but it was quick, didn’t last but a minute or two I had been experiencing slight gas (the burping kind) since shortly after breakfast. But this is not abnormal. I always feel gassy after eating this time however it didn’t hit the back door *grin*

By 10:45 I was feeling a bit sleepy but by 11:30 I was down right exhausted to the point where I couldn’t stop yawning. Again not abnormal as I am often very sleepy & have difficulty staying awake just after eating.

I was feeling hungry again by 11:30a and while I can have as much to drink as I want on this fast, I was at church & couldn’t really satisfy the urge. Once church was over I made it home & made myself the following…

During church I managed to drink about 15oz of water


12:30 Lunch? Snack? Who cares, I’m hungry

2 small Granny Smith Apples
1 large Tangerine
8 dried pitted plums
3 scoops cubed Pineapple ( forgot to get the fresh stuff)
1 inch (semi square) piece of ginger root

*Note – these plums do not freeze (or at least mine didn’t after 2 days) but they do create a mess in your blender. They also made my drink much thicker than it would have been b4 adding them

The drink was very good; I did have to strain it thanks to those messy plums. The plums themselves made the drink extra yummy. I can’t really complain about the mess though, disgusting to look at yes but it still took less time to clean up after juicing than it does when I cook a meal.

Since the plums tasted so good & are so good for you (full of antioxidants) I am going to give them one last try later tonight – after I let them chill out to room temperature. I think the fact they had been in the freezer for 2 days made it harder to juice. We shall see.


5:50p Lupper? I couldn’t decide if the above was lunch or snack, so I am not going to commit to this being diner so its could be lunch – could be supper. For now we are calling it lupper.

2 carrots
Handful of string beans
¼ Vidalia onion
1 zucchini
1 celery stalk
on 1st taste I decided the onion was too overpowering & the juice needed
something more than what it currently had so I added….
1 very large carrot
1½ handfuls of cherry tomatoes
ahhh that did it!

This one had more flavor – lots more & not in a bad way – still not as good as what I had for lunch but better than breakfast. I was able to drink it down much quicker. As I am making up these combinations I am going to learn what makes what taste like what. During that process I expect a few to come out not so well. Hopefully there won’t be too many – after all I have to drink this stuff.

I really need to incorporate more water & more of these juices in. I am not much of a drinker at all. On an average day I would be lucky to get a full 12oz in. If it wasn’t for my morning cereal ritual I’d have virtually no liquid all day. This juice fast is going to be a shock to my system – especially my bladder J

Its 6:15, I’ve had this neck ache all day – I think from how I slept. Actually I am pretty sure that is what it is from. I need to marry a chiropractor



ZOWIE!!!!! TART & TASTY!!!! I’m going to have to make a sorbet out of this.

2 Granny Smith Apples
1 Lemon
1 Tangerine
¼ Small Coconut

I couldn’t drink this as fast as I drank my lupper because it is real Tart & I tossed in some ice because it tastes better cold. Its real good but you might want to add less lemon or a little honey if you are a tad sensitive to the lip pucker effect of lemons.

*Note - Acid reflux started immediately after 1st drink & is still going strong over an hour later - but it tasted so good!!!

*I've been burping like crazy - more so since that Tart Treat but as far as the booty tooty - hardly a PFFFT all day! Add to the the wonderful peace I have found over not having my stomach pains today. What a welcome break! Now lets hope the pleasures of this remind me to stay the course & not give up early.

I noticed (mid-day) that I was not hungry but was craving food – not an 'Oh My Goodness I think I am going to give in & blow it my 1st day', craving but I was watching a movie & wanted to snack on something. Snacking while watching TV is something I do habitually n. How did I deal with that? I ignored it at 1st, then I contemplated what my next drink concoction was going to be. I was in the middle of a movie so I waited until it was over & by then I was certainly hungry -

Got my Period yesterday - What a way to start a Fast! Then again it will be interesting to compare notes on how the 1st one went at the beginning & the next one went after having just gotten off a detox fast.

One thing I did have some issues with was this overwhelming desire for a Turkey Sub.
Its my favorite - with LOTS of veggies. I had one for dinner last night as my final solid meal. It was soooooo good. I totally want another - I probably wont be able to have one till day 30 and even then I might have to substitute a wrap for the bread because if I am successful - I can't imagine putting all that dough back in my system in one sitting.

Just keeping track....
Pee - 4
Poop - 0
(Posted 8:45pm)

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