Blog: My 120-day fast on vegan urine/water (later will add green juice)...
by jerksforthesedentary

Evening of day 6 - fast running smoothly

Some observations on fast slow geology, and feeling fine on urine: exclusive. Thrillsville and no belly-aches.

Date:   2/25/2006 6:21:16 PM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 1563 times

I'm sort of surprised how well I feel - not energetic or euphoric, not out-of-it and like death run over, or always hungry, as with previous fasts not on urine. I sneezed once. If you read the fasting journals on this site, as I do, or the posts, you'll find a fair amount of people having symptoms - feeling cold, having cold-like or flu-like symptoms - certainly not everyone, but it comes up. I wonder why that isn't happening, and if it will? Am I a slow detoxer (I think I know the answer to that - yes!)? Is it somethig about the urine that prevention such symptoms - if so, is it a good thing or a bad thing in the urine, about the urine, causing the prevention? I suppose these are things we can find out, as more (real) people join me urine fasting (!), and as this fast I'm on goes on. I've noted that what symptoms, if such they are, there are, last for seconds at most - back pain, cramp around liver area. I wonder if that is a feature of urine fasting as well, and if that will change as I continue, and be the same for other urine fasters. I have to say, ths has not been particularly difficult - the only difficulty being in the _lack_ of signs anything's happening or changing/healing/improving - if there were hints of hope for this, for results, this would be a breeze. Aside from thinking of food several times a day - that too lasts seconds.

And it's been another stressful afternoon - my parents threatening to cut me off financially completely if I don't involve them in my "medical" plans - I am fighting them to the death, though I may well find myself (and LBP) without a roof, possessions, or any money. Not great to have to fast with that hanging over you, but I'm not giving up this fast. (They don't know about it, and definitely would try to put me in an insane asylum if I told them - I know society is insane, but could they do that, toany of us? If someone had a mind to through any of us anti-medical, anti-pharmaceutical CureZoners in an asylum, could they? I'll keep my cyanide tablets within reach if so.) Anyway, I'm bluffing it out, as if there's actually justice in the world, that they can't do a god-damned thing. Stressful, however, at any time, any time of transformation/detox/cleansing, and a 4-month water/urine fast! (Nota bene: I can without Victim persona ascribe all my life-threatening and - corrosive ailments to them ,their decisions, neglect and negligence, and so on.)

If you want to fast and have trouble on them due to symtoms and/or hunger, maybe you should try urine fasting? Just a thought.

I'd forgotten that the book I mentioned, the Sherlock Holmes debut, rapidly deteriorates and one-third is take up with some Mormon section I challenge you not to skip completely - I know one person who could bravely read through it and possibly even enjoy it, but he even likes Bill Bryson, so I suppose he can read literally anything. I must withdraw the recommendation, at least for fasters.

I've decided (I hope!) that I've realized ( can only hope) that I need to chill and re-think my fasting time-line here, relax and enjoy the ride as it were, and try not to stress out that agh! it's day 6 and nothing's happening! I have to rewrite that whole scr1pt and reconfigure - the stuff doesn't start happening, oh, say, for another 10 days - that is, after all the rationale behind the three-digit-day goal - I must have understood in setting that kind of time-frame for the fast that the process is a deep one and somewhat glacial. Everyone talks about fasts being "fast" - fast - fast - the fastest way to health. So we take that in our culture to mean, like, fast - like, Ive been doing this 6 days, where's my miracle? In a way, 4 months is fast to fight against 3 decades, but for the faster fasting, that's not so fast. The "Amen Heaven" urine fast site says that a fast slows time down, certainly something devoutly to be wished from the general standpoint of life, but I have not found that to be true yet of this one. Still, the geological eras here of fasting seem to be huge expanses to traverse. What I'm saying is I need to just reconceptualize and not even think of cool stuff this early, to remember that I chose a big number because I must have known how loooong it takes to start to heal, to heal, and even to detox. Like weeks, not days. It apparently needs time. I think I was misled by the urine-fast hypers who act as if a week is really resetting your DNA or someting. Also, we can't help but feel that the difficulty we experience simply from giving up eating should be paid for with prompt reward or at least a promissory note of reward in the offing.

That's it - oh, get yourself faster's best friend _Thrillsville_ CD by Fire in the Kitchen - downloadable I'm sure - thrills, chills and kills.

Good nights and good lucks.

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