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Cellular Detoxification and Colon Cleansing

The cellular structure of the tube connecting our mouth with our %¤#&!§-is similar to that of our skin. What if human beings could turn themselves inside out like a sock? Wouldn't that be a sight?

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     The colon can be considered the most important organ of the body. There are nerve connections between the colon and every other part of your body. The colon has two functions: absorption of nutrients and elimination of poisons and waste. Alimentary toxemia also called auto intoxication (having a stagnated colon) has been argued to be the root cause of all disease.

Imagine a soft sausage like tube 30 feet long, folded and wrapped into a one-foot space. Even on the purest diet, you can further imagine that after 40 years, there could be a build up of indigestible sludge. Regular bowel movements are not enough. Build up can actually block smooth passage of fecal matter through the colon so that nutrients are not being absorbed and poisons are not being eliminated. That is why many believe malnutrition could be the cause of all disease.

Junk food, money-making pharmaceuticals and being anal-retentive (uptight) have caused most human bodies' sewage systems to become cesspools. The colons of many people have been found to contain a hardened, black coating, even though they did not consider themselves constipated. Under these circumstances their colons cannot function properly. You might even say, "I don't need cleansing because I have diarrhea." Diarrhea is most often caused by inflammation and congestion of mucous in the bowel.

For more than 20 years I have been a facilitator of healing. My clients learn and put into practice these amazing self healing methods. Nutrition and cleansing combined with exercise and massage can REVERSE problems with your digestive organs, your heart and blood vessels, your brain and nerves, your eyes, your skin, your muscles and joints, your genito-urinary and reproductive organs, and your immune system.

Remember the old saying - you are what you eat? Well, it is not just what you put into your body that counts. It may be possible for you to recover from any disease if your colon is completely cleansed.

"OK! OK! Many of my clients have said, "You've convinced me that being full of shit could be my problem!" So, right here and now, I am going to give you the keys to restore vibrant health and youthful vitality.

To cleanse and heal the colon there are two processes; essentially we wash the body out from both ends. We rest the body from heavy food digestion but provide maximum, high potency nutrition through juice fasting, live foods, herbs, vitamins and minerals. This promotes healthy intestinal flora and good bowel gardening. Secondly, we scrub out the colon using psyllium, bentonite and colon irrigations.

Live food means food that has not been cooked. Cooking kills alot of the nutrients in food especially minerals and enzymes. Enzymes do all the work in the body, converting elements into those we need and balancing metabolism. Vitamins are used in conjunction with enzymes. Learn to make your own 'rejuvilac', a delicious and nutritious fermented beverage made from wheat. Fermenting your own sauerkraut and pickles is an excellent way, also, to add enzymes to your health food diet. The best arguments for the raw food theories are related to the concepts of good bowel gardening. Our intestines should be alive with healthy flora and don't get that way by eating dead food.

How ill you are determines how serious your commitment to your plan is going to be. For example, a relatively healthy person may want to commit themselves to a rather strenuous program for one day a week or one weekend a month or 7 to 10 days twice a year for the rest of her or his life. On the other had, if your quality of life is seriously threatened you would plan something less strenuous that you can maintain for 6 weeks to 6 months.

Do children need to fast? Yes, after the age of 7 years.

We are talking about fasting, NOT STARVING. What I am calling fasting you might think of as a real good health food diet. Digestion, of even good, solid, proteins, fats and starches, causes the body to work to digest them. Non-nutritive and chemical substances stress the body to use, store, or eliminate them; so, you see they really SUCK. People who overeat can be starving for nutrients. When you fast you are providing only nutrients direct to the blood stream and eliminating things you know are toxic for you. Resting from the work of digestion, your entire body says, "Oh good a chance to clean house (detoxify)". Try it and you will see! Your breath, sweat, and other products of elimination change. Your cells, organs and blood clean themselves, just given the chance.

When fasting you provide for yourself gallons of pure water. Fresh organic vegetable and fruit juices can be taken by the pint as often as every waking hour. Living food, especially alfalfa sprouts can be eaten as much as you desire to chew. Seaweed is another powerfood good to munch on. Eat to nourish your body, only! Learn to really savor and appreciate every thing as you injest it! Feel it and thank it for giving you sustainance!

If you are a regular vitamin, mineral and herb user, let your body (especially your liver) rest from these too during your fast. There are supplements that can be added to your fast that encourage and support the detoxification process. You may want to focus on a specific organ or system. Health food stores sell kits with a variety of cleansing purposes. These kits are OK for short infrequent fasts but it is cheaper to get your herbs in bulk. If you are very ill, increase your high potency supplements.

Alternate and separate nourishing supplements from the detoxifying supplements. By that I mean, one hour your drink and supplements focus on nourishment and the next hour your focus is on cleansing. A good example of a schedule for a fast is this: Every hour and a half drink a delicious nourishing drink. It can be juice, broth or tea. With this take your nourishing supplements, like vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, beneficial organisms, spirulina and algaes, etc. OK, then, alternate! Every other time for a drink, take your psyllium, bentonite, sanitizing agents like chlorophyll or apple cider vinegar, cleansing herbs, parasite killing herbs, etc. This schedule gives you about 10 times in a day for your drink and supplements and enough time in between for rest and other activities. That is 5 drinks per day for nourishment and 5 drinks per day for cleansing. Have it all laid out for yourself to make it as clear and easy as possible.

Of course you are sipping on water throughout the day. The main thing about using the mechanical cleansing agents like psyllium and bentonite is that you take them with an additional glass of water. Burping up a vitamin taste is a sign that you are not drinking enough.

Herbs and vitamins that clean your kidneys are parsley, cornsilk, uva ursa, ginger, B6 and magnesium. Cleaning the liver, gall bladder and blood is accomplished using burdock, licorice root, milk thistle, turkey rhubarb, olive oil and food grade peroxy. This order is suggested: clean your colon first, then you liver and kidneys , and finally your blood.

If you feel your body has built up a dependency on antibiotics, try to get used to goldenseal and echinacea instead; and use it whenever possible instead of antibiotics. After a round of antibiotics, including natural ones like goldenseal and echinacea, be sure to replenish your friendly flora with a round of acidophilus.

More things about fasting.... Please don't try it while maintaining your regular routine of life and work! REST! Fast only when you are able to rest from all other responsibilities! If you are recuperating from an accidient or major surgery or are pregnant or nursing, it is probably not a good year for you to be focusing on cleansing. Wait until your body does not need extra protein! Never fast in order to lose weight! You absolutely will lose weight but it is not recommended to fast with weight loss as your primary goal.

If you want to cleanse but can't afford to lose any weight, put maple syrup or organic honey in your water . Eating organic steamed rice, potato and squash is also good to give you some strength. If you are trying to give up sugar, don't fast on fruit or carrot juice, use green vegetable juices instead. Fasting can make you feel a little ill sometimes. This is a healing crisis for you. Try to hang in there! Getting through it will mean a new, stronger and healthier you. If you are very weak, get help! Pay someone to shop and juice for you so you can rest.

So, when you are fasting you are washing out the body via the upper GI tract. Let's talk about washing out the other end. On to enemas and colonics! "Oh, no," you might say, "Can't I fast without that?" Not really; it is highly recommended. You are fasting with the intention of eliminating toxic buildup in the body, you really don't want to be retaining any of it.

Water therapies are not as common in the U.S. as they are in other countries. Just try rinsing out the anal sphincter with warm water instead of merely using toilet paper, after you think you have just had a good bowel movement. You will be shocked at how much remains inside your lower rectal area every time, each day.

The western medical establishment is trying to put colon therapists who do colon irrigations on the list of other criminals. If you have never had a professional colonic, you really should try it once. It feels wonderful. You learn alot about yourself too. The therapist usually has a screen through which you can see what your body is letting go of. It is very common to see large sheets of mucous or whole, unchewed food. (This would tell you, for example, that you eat too much mucous forming food and that you need to chew each mouthful many more times than you do now; 35 - 70 times per mouthful is the recommended.) A professional colonic costs about $50.00. Since you can take a colonic when fasting as often as twice a day - it pays to learn to do it yourself at home.

Back to the AMA for a minute... When asked what MD's have against enemas - do you know what it is? Enemas are habit forming! It is very unlikely that you would injure yourself. I believe they just don't want people discovering how inexpensive and easy it can be to form such a good, clean, life affirming, healthy habit.

If you are fairly well and have fasted a few days you will not believe the results from your enema, that so much waste was still inside of you. If you are very ill and have been fasting a long time, you finally release a blockage that you will know was the thing that was making you sick. Wheat grass juice implants are a way of giving yourself a shot of nutrients. Instead of drinking the juice, you insert it into your clean colon and it is absorbed directly into your bloodstream.

Figure out how to use the facilities you have to do your own enemas or colonics. The difference is the volume of water used and how high up into your colon you put the water. There are yoga type abdominal exercises and massage techniques that really help move the water in and the waste out of your body. Basically, you massage up and to the right when putting the water in, and down and to the left when the water is being expelled. You kind of have to get into knowing your body to do this. That's GOOD! Be gentle with yourself! Take your time! RELAX! Try and make it pleasant with music, incense, candles and oils. Love Yourself!

Other resources you can buy at your local health food store include any books by Doctors Norman W. Walker, Victor E. Irons or Bernard Jenson. They expand and support what I've been telling you about the cleansing diet and colon irrigations. Dr. Ann Wigmore and Gabriel Cousins are the living food lifestyle specialists. My favorite cookbook is by John Robbins, founder of EarthSave and dedicated to environmentally sound and healthy food choices for the planet. Doctors Hanna Kroeger, Hulda Clark and Robert Beck are experts in the parasite killing protocols, including herbs, colloidal silver and blood electromagnetism.

The human body is an excellent host for over 200 parasites. Many live in symbiosis. Some are quite poisonous. Dr. Clark presents a very good case that allergies, arthritis, AIDS and cancer are caused by parasites. Read her books! They make alot of sense. You may have to ask for them from the "backroom". Parasites are another really good reason to practice colon cleansing. We worm our animals; why not ourselves? Parasites love a sugar laden, toxic body, especially one full of dead mucous and sludge. Including parasite killing herbs in your cleansing fast is an excellent idea. Internal parasites are killed using clove, wormwood, black walnut, cayenne, pumpkin seeds and garlic. Aloe Vera repairs parasite damage to colon.

For years I have heard the #1 best thing you can do to boost your immune system is to dry brush your skin. You do this using a loofah or stiffer brush for 5 minutes twice a day when fasting. Your skin is actually an organ of elimination working with your lungs, kidneys, and colon. Some of the other things in my Wellness RX (the other article) are great to do when fasting, like improving your circulation with sauna, stretching or slanting. If you are really resting you will have some extra time on your hands, time you usually spend around eating. Use that time doing good things for yourself, things that make you feel good; so you won't miss eating.

One more thing.... Castor oil packs are used to soften any kind of hardness in the body and can be very helpful when cleansing. They are messy but easy to use. Simply soak a cotton diaper or towel in warm castor oil and place it over your abdomen, blockage or tumor. Leave it on as long as you can and repeat as often as 4 times a day. Tie or pin it on with a garbage bag or large towel so you can move about.

Ghandi was famous for his take on fasting. He believed at the first sign of illness one should fast on lemon water until recovered.

The cellular structure of the tube connecting our mouth with our %¤#&!§-is similar to that of our skin. What if human beings could turn themselves inside out like a sock? Wouldn't that be a sight?

Dr Jude, signing off... still full of shit... but it is new shit!

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