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30 Day Summary

I very much appreciate with all of my heart every one of you beautiful people who continued to encourage me along this challenging journey...

Date:   2/16/2006 6:47:34 PM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 4211 times

    As you know, the original 30 day juice fast journey has reached its conclusion.  I've decided to follow Julie's lead and  write up a summary of the fast, go over all the basic facets at a glance. 


I never had a problem with the juices.  I really do love these juices.  I drink them regularly even when not fasting.  I actually prefer the veggie juices over the fruit juices as I am not big on sweet tastes.  Once in a great while I'll enjoy... hmmmm... a slice of Key Lime pie. And I will admit that when I drink coffee I do load up the sugar and the non-dairy creamer, but for the most part, I steer away from sweet things and so the fruits don't appeal as much for me as they appeal for many people.  However I do enjoy the tart fruits such as Pineapple, Kiwi, Granny Smith apples, lemons/limes.  They have less sugar to the taste.  And I like that tart bite.
I drank four 16 ounce glasses of undiluted veggie juice daily, of which half of that was greens for a total of approximately 32 ounces of greens daily.  Sometimes more if I got a hankering for a juice even though I'd already had my quota.  This could be why the fast went relatively smooth for me because these greens ward off hunger, both physical and psychological.  The greens gave me energy and soothed my nerves.  The other half of the juice was carrots and apples.  I did indulge in pineapple/celery/radish whenever I wanted. Even though I gave myself a quota,  I didn't limit myself.  If I wanted or needed more juice, I drank more juice.  Whatever my body wanted.  (Except cheeseburgers of course.)  My body got.
I also drank both veggie and fruit broths during the first week or so of the fast to get me through the difficult times.  Cooking dinners while fasting, in the beginning anyway, was a challenge at times (especially when I made those cheeseburgers for my husband and his uncle), sipping the hot veggie and fruit broths were a lifesaver.  The heat convinced my belly I was not hungry.  It worked like a charm for me.  I was able to give the broths up with ease after the first week or so.

Lax Teas (and Psyllium, Collonix, etc)

I did not like these at all.  Nope nope nope... They gave me cramps and much discomfort.  It was bad enough that I couldn't have any salmon, but to add to the discomfort was a real live downward spiraling drag.  Sometimes I put a little bit of pulp into the juices (not enough to trigger digestion) to  aid in elimination.  All these things worked, but at a cost in ease and comfort which was flat out unacceptable to me.  Then through my ever wandering researches I happened upon Oxy-Power towards the end of my fast and used that.  Oxy-Power is the only laxative I have used, ever, that does the job well without the cramps and discomfort.   I no like talking about poo poo and toilet stories.  <Yick!>



There is nothing more beautiful than feeling clean all the way to the cellular level.  Putting no toxins in my body and cleaning what toxins there are out gave my body and spirit a huge lift.  I began feeling light around the first week and it just progressively continued until I began to float away.  My husband has to keep me on a string tied to a fence post, like a balloon, so I won't disappear altogether.  
Cleansing the toxins from my blood and body just prevented about 15 different cancers from forming.  Cleaning the gunk out prevented future degenerative dis-ease potential.  It added a few more years to my longevity.  Cleaning and scrubbing my system down to the cellular level crystalized my thoughts and beautified my spirit.

Craving Foods

At first, well, okay, okay almost all the way through the fast I craved cheeseburgers and honey baked salmon.  I even ruminated on why Wimpy, Popeye's buddy, begged for hamburgers when he could have begged for cheeseburgers.  But, one of the more interesting cravings was desiring a glass of Merlot around 10:00 am.  Huh?  Where did that come from?  I like wine occasionally, but never before five.  If I am going to imbibe I prefer to do so after the sun has set on the world.  Then, the closer I came to the end of the fast, the less I craved of anything and the less I wanted to eat.
Another very intriguing incident was being woke up around 3:00 am smelling food cooking.  I tossed and turned and tossed and turned and finally got up and went out into the house to see who was cooking food.  I had Russell over that night as we had been going over the GED so he could understand what was expected of him.  So I thought he'd gotten up and was cooking himself something.  But when I opened my bedroom door, I knew immediately that Russell was not cooking food.  No one was cooking food.  I was so perplexed.  And no, it didn't smell like cheeseburgers. 

Weight Loss

I lost a total of 24 pounds on the 30 day juice fast. This is the least amount of weight I've lost on a sustained fast.  But then that could be because I weighed less this time than I did on the other fasts.  My goal was a solid 30 pounds, so I was short 6 measley pounds which is nothing to moan about really.  I am not disappointed in the least that I came that short of my goal.  My husband saw to that when he said I have beautiful legs the day I could get into a mini skirt I'd not worn in five years. 

Lows akas Healing Crisises 

This fast was relatively smooth for me.  I did have my days.  I tried my best to keep a most positive outlook the entire time.  I broke out in the beginning with nasty fugly things on my chest and arm, but they disappeared within a day or so.  I had my low moments of fatigue and back ground headaches.  There were a couple few times I felt bloody hungry! And that bizarre hollow feeling, I didn't like that much either.  I just drank more juices, waters and teas and laid low and waited it out. 
I bought a lot of books before embarking on this fast so I'd have something to read when I laid down to rest.  I also made sure I had plenty of essential oils for baths (though I cut the usual amount in half) and to diffuse in the air for comfort.  Essential oils I used were lavender, chamomile, geranium, clary sage and neroli hydrosol. I used moor mud extract in my baths also, as moor mud is considered to powerfully detox by pulling the toxins out through the skin. I also made sure I had plenty of scented candles for the ambience.  Candles always soothe me and they're perfect for low moments.  Yankee candles are fantastic for their long lasting and realistic scents.  In addition, I made sure I had an abundance of diverse herbal teas.  Variety is the name of the game on a sustained juice fast.  One could get bored easily and I am speaking for myself here.  Doing all of these things really helped when the lows arrived and they helped to enhance the highs.

High Lights

I no longer have two butts!!  <holding fist up in the air>  Yes!  LOL  Being able to wear clothes I'd not worn in years.  I had such fun getting into my closets (I've taken over all the closets in the house) and pulling out clothes and asking my husband if he remembered this or that and then trying on various outfits and finding they actually fit!  One highlight that was especially delicious was when I tried on a sun dress I had bought a few years ago that was a bit small at the time (did that as an incentive to knock off a few pounds <shrug> didn't work) and found the dress was actually too big!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  That was definitely an incentive to throw a rockin' party!  But alas, I was fasting so that's going to have be another time. 
I am very limber person.  I can touch my nose to my knees with my hands flat on the floor.  Not too shabby for a <ahem> grandmother, eh?    In my youth I was the one who did the backbends, flips and such during the cheerleading.  I could walk across the room like a spider during a back bend and I could put my legs behind my head, those sort of twisted feats.  It's been a while since I could put a leg behind my head. But during a recent stretching routine I decided to see what I could do.  No flips, sorry.  Actually I didn't even try.  But I could do a back bend and pull one leg up to my ears, though not quite behind my head, but damn, close enough to suit me. 
There were days throughout the fast, but most especially towards the end, where I was so filled full of love, peace and contentment, it was almost unreal.  The quality that kept those sensational highs from seeming completely unreal was the fact that they were definitely most authentic.  My mind was far too crystal clear for me to think I was hallucinating.  And I brought those glorious feelings on myself through intention and action.  I alone was responsible for feeling so wonderful. 
I think if the world would just go on a prolonged collective juice fast, right around Day 20 there would be a massively altered energy worldwide and all of the sudden there would be no more hatred, no more pain and illness, no more wars.





  Future Fasting

I am continuing the fast after having taken two days off.  I not going to impose upon myself a deadline or time limit while continuing this phase of the fast.  I'm giving myself permission to end (or begin again) any time I choose.  I've never done this before so I'm swimming around in circles at the moment.  Good thing the water's warm.  I feel great and I want to continue that feeling.  I still have some weight to knock off and my goal is to be as small as I was when I got married and to look and feel (feeling is so important, more important than looks, because when you feel good, you look good!) vital and vibrant, by March 19.  And the original plan goes, when I do decide I am finished with juice fasting, I am going to go straight to raw foods using recipes via DeraDune, Lapis and from the two RAW lifestyle books I purchased. 

Yesterday, I ate half a ruby red grapefruit for breakfast, avocado slices for lunch and sliced tomatoes with purple dulse sprinkled on them instead of salt with occasional tastes of hummus for dinner, with the usual juices throughout the day.  Trust me, I felt stuffed like a turkey on Thanksgiving. Imagine how I would have felt if I had eaten a cheeseburger?  UGGGHHH! 
Today I drank carrot juice for breakfast and had sliced tomatoes sprinkled with organic purple dulse flakes (I love that stuff!) for lunch and dinner, with the usual juices throughout the day.  Tomorrow is the official day to return to the fast.  Bon Voyage!
My jaws ached when I chewed, from lack of use.  But that ended quickly.  I've learned on these fasts that people never forget how to chew.  It's like riding a bike.  You may crash once or twice but you'll get the hang of it.


I very much appreciate with all of my heart every one of you beautiful people who continued to encourage me along this challenging journey.  Without your imput, support, suggestions and insight I would have felt very much alone.  This is the first juice fast I have ever done with any one else.  All my other fasts I did all by myself and it was very lonely.  I had no one who understood what I was doing to share insights and frustrations, challenges, achievements and triumphs with.  Julie, But God, Leslie, Kermie, Finally Faith, Wrenn, DeraDune, The Butterfly, Hanna, Golden Avocado,  and so many others I thank you and I love you for being there, for sharing your experiences, offering your insights and your incredible support.  This has been the most FUN fast I have ever done.  Thanks to all of  you.   
~ Dazzle
Februrary 16, 2006

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