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Contained Within this Message is Background Information Previously Posted in My Journey of Light Blog

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To start off this blog right, I am going to include the messages and information I have posted in my other blog called Journey of Light regarding Bruno Groning and his teachings. Hopefully this will provide everyone with a basis for understanding what kind of healings will be included in this blog and how to create one of these healings in your own life. I will worn you this will be a long message, as I want to be sure to include everything in this one place. Here's to restoring perfect health!!

1- Bruno Groning Miracle Healer blog

A summary of his teachings concerning spiritual healing

I first heard about Bruno Gröning from a friend of mine who picked up a pamphlet about him at the New York New Life Expo which was held earlier this year. The pamphlet was an advertisement for the playing of a film about his life. As we were interested in the topic of spiritual healing, my friends and I decided to go see the film. This was a big commitment as it was five hours long. Although this was a long time to watch any movie, we wanted to learn more about this man who had been termed a modern day miracle healer.

The movie itself was done very well. It covered everything from his childhood to his death and all the important details in between. Combined with all of the biographical information were the most wonderful testimonials from those whom he had helped facilitate healing. It was so inspiring and heart warming to listen to people who were once crippled by illness and disease reborn into healing and health. You could hear the utter joy in their words and feel their loving energy even through the screen. It was simple amazing. Several of those who had been healed, created the Burno Gröning Circle of Friends to help promote his teachings. If you’re interested in learning about his life their English web site is: They have a lot of great information about him, his teachings, and testimonials from those who were healed. Apparently, he is one of the most highly documented healers.

The web site also talks in depth about his philosophy on healing. Basically, he believed in an all powerful healing energy that comes directly from God. He termed this the healing stream or heilstrom in German. This divine energy has been recognized by many cultures around the world and been given different names such as life force, vital energy, prana, chi, or divine power. In order to access this healing stream, one has only to tune into it. The tuning in process is similar to entering a meditative state. You first relax your body and then try to clear your mind of all distracting thoughts. Bring your attention into your body and connect with it there. Do not focus on any one particular part of the body, but instead focus on its entirety.

Bruno felt that the position of your body was also important. If possible, he recommended people sit up with their back as straight as possible. Your hands should rest in your lap palms up. The most important part is to make sure that neither your arms nor your legs are crossed in any way. He likened the human body to a battery. If the arms are crossed it can cause an electrical short in the upper body and if the legs are crossed it can cause a short in the lower body. If you are not able to sit up, you can lay down. Just make sure your palms are up and no limbs are crossed. And most importantly relax. Check in with your breathing once in a while and make sure that you are taking nice cleansing deep breaths. Don’t try to hold your breath or unnaturally slow it down.

I actually went to an introductory meeting held by the New York branch of the Circle of Friends. At the meeting the moderator gave everyone a very helpful tool to assist in the tuning in process. She used the acronym of DARE. I guess you can think of it as DARE to heal. The DARE stands for Detach, Allow, Receive and Experience. Broken down, the detach stands for detaching from your illness. So many times when someone is sick or in dis-ease we become focused only on the illness. We allow it to become a part of us and in some instances to define us as a person. So we must detach from this illness and recognize that we no longer choose to be sick or ill. This illness no longer serves us, so we must let it go and detach. It is unfortunate, but many people have a hard time in letting go of their illness as it has served them in some way. Be true and honest with yourself. I believe that we are all creators and have created everything in our lives. If this is so and you also believe in your power of creation, than you must ask yourself why you created this illness or disease in your life. Bring the light of truth to it and set it and yourself free.

The allow part speaks to our ability to allow God to move through us and heal our bodies. Our egos are constantly fighting to stay in control. We want to be the one to heal. We want to be the ones in charge of our lives. The art of allowing can be really difficult for some as you are literally letting go and letting God. It takes a lot of trust to hand over our illness to God, but believe me that God is more than willing to take it from you. You have only to intend for it to be so. Receive is exactly that. You must be open to receive the healing energy. Remove any blocks or doubts from your mind or body that would impede the flow of loving healing energies from God. Lastly, the experience is about sitting back and noticing exactly what is going on inside your body. Feel the healing energies enter and spread throughout your entire body. It may be felt as a tingling or a warming sensation. Healing or health is not just a state of being, but rather an experience within which the healed receives the greatest freedom and joys they have ever known. Revel in the joy and happiness you receive through this healing time.

It is very important that you remember above all else that it is not you who is the healer but God. It is God who has created this healing stream and it is God who is entering your body to bring about the highest good and the highest healing. Give thanks only unto God. This was an important teaching of Bruno Gröning. Many people would come up to him after being healed and give him thanks, but he told them over and over again give thanks to God for it is God who has healed you not me. With God all things are made possible, nothing is incurable. This was another important teaching of Bruno. You must believe that God is the greatest healer and that nothing is too difficult or too far gone. God along with each of us is a creator of infinite possibilities.

An important facet of this spiritual healing which Bruno taught was what he called the regulations. In essence the regulations are the pains of healing. He had found that some people during the healing process felt greater pain or an increase in severity of their symptoms. This is the same principle or idea behind what most of us know as the healing crisis. It is the crisis right before the healing. Bruno warned that it is up to the person to determine which is stronger the healing or the illness. This is the precise moment where the individual must choose whether to be continually shackled by their fears of illness and disease or be reborn in the freedom and joy of health and healing. As the knight says to Indiana Jones in the Search for the Holy Grail, “Choose wisely.”

This is just a brief summary of some of his teachings. For a greater in depth study you should check out the web site, do some online research or even find a good book about him. My only caution would be to remember that Bruno Gröning is an example of our own human potential and not another figure to be worshipped or prayed to. He was here to show us not what he was capable of but what we all are capable of within the realization of our own divine power. You and I are just as powerful as Bruno Gröning or any other spiritual miracle healer that has ever existed. The only thing that limits us is us. Therefore, do not give away your power to anyone or anything whether it is a religion, a saint or a prophet. We are divine creators seeking greater unity with each other and God. We are all here to re-member this simple fact.

2- Letter on Healing Blog

An Amazingly Insightful Letter and Quote From Spiritual Healer Bruno Gröning

Several months ago when I went to a free lecture on the German miracle healer Bruno Gröning everyone received a booklet called, “An Introduction to the Teachings of Bruno Gröning”. This was written by a follower of his by the name of Grete Häusler. As I was reading this booklet, I came upon a letter that Bruno had written to someone who apparently wrote to him seeking help with some illness. I just thought the letter was so powerful and profound that I decided to replicate it here. The letter reads as follows:

Dear Friend,

It is not easy for you to understand how you are able to experience healing in your body. This is why it is imperative that man should only know what is necessary in order to be totally in control of his body. In your case there is no more to it than the comparison I have already given you. Man is like a battery that gradually runs down through use so that in the end it can no longer work. Exactly the same happens to the human body, which has been ordained by God to be filled with energy so that it can accomplish all the tasks for which God lent it to man.

A person who is without energy will brush this aside by saying he is nervous. Because of this, he cannot understand things the way he should, or better said, because of his nervousness, his restlessness, he no longer shows understanding for his environment and far less for himself. This is because his body is continually being taxed and the demands made on it cause it to expend energy uninterruptedly, but never renew it. He is not even in a position to renew it because he does not know how his body is constituted and how he can obtain new energy.

Dear friend, I will be brief and will now tell you how you have always been able, and will always be able to absorb energy for your body from the great, Divine energy source.

In a nutshell, when man pays attention to his body through his will to relax and his additional will to absorb energy for it, this – quite simply – will happen. If you too pay attention to your body, you will be able to feel how it occurs. You will feel sensations such as you have never before experienced and you will say to yourself: “Strange, what I feel in my body now is unfamiliar.” I immediately reply to this by saying, “These feelings have become unfamiliar to man.” After an interval of relaxation you will notice that everything in your body now feels different. You will have a sensation of power and will say. “This is a wonderful feeling! Now that I have done the right thing I feel newborn!” Furthermore you will also notice that – because of this Divine energy which God has ordained for everybody – your body is so free of restraint that it no longer has any problems. The problems it had before were the indication that it had every reason to complain because it no longer had what was due to it.

Furthermore, dear friend, throughout your life compare yourself to a battery. And in your profession the necessary evil will be that you must always – and I mean always – pay attention to the fact that is is permanently charged so that it is, and always will be able to exploit this life force, not only for itself, but also for other people whose batteries are deficient.

The most important aspect for you to attain fresh energy is that I will maintain the connection for you, just as a telephone operator keeps the line open for a long-distance caller for as long as he holds the receiver in his hand. This means that as long as you hear what is good and positive, you will be able to maintain contact to God. You will experience the truth in your own body and consequently will no longer be a person without energy, but will be strengthened through God’s power so that you will have a positive attitude for the rest of your life.

If I have the time to comply with your request to come and see you personally, I will do so. But it is important that initially you fulfill the prerequisites I have mentioned, so that I can establish your goodwill to do for your body that which only you, but everybody has to do.

I enclose a photograph with the heartfelt wish that you are successful. Do not demand; you have to earn it. Divine energy helps and heals.

First of all you must show trust and belief in what you need for yourself, your body and your life.

Yours Bruno Gröning

Here is another quote from the booklet which I think is also very powerful when it comes to healing. The quote is as follows:

“Put what is evil (illness) which has crept into your body behind you mentally and pay no more attention to it! Focus your entire attention on your healing! Now ask for the healing stream and concentrate on what you feel in your body! One person may feel warm, another, cold. The next person may feel a tingling in his hands and feet, or he may feel pain. This is the healing stream and what you feel now has no longer anything to do with illness; now every sensation is a step towards recovery. Your body is beginning to re-adjust itself.”

The letter and the quote from Bruno really speak to the possibility of healing oneself spiritually. Many of us believe that there is a Divine energy as Bruno termed it that permeates through all living things. This is an energy that is always present. That is never in question just as God is always a giving God. It is a matter of us acknowledging and accepting this fact. Many times we must clear away all of the negative limiting thoughts that prevent us from seeing this truth. Once we are open to it then we can receive. His philosophy really is one that combines the notions of body, mind & spirit health. The body must be re-energized through the intention of the mind and the connection of the spirit to the Divine. I guess that is a formula of sorts for the restoration of our God given right to be perfectly healthy.

If you would like more information on Bruno Gröning and his teachings, check out my other message on him located here:

You can also visit the organization dedicated to the dissemination of his teachings called the Circle of friends here:

One of the amazing things about this particular miracle healer is that his healings have been extensively recorded and investigated. You may be interested in reading some of these. It helps to show that spiritual healing is possible and available to all who seek it. Actually, I will include one here real quick that appeared in the booklet.

Healing after decades of chronic gastric ulcers /Ferdinand Duwe (51) /March 1998

From the age of 16 I suffered almost continuously from stomach pains; they were worse in autumn and spring. The medical diagnosis was a chronic gastric- and duodenal ulcer. The affliction was clearly a family one. My youngest brother and all my uncles have the same problem; my father and another brother suffered perforated ulcers for the same reason; one of my uncles had two thirds of his stomach removed; another one succumbed to this condition. I took pain killers and stomach tablets and dragged myself from one day to the next. I frequently woke up at night plagued by intense pain. During my first hospital stay at the age of 20 I had to undergo rolling therapy (a treatment in which the patient, after drinking an astringent, rotates his position to coat the stomach lining) which brought no improvement. Some days I took up to 50 tablets of an aluminum hydroxide gel (Compensan) at once, just to obtain some relief. After several stays in hospital, and because the tablets brought no permanent cure, the recommendation was to remove most of my stomach. I made on more attempt to solve my problem without an operation, but it was to no avail.

After my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in October 1988, I felt a strong tingling. It was as if I had stood under a shower and the water washed my pain away. From this moment I had no further pain. An x-ray showed that the ulcers were gone. They had not recurred. After 25 years of intense pain I have been completely pain-free since October 1988.

What a great example this is of the absolute power of spiritual healing. I really think it is important to hear stories such as this to help everyone overcome our disbelief in spiritual healing.

With this blog message, my prayer and intention is for everyone to have an equally amazing spiritual healing that frees them from their illness and allows them to enjoy all the happiness that awaits them.

3- Energy Healing Experiences Blog

I Recently Had Two Energy Healing Experiences that Were Amazing and by Sharing these Experiences I Hope Others Will Have Greater Belief in their Ability to Heal Through God

If you have read any of my blog messages regarding the teachings and practices of Bruno Groning, you know that I am a firm believer in spiritual healing or healing through God/God energy. I have begun to practice his method of tuning into this healing energy at least once a day whether I am feeling good or not. Every time I have tuned in I have found it to be a wonderful experience. There are times when I can actually feel or sense the energy running through me and other times when I just feel really relaxed and calm. I find that I don't get as great a benefit when I am distracted. It does take some time to bring your focus into your body and keep it there, but this is similar to meditation practice as well when you try to still the mind’s chatter.

Anyway, several weeks ago I had two experiences with this healing energy that really amazed me. The first was a problem I had with my left shoulder. I had worked out the day before and strained my shoulder at one point when I was doing the bench press. Right afterwards there was no immediate pain, but by the next day I knew I had done something. It ached throughout the day while I was at work and got slightly worse by the time I got home. Trying to ease it a bit, I tried several times to stretch it out. Again, it felt good at first but then it really went down hill. By the end of the night and into the next morning it felt as if someone was jabbing me with an ice pick. I even had a hard time putting my shirt on and taking it off as the pain would get worse. I tried putting ice on it and I remember taking aspirin at least once, but I knew there had to be more I could do. So I decided to spend a good amount of time that day tuning in. Lucky for me the next day happened to be my day off. Although the injury was to my shoulder, I didn’t concentrate on it. As Bruno recommended, I put my foucs and attention on my entire body and not just on the injured part. I did three sessions that were an hour a session, so three hours in total that day.

I went to sleep that night with the shoulder feeling improved. When I woke up the next day, I noticed strangely that I could put my shirt on with no problem. I could raise my shoulder and the ice pick pain was almost completely gone. The rest of the day I just went about my business not really paying any attention to the shoulder. It wasn’t until later on that night that my mom asked me how my shoulder was and I said, it’s actually pretty good. She was surprised as she saw the grimace that came upon my face when I had been in pain and this seemed to be too quick for my shoulder to be feeling that good. She asked what I had done and with a smirk on my face I admitted that I really didn’t do anything. I then went on to explain that the only thing I was to tune in. Now that isn’t to say that my putting ice on my shoulder didn’t help, but ice alone could not have improved my shoulder that much that quickly. The real test for my shoulder came on Monday only two or three days later when I went back to my weekly workout. I did the bench press again, albeit not as heavy as before, and had absolutely no pain and no problems. That really synched it for me.

The other healing expereince happened about a week or so later. I was weightlifting again (I know, I know it is time for me to be more careful weightlifting) and I bent down to pick up one of the barbells. Well I guess I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing which is never a good thing when your picking up a heavy object, and I lifted the wrong way. Instantly I felt a sharp pain in my right lower back. I have had back strains before from either lifting or moving the wrong way which leave me in a lot of pain with restricted mobility. When this happens, I usually go through the same process of icing my back and taking aspirin. Within a week or sometimes more my back usually feels better. So at least in that regard I know what to expect. Well this time, I decided not to use the same old routine. Instead, I went and sat down and tuned in for about an hour. Later on that night, I tuned in for another hour or hour and a half. Again, much to my great satisfaction, I woke up the next morning and my back felt great. I had no pain and my mobility was back to normal.

I decided to share these two experiences and I strongly encourage others to share any experiences they may have with tuning in or spiritual healing, so that we can start to show people what is possible. Throughout so much of our lives we are told and reminded of what is not possible. We are told that can’t be done, that’s just not possible or that can never happen and it is important now at this time as we begin to raise our consciousnesses to negate those messages by showing what is possible. And the best way to show what is possible is by sharing our experiences with healing. I know for myself, I am more inclined to believe what someone is telling me if they have the experience in conjunction with the philosophy, knowledge or book learning. Someone could read a hundred pamphlets about Bruno Groning and know his teachings left and right, but they really can’t understand or comprehend the full extent of it until they have experienced it for themselves. For me it is my experiences that become my greatest lessons and teachers in life.

Now that I have shared two of my experiences with tuning into God energy, I challenge everyone else who reads this to give it a try. Check out my previous blog messages and try it out for yourself. If you wind up having one of these wonderful healings like I have had, e-mail me so I can put together a collection. It can be for some injury or ailment that is much more minor than the ones I described above or it could be for an illness, disease or injury that is much more serious. Doesn’t matter. With God anything is possible. Nothing is incurable and nothing is impossible unless you believe it to be. This could really turn into a useful tool in raising a part of our collective consciousness that pertains to healing and health. As I receive e-mails, I will post them (with the e-mailer’s permission of course) in a new blog which will be dedicated to spiritual healing success stories. So if you are serious about healing and serious about God help me with this new project. Together we can do it.

Thank you and I thank God for allowing all of us to be open to receiving God’s healing energy and love.

So this is everything I have so far on the topic and if you read all of that and are now reading this, you must be serious about God and healing and for that I am very thankful. As I said in this last blog message, the only way this blog will work is if people are out there willing to give it a try and share their expereinces.

I thank you and I am sure God thanks you!!


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