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New Agers...the way I see them...

Do New Agers walk their talk? Here's how I see it!

Date:   12/14/2005 7:40:34 PM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 3065 times

New agers…..the way I see them…..

I have worked very hard this year to shed the many belief systems that I have held. One of most difficult and ingrained has been my Catholic Christian background. I have truly come to the conclusion and knowing that religion = slavery. ALL religion!

This past year, I have also had some new insights as to the problems with the new age movement. Seems that it is just another religion of sorts, packed with dogma just like all the others.

Funny thing is….many would refer to me as a new ager, probably because I am an energy bodyworker and massage therapist. Some of my “beliefs”, crystal work, meditations, classes I attend, etc. probably match new age thought better than any organized religion. HOWEVER……hear me when I say I do not wish to fit into that category/box.

Here are some of the reasons why…. based on my observations at the many workshops that I attend…..

1) I often observe a kind of very fearful person, quoting new age lingo…..They are saying all the right words….they parrot all the positive stuff they have read in hundreds of books, taken dozens of workshops, listen to their guru’s latest set of CD’s, and search high and low for the next “magic” step that will bring them enlightenment. In spite of this, I observe a fear energy in many of these people. I observe an urgency….like “well if I just could do those mudras correctly, or commit to that yoga routine, or go to that seminar, etc. etc. If they accessed all their knowledge within, instead of grasping at the newest and latest guru/workshop/book, seeking the knowledge outside of them, there would be no fear!! They would embody the Truth, rather than attaching to some one else’s version of it.

2) I also observe escapism from their lives. They are searching for a way to get away from their problems.

3) Lots of new age channelings keep people in lalaland…..making them passive, as they wait to ascend and transcend all that they fear….. Some ascended master will do it for them, and they can just wait it out, chanting om while humanity is in big trouble.

4) The new age movement could most certainly be a shrewd tool for the globalists. The powers-that-be must be thrilled to see the “love and lighters” bury their heads in the sand, not wanting to look at the state of the planet. Brilliant way to numb down the masses……

5) And my latest pet peeve……one can chant or meditate until the cows come home, but if one does not then take action in some kind of service for the world, I don’t see it as authentic spirituality. Now I’m not putting down chanting or meditation, I love and practice both. But I do them for my own healing, my own clearing.

There was a time when I thought that just working on myself was enough. That by raising my frequencies would help others entrain, and that was enough to make a difference globally. Now I see beyond that….that love is action, it is radical, extreme and fierce. It is passionate, abandoned service…revolutionary…. Love is walking one's talk.

Peter Moore has said….“It has been only within the last years that I got so sick of the narcissism of the New Age—the self absorption, the lack of meaningful social or political or environmental concern. I also got deeply disillusioned—not with Hindu or Buddhist philosophy, but with the actual practice—both among the so-called practitioners and with the whole master/disciple system. It is all to do with power. It wasn’t till I came back to the Christ path that I found a path both profoundly mystical and unerringly activist. It is totally concentrated on the transformation of this “real world” which is what we need.”

“The New Age does not deal in really transformative paths. To be a successful New Age guru, what you do first of all is sell “mysticism lite”—that’s L-I-T-E. Without suffering, without the need for ego to go through a death. All you have to do to be a successful New Age guru is to give people a vague sense that, just as they are, they are divine and wonderful and glorious. They don’t need to do anything. That is a total travesty of the authentic spiritual path. It trivializes it. It’s craziness to imagine that the highest spiritual achievements will immediately be accessible to you just because you want them to be. Such achievements require, as they have always required, the authentically mystical systems, that is, an immense amount of passionate, rigorous, sustained, and at times very painful work.”

More from P.M. on the dark night….“The dark night is simply about realizing where we are. Your heart must open—your real heart, the sacred heart with its vast power of identification with all beings. When that experience becomes real to you, then the forests are being butchered inside you, the whales are dying inside you, the poor are starving inside you, the old women are being brutalized on the streets by soldiers inside you, the dogs are being vivisected alive inside you, nature is being tortured to death inside you. The entire horror of what we are doing in the name of power becomes horribly vibrant inside you. And there is a tremendous exposure to agony. Simultaneously of course, there is a tremendous exposure to the glory of what could be possible if love were made real. The glory of the Divine trying to be born in institutions, in art, in the love between human beings, in the potential of cooperation between races, in the potential for a transformed technology. You see both at the same time and both are deranging.”

To all those newagers suffering from ostrichitis, my suggestion would be to shed those dogmatic clothes of many colours and do your work. It's YOUR path!!

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