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by luckman

A Transformational Exercise in Unconditional Love

Any healing or therapeutic modality designed to increase our capacity to live consciously in a state of pure unconditional love anchored through the Heart of Compassion merits our sincerest attention.

Date:   2/3/2006 10:01:06 AM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 4088 times

by Roshoniel

"Consciousness is energy. All matter is energy. Energy is consciousness."

DNA activation in its true form stimulates an integrated flow or exchange of millions of genetic energetic, or "ener-genetic," signatures that form the unique identity that is the individual's consciousness. These individualized "energy signatures" can be found in "partiki phasing," defined as the creational breath of Source that gives rise to space-time and the experience of "reality." These generative in- and out-breaths, or "fission" and "fusion," of the Creator manifest in polarization of anti-particle and particle units of consciousness.

As DNA activates, matter units "flash on" during fission into bi-polar particle and anti-particle manifestations constructed from scalar waves (white radiation), then "flash off" through fusion into omni-polar anti-matter sound vibration, continuously cycling higher-dimensional energy between manifest and non-manifest states, being and nonbeing. The perception of space and time, including their interrelationship, is created through variance in rates of partiki phasing.

During true DNA activation the inherent bond between the strands of DNA and consciousness is strengthened, facilitating our personal relationship to ourselves, to each other, to our community, and to our reality. As we genetically activate, we "reunite" what scientists have termed "junk" DNA: chromosomal segments that are not genes and that do not "code" whose purpose mainstream science has failed to understand. As much as 98% of DNA, according to biophysicist and father of "wave-genetics" Peter Gariaev, falls into this category. "Junk" in this case is highly misleading, as such potential DNA (an alternative term proposed by Sol Luckman, developer of the Regenetics Method of DNA activation) appears to have other important functions, such as regulating genes during development.

Currently, there are many theories as to why this 98% of our DNA is untapped. Most involve the notion that this part of DNA holds some sort of transformational potential. Such transformation can impact both the individual and society. As we move closer to the year 2012, which has been marked by many indigenous cultures worldwide as a time when humanity will opt for cooperation and sharing, as opposed to self-interest, the necessity of exploring the malleable nature of what we have considered the immutable "real" becomes a natural evolution in our spiritual development.

In the activation of DNA's higher potentials, we experience a greater expansion not only of consciousness but of how we define reality. We come to understand, quite simply, that we make real what we think is real. Or as Luckman phrases it in CONSCIOUS HEALING, one of few scientifically grounded studies in existence on the emerging field of DNA activation: "consciousness creates." Once we are stimulated, or stimulate ourselves, to understand this basic truth at a fundamental level--that of DNA--we become empowered to change our experience of reality, which in a quantum universe boils down to projected holograms of intentional patterns.

It has been said by many in many ways that "love is all there is." This is absolutely true. As our DNA becomes reunited or "rebundled," to use Barbara Marciniak's term, our capacity to both give and receive unconditional love (including unconditional love of self) exponentially increases. This flings wide open the doorway to the realization of our dreams and desires of creating a world based on unity, cooperation, and compassion.

As we literally "be-come" a Being of Unconditional Love, our vibrational frequency increases dramatically, further activating the transformational potential of our DNA. Potential DNA holds the encodments of many latent abilities that we have forgotten and sealed in the corners of our subconscious pockets (a process that has been termed "subconscious folding") until the moment we are consciously ready to activate them again.

These abilities include not just clairaudience, clairsentience and similar "paranormal" abilities, but also, and more importantly, the power to realize the Avatar Archetype, the Ascended Master Archetype, and the Solar Rishi Gateway. These very real--and in many cases, factually documented--possibilities are all carried in the matrix of our latent DNA code.

Most importantly of all, true DNA activation facilitates our ability to share the greatest of gifts with the world: pure unconditional love from the Heart of the Creator, undiluted with human thought, emotions, or expectations. This kind of frequency inevitably metamorphoses not only us but the entire world into a state of harmony that is, ironically, at the very core of who and what we are and have always been. Through DNA activation we start to remember that we are Masters of our Experience and that we have the ability, capacity and tools to create and fashion into reality our fondest dreams and desires.

In recent studies by the Gariaev group in Russia, it was scientifically demonstrated that sound and light (radio and light waves) have the ability to activate DNA, noninvasively and even remotely. According to Luckman, one extraordinary implication of their research is that to activate DNA, one can simply "use our species' supreme expression of consciousness: words. Dr. Gariaev's team proved that chromosomes damaged by X-rays, for instance, can be repaired by simply applying vibration and language, or sound combined with intention, or words, to DNA."

Luckman's own pioneering work in the Regenetics Method of DNA activation identifies a frequency rift in the human bioenergy fields that, until "sealed," limits our ability to transform into our higher archetypes. This rift, called the "Fragmentary Body" and defined as the duality or separation principle imprinted in human electromagnetics, results from the dividing of consciousness from the Creator during the process of humanity's individuation, creating the illusion of separation. Significantly, since DNA directly regulates the body's electromagnetics, it is through DNA activation that the Fragmentary Body can be sealed and ultimately healed.

Only when this existential fragmentation is bridged can a deeper sense of true wholeness within the unified field--the place of miracles, permanent healing, true love and peace that surpasseth understanding--emerge. Through sound vibration and intention (light), we can establish the precondition for ongoing and dynamic changes on all levels, a process of bio-spiritual unfoldment empowered by and mediated through DNA.

Compassion towards self and others is the cornerstone of unconditional love and the essential ingredient of genuine DNA activation. Any healing or therapeutic modality designed to increase our capacity to live consciously in a state of pure unconditional love anchored through the Heart of Compassion merits our sincerest attention.

Copyright (c) 2006 by Roshoniel. All Rights Reserved.

[Roshoniel is a Master Architect of Consciousness Design. To discover more, visit . To preview Sol Luckman's CONSCIOUS HEALING: BOOK ONE ON THE REGENETICS METHOD, visit . ]

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