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Powerful New Information on DNA Activation

Revolutionary new research in "wave-genetics" reveals DNA can be activated by sound and light waves keyed to language frequencies. Studies in cell biology further demonstrate that the genetic code can be consciously stimulated to heal not only the mind and spirit but the body as well.

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I'll return to blogging next week. I just received this fantastic email from the Phoenix Center and got permission to pass it along. It says a lot about the emerging field of DNA activation in relatively few words. Enjoy!


This is an exciting time to be alive as humans learn just how completely we create our own reality. Central to this evolution of consciousness is a growing appreciation of the many ways we create ourselves. Literally. DNA is the alphabet we use to compose our existence.

Revolutionary new research in "wave-genetics" reveals DNA can be activated by sound and light waves keyed to language frequencies. Studies in cell biology further demonstrate that the genetic code can be consciously stimulated to heal not only the mind and spirit but the body as well.

Benefits of DNA activation can range from allergy relief and increased energy to better relationships and even renewed life purpose. Since DNA regulates all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, the possibilities are endless!


Everything is energy. Einstein established this with his famous theorem E=MC2, which proved the interchangeability of matter and energy. Concerning matter, Einstein once remarked, "we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter." Energy (including so-called matter) is simply consciousness, and vice versa.

The notion that everything is energy or consciousness directly applies to human biology. The outmoded view of the body as a machine that may use energy but is somehow distinguishable from it is fast giving way to undeniable scientific evidence that we, too, are conscious energy.

That humans possess a detectable bioenergy field, sometimes called the aura, is indisputable. Nearly a hundred different cultures refer to the aura with as many names. The aura appears as a halo around Christian saints in sacred texts; Kirlian photography has captured the aura for decades; and recently, Dr. Valerie Hunt, UCLA professor and author of Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness, has even measured the aura with an EEG machine.

Early in the 20th Century, it was theorized that the aura is composed of electromagnetic bands, called auric fields, and that each of these governs distinct aspects of human anatomy, psychology and spirituality. Far more than esoteric curiosities, the electromagnetic fields are the single most important index of our health and wellbeing. Happily, when damaged by trauma or toxicity, this bioenergy blueprint can be "reset" to proper functioning through DNA activation.


A major paradigm shift is occurring in genetic science following research that proves DNA directs cellular metabolism and replication not just biochemically but electromagnetically through a mechanism that translates sound into light, and vice versa. Phonons and photons establish a sophisticated communication network throughout the human organism that extends into the bioenergy fields and back to the cellular and subcellular levels.






From Conscious Healing: The Ener-genetic Composition Process. The above diagram illustrates how body building is both genetic, involving RNA transcription of genetic codes contained in DNA to create cells, and energetic, dependent on the interface between the electromagnetic fields and "junk" or potential DNA for regulation of cellular composition. This diagram also shows how potential DNA can be directly prompted by consciousness, internal (personal) and external (universal), to modify cellular replication.




The power of sound and light to activate DNA has been documented by the Gariaev group, a Russian team of geneticists and linguists. One revolutionary implication of their research is that to activate DNA, one can simply use our species' supreme expression of consciousness: words. Dr. Gariaev's team proved that chromosomes damaged by X-rays, for instance, can be repaired by simply applying vibration and language, or sound combined with intention, or words, to DNA.

This approach has been called wave-genetics and represents the exciting confluence of energy medicine and molecular biology where the impossible of yesterday becomes the probable of tomorrow. The far-reaching implication of the Russian research is that DNA can be activated through conscious linguistic expression (like an antenna) to modify the human bioenergy fields, which in turn (like orbiting communication satellites) can transmit sound and light waves to modify the physical structure and functioning of the body.


This pioneering genetics research reveals an astonishing wealth of potential: to reset bioenergetic systems damaged by trauma and toxicity, to stimulate bioenergy and creativity, even to "switch on" untapped parts of the human brain. Thanks to a holistic technique for DNA activation we at the Phoenix Center call the Regenetics Method, an affordable, effective means is now available to "potentiate" one's entire being.

The first DNA activation in the Regenetics Method, Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning transmits particular combinations of language-based sounds (phonons) embodying healing intentions (photons) to the client's DNA in a manner similar to the Russian research studies, initiating a domino effect of electromagnetic repatterning designed to reset the body's bioenergy blueprint.

This is accomplished noninvasively, without altering the individual's basic DNA, by simply stimulating a genetic self-repair potential that already exists. The session, a one-time event, takes 30 minutes. The resultant shifts naturally surface in the weeks and months following this DNA activation as the electromagnetic fields recalibrate. For some those shifts are felt dramatically, for others they flow into a subtle upswing. The entire process takes just over nine months (42 weeks) to complete: interestingly, a human gestation cycle.

Part of an emerging field that phenomenally expands the scope and effectiveness of energy medicine, the Regenetics Method, and modalities based on similar principals, is transforming healing, proving inside the human body Einstein's universal principal that energy is real.


Those with evolved consciousness such as spiritual teachers have always insisted the body-mind-spirit can be healed by words that may come in the form of prayers, mantras or affirmations. The sound of the words must be harmonically attuned to the organism and the intention behind them impeccable. This is why although DNA activation has become trendy, results can vary enormously--ranging from none to life-changing.

The more advanced the facilitator's consciousness, the less need there is for machines. Many shamanic healers believe that the digital recording is like a clone--lacking spirit--which calls into question the effectiveness of DNA activation CDs. This touches on a discussion of the Path of Technology vs. the Path of Nature, but the bottom line is: there is no substitute for live human consciousness and voice.

In addition, no other DNA activation modality is specifically designed to seal and heal the problematic bioenergy disruption known as the Fragmentary Body. With many parallels to Eckhart Tolle's concept of the "pain body" that keeps people from accessing the "Power of Now," the Fragmentary Body is like a scratch in a record that maintains one's consciousness in a limited matrix of thought and belief banished from knowledge or gnosis of unity with the Ground of Being. The Fragmentary Body is a dualistic principle that engenders disconnection from Source and, ultimately, death.

From Conscious Healing: Sealing the Fragmentary Body. The left image shows a typical human bioenergy blueprint with nine electromagnetic fields/chakras and a Fragmentary Body, envisioned as an energetic disruption in the second field/chakra from the bottom. The right image shows a "potentiated" bioenergy blueprint with an "infinity circuit" of eight fields/chakras. Note how sealing the Fragmentary Body replaces fragmentation and duality with harmony and sacred geometry, allowing for the free flow of bioenergy throughout the body.

Finally, paired with a vowel-only phonetic code keyed to human DNA, the Regenetics Method employs the recently rediscovered Solfeggio scale. The Solfeggio is an ancient six-note scale many scholars believe to be the creational scale. This scale is so transformational it was hidden by the Roman church for centuries. One of the Solfeggio notes, known as "Mi," is a frequency that has been employed by cell biologists to repair genetic defects. This is also the principle note used in Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning.


"I have completed my nine months for the Potentiation process and boy am I happy. I now have a life where before I had only restrictions. I can drive my car without wearing a mask. I can shovel shavings for my horse's stall without feeling dizzy and sick. I can stay on the computer 6 to 8 hours a day instead of less than one hour. I have a great boyfriend. I am well enough to work and earn a good living--something I've waited 15 years for. The person I was before Potentiation was so physically damaged by heavy metal and other toxicity it was just a matter of time before a nasty reaction would have sent me out with heart failure. It's difficult to describe in words, but I feel new and renewed, as if the best part of me expanded and everything else, including my brain fog, just disappeared. My heartfelt thanks." DM, Orcas Island, Washington

"I am so grateful for Potentiation. It has really helped me turn the corner on emotional reactivity in important relationships. In the midst of conflict I am able to both understand the other person and have on-the-spot clarity about my feelings and the needs of the situation, and communicate it, with respect for myself and the other person. It has transformed conflict around here, with lovely effects that have radiated into my extended family, my daughter, my son and my mother." JS, Colorado Springs, Colorado


Visit the Phoenix Center for Regenetics at


Text Copyright (c) 2005 by Sol Luckman. Images copyright (c) 2005 by Sol Luckman & Kara Brown. All Rights Reserved.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this e-brochure is intended for personal edification. The author is an educator and ordained minister, not a medical doctor, and does not pretend to diagnose or treat illness of any kind. The same applies to all other individuals involved in developing, promoting and facilitating the Regenetics Method, which subsumes Potentiation, Articulation and Elucidation. Regenetics Method information and sessions are offered, and accepted, as constitutionally protected exercises of freedom of speech and religion. No claims, promises or guarantees are made relative to specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for your own medical treatment and care.

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