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Working with a medical intuitive / energy healer on tinnitus

my experience with energy healing for tinnitus

Date:   8/27/2005 10:21:32 AM   ( 17 y ) ... viewed 5365 times


I have tinnitus (noise in the head). I remember a doctor once asked me if I heard voices - and I really had to laugh... no, no voices, only (unwanted) noises. There's a noise on the left, a noise on the right (came on after dental work), and one in the back. Anyone who has tinnitus knows how annoying it is... there have been times that the noise was so loud, I'd just stand there and shake. I work with Nancy on many things, every week. We work on tinnitus alittle bit during every session. I've decided to keep an ongoing log of my experiences using energy healing to turn this around. I didn't start this journal right away, so the first 6 weeks of sessions are lumped together.

Nancy started working on it with me last month. It took 6 sessions before I noticed a change. And, I have to say, I was getting pretty frustrated - I felt like I'd be working on this, working some more, and never get anywhere. But I stuck to it, and that is definitely the right thing to do. The first time she tuned in to it, she said, "this is going to be a big issue for you." And I thought, Oh no..

July & August 2005
The first session she worked on it, she said, "I see little boxes in your ear, rows and rows of them. They are, of course, related to your mother. (my mother has made it into many of our sessions). Each time she yelled at you, each time you heard harsh words, these boxes were building up. Lets just get rid of them." Well it took her a few sessions to knock the rows of boxes, I think 2 sessions. After the boxes were gone, she worked on the noise supply to the ear. And that hurt... when she worked on the nerve supply to the ears, my ears really hurt, for a few days. The pressure in them was intense. This went on for a few sessions. I knew we were working in the right place, and even though there was no decrease in the noise level, we should keep working on it.

The next session she said, "there's little gravelly things all on the inside of your ears, lets remove them..." Finally, the 6th week or so, she said, "aha! At last, we make it to the matrix of the ears." And, she began to repair the matrix of the ears. The matrix, as Nancy describes it, is 'the web of life.' I think of it as 'that which the physical is made of.' She sees it as a spider web like thing, (more dense). She repaired the matrix on both ears. Noise down 30%! The noise has changed, even at its loudest now, its not nearly as loud and annoying. Each specific noise is still there, that hasn't changed.

We started working on specific noises, starting with the one on the left side of the head. That noise started when Laurel, a lady I used to see for cranio sacral work, went into the mouth to do a cranio sacral move for TMJ. She took 2 fingers and pressed up on the molars on the upper left side of the mouth. By the end of that day this noise had started, sounds like faint modem tones.

As she tunes in to the noise, she says, "there are nerves compressed together, and that's causing the noise." Well, the computer term for this is crosstalk. She says, "you know how when you cook spaghetti the noodles stick together? Well that's what the nerves of these teeth look like." An ancient energy, purple, is coming into the teeth to begin to separate them out. That takes a few minutes. Now deep rosy pink is going between the 2 nerves now and is separating things. Now, she goes to the matrix of the 2 teeth. She says the matrix of the teeth looks weak, and she repairs it.... later that day that noise goes lower. It's stayed lower since that session (a few days ago!) Ongoing, we'll continue to work on it.

9/9 Well the noise has stayed consistently lower, and I've been so happy about this.... every time the noise goes to an 'on' postition I just notice how much lower it is than before, and am so thankful. Nancy & I haven't worked on the tinnitus since last time I wrote. We've had shorter sessions and haven't had the time... will work on it hopefully next week. In the meantime I'm just enjoying this.

10/22 Well its been a good month and a half, the tinnitus has gotten alittle lower, and all i have felt is how happy i am when the noises are 'on' and still at not loud. but... i was watching a thing on TV about the movie 'derailed.' I knew the name was bothering me, and that i couldn't watch it. but i did for a moment, and shortly after, the noise level went up.

The next day, 10/23 Nancy tracked what happened, and she said, 'there is this room which got obliterated.' so she fixed the room up - made it very comfy and then went deeper. and what was below that room was being 'derailed by my mother.' she cleared some of the pattern, and also worked on the connection of this pattern to my ears, and the noise went back down. later i did EFT on 'even though i was derailed by my mother' and 'even though i was destablized by my mother.' The noise went down to where it had been previously (reduced from originally).

11/3 The same thing happened again... I was doing eft on a like topic, and the ringing got louder. Then I had a session with Michele and it was about disconnecting from my family. the next day, today, i had a session with nancy and i asked about the tinnitus. i expected her to say it was something like previously, but this wasn't it at all. she saw the damage to the ear. she kept going back between physical damage, and the emotional damage. at first when she tuned in she said, it looks like a flattened firehose all curled up." and she kept hearing the word "cochleo" - which of course was cochlea. so i thought that wa s pretty good, that she got the word and the shape of the cochlea. the fire hose stuff was the metaphysical picture of the damage, and she also saw metaphorically my mother taking a dive out of my ears. she kept going back during the session from the emotional front to the physical front, which both released simultaneously. on the physical front my ears started to feel really warm, and kinda painful, and stayed that way for a time after the session ended. tonight the ringing is reduced, i think even farther than previously. i'll see tomorrow.

i see on the tinnitus forum here on curezone that someone went to see dr wilder in germany for infra-red laser ear treatments, and that it helped her tinnitus quite alot. that is so encouraging. i have thought about going to see him at some point (with trepidation.)

11/5 well my last session with Nancy brought the tinnitus lower than it has been, ever. but... this morning i was thinking about the futility of my bowel problem (severe constipation lately) and within 1 second - the noise went up. so i wondered what's up - i've had thoughts about futility for the last 3 years, and the noise level never changed. now, all of a sudden in the last 2 weeks or so, the noise level is going up in response to emotional thoughts. what's happening is the connections into the ears - whatever makes them ring - is ready to lift. i've found so often in this healing work, that this is the pattern - these old things lift- something sparks them, like someone tripping over a wire. and once the wire is tripped, whatever is ready to be healed is visible, and it can be worked with in healing sessions. if it didn't get tripped - it wouldn't be ready to get lifted out. so even though i wish the noise wasn't getting louder like this, (and in fact i'm hesitating now even to do EFT) i'm glad this ear stuff, or ear patterns are 'ready to go', ready to be released.

one other thing i noticed after my last session with nancy is that my throat was really sore.... and since i've been working on my thyroid, i have a feeling that other body systems are getting worked on in these sessions even though we're not concentrating on it.


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