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Last Night’s Dream

The Dream I had Last Night and My Interpretation of that Dream

Date:   8/25/2005 12:09:09 AM   ( 12 y ) ... viewed 2613 times

Last night I had an interesting dream that had two distinct parts. The first part of the dream took place outside of my parent’s home. I was running around the block just as I did when I was a child. We used to play all sorts of fun games like tag or another type of game like tag called manhunt. I have no idea where that name came from, but that’s what we called it. Anyway, I was running around the neighborhood as if we were playing one of these games. I was running through backyards, darting across the street and jumping over fences. I was actually having a pretty good time. I then jumped over this one particular fence and quickly learned that waiting for me on the other side was this brown and white duck. As soon as I landed, this duck started flipping out. It started quaking at me like there was no tomorrow. I started to back away from it and it started to chase me. I was trying to run in every possible direction, but this duck would just not go away. It seemed to get nastier and nastier as time went on. Finally I ran up to my parent’s house and went inside. As I was trying to close the door, this duck kept pushing its head through. I don’t know where this thing got its strength. It must have been a bionic duck or something. Finally, I got the door shut and listened for any noises outside.

I eventually heard a neighborhood girl on the porch talking with the duck. I peered out and she had picked up the duck and was taking care of it. I decided to venture outside and started talking to the girl. She was very angry with me. She even started yelling at me. She wanted to know why it was that I wasn’t taking care of this duck. She wanted to know why I was leaving it for her to do. I looked at her and in a somewhat angry tone I told her that I did not want anything to do with this duck. That she could do with it whatever she wanted. I wanted no part of it. After yelling back and forth at each other, she finally ran away and went back to her own house. Apparently, she was going to tell her parents that I had been mean to her. I really didn’t think I was being that mean. All I knew is that I did not want anything to do with that crazy duck.

The dream then switched a bit and now I was sitting in the back of a truck again in front of my parent’s house. There was a large box that I was trying to get out of the truck, but I was having a very difficult time with it. I would get the box situated, but then it would fall over into the street and block the road. So I was constantly running back to it trying to fix it so that it would not cause a problem. As I am trying to get this box situated, I am also trying to put in these new contact lenses. Again, I was having a lot of trouble trying to get the lenses into my eyes. Now they weren’t just your ordinary type of lenses. It seemed as if they were made of a hard plastic. They actually had a picture of an eye on them as well. I have to admit that they were a bit freaky looking. I tried several times to get them in but they just would not budge. They weren’t soft and pliable like most contact lenses. So I was really getting frustrated between getting the contact lenses in and making sure that this box wasn’t getting in the way. After going through this for a while, I finally woke up.

Both parts of this dream were very vivid and left strong impressions on me. The first one was intriguing as I had no idea what this duck was supposed to symbolize. I really could not think of anything in my own mind that I associate a duck with. So I decided to look online to see what the duck may be a symbol of in dreams. A couple of the sites I went on either didn’t have the duck or the meaning really didn’t resonate within me. I then found a web site that gave the meaning for different animal totems. The duck happened to be one of them. Here is what it said:

“If the duck is your totem animal, be advised that just as the physical representation of its energy swims upon the water of lakes and ponds, so does the spirit representation of its energy swim and dive into the pool of creative energy hidden in your subconscious. The duck will also, assist you in building emotional stability and will enable you to face daily challenges with a stronger emotional balance. Just as their physical counterparts bravely navigate through the stormy waters of their often hostile environment, so will the spirit essence of the duck help you to find your way through the sometimes rough emotional wave of your physical environment, Interestingly, just as contemporary artists and storytellers have often depicted the duck as an amusing and daffy character, your spirit helper will also teach you to be able to laugh at yourself arid to discover the strength in a good sense of humor.”


I found this to be really interesting. I definitely never would have thought to associate a duck with emotional stability or emotional balance, but the definition really resonated within me. It just made sense. I have been trying lately to work on being more emotionally expressive, but I have had my stumbling blocks like all of us and have put up a good amount of resistance as well. So this part of the dream really speaks to my not wanting to face my emotions or the emotional baggage that I have chasing me around everywhere. There was a part of me that was trying to get away from this duck out of fear which I guess is the same reason I have been avoiding certain emotions. Yet, the funny part is that there really was nothing to be afraid of. The duck was one tenth my size and was in no real position to hurt me. It was really my own perception and judgment that created this illusion of fear. The other interesting thing is that once this other girl came along and picked up the duck and nurtured it, everything was o.k. It was no longer quaking or running around like a lunatic. It was content. In the same vein, the dream is clearly telling me that once these emotions are faced then balance or contentment will be achieved.

The second part of the dream also speaks to the idea of illusions. I know from other dreams I have had that included glasses, contacts or sight that they all represent perception or vision. How we see things and not just in the physical sense, but also in the mental or intellectual sense. In the dream, I was trying to change the way I see things. I was in essence trying to change my perception of the situation. However, I was having difficulty with this and was becoming frustrated. I saw this new vision as being inflexible, impossible to fit and not worth the trouble. I also was taking away from my time trying to make this vision fit by worrying about this box. I was way too concerned about the box blocking the road and inconveniencing everyone else. Based on this interpretation, I can take a couple of different messages from this dream. The first is that it is not in my best interest to worry about all the outside influences and making sure that no one is inconvenienced. It’s a matter of releasing the guilt of imposing on others. Instead, the better choice is to put my best interest first which is the creation of a new perspective or a new vision for myself. That is the most important part. That is where my attention should reside. If I went ahead and did this then I would probable realize that this new perspective/vision is not as inflexible or difficult as I thought it was going to be. All of this would help to release the frustration that I felt in the dream and who knows where this new perspective/vision might lead me.

As always I just love the imagery and messages that our dreams hold for us. We really have a great opportunity to learn from these dreams when we finally decide to pay attention.

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