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by Jhan

Detox Bath

How to help toxins out through your skin pores

Date:   5/25/2005 3:35:17 PM   ( 18 y ) ... viewed 13821 times

Here are a few options:


NIACIN DETOX BATH (Shelleycat's Post)

The detox bath recipe is this:

Take 40-100 mg of Niacin. Make sure it's the regular kind and not the non-flush kind, as you want to flush your skin and open your pores. Your scalp should itch and burn. Wait about 20 minutes for it to take effect. If you wish to do this detox bath nightly, only take the Niacin 1x a week and drink Chamomile tea or ginger tea on the other nights.

While waiting for the Niacin or tea to take affect, use a dry skin brush and brush skin.

Drink a pint or more of good water, or the Master Cleaner drink with cayenne, lemon, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, or an EmergenC.

Run a hot bath and add:
1 cup Epsom Salts
1/2 cup Baking Soda
About 1/2 cup Powdered Ginger, or make a quart of ginger tea by slicing and dicing an entire ginger root and simmering for 20 minutes on low heat then letting steep for hour or so. Strain into bath.
Add cayenne pepper - but beware! it stings. I often chicken out and don't add it. :)

Soak for as long as you can, scrubbing your skin with a loofah or washcloth the entire time.

When you get out, wrap up in towels or robe and get under the covers and continue sweating for another hour or so. Drink more water. then air dry or take lukewarm shower, go to sleep. DO NOT try to do any housework or errands after bath. Rest peacefully! :)

Note: there's a fantastic Japanese washcloth that is highly recommended for this. It's about 2 feet long and a kind of pastic synthetic that is rather abrasive and really creates a ton of suds from any liquid soap. Rinses totally clean and pristine in a second. It got an award for best invention. I get it from my health food store and from my Japanese grocery store. I have not found it online yet. It's only about 2 bucks and well worth it.

Pitta people may find this bath totally exhausting, too much heat for them. So what they can do is drink two cups of chamomile tea (it promotes sweating and relaxation) and make the bath not so hot. They can do the post-sweat wrap up or immediately shower with a lukewarm shower, whichever helps them feel better. :)

It's also a good idea to massage in sesame oil after the bath - if you have the energy!!! ;)

If you want to pay special attention to your face for acne or pigmentation issues, you can:

give yourself a clay facial while dtaking the detox bath, just apply liquid bentonite clay after scrubbing your face clean. You can mix in colloidial silver for more of a detox effect.
Or apply a paste of ginger powder and turmeric, 50/50, if there are whiteheads.

Why Niacin Detox Bath are helpful:


Put 1/2 cup of sea salt (and the aromatherapy you like: minth works for me [if you do not have the essenciatl oil you can make tea and pour it in your bath]
fill in just the very bottom of the bath (about 2 inches) with ONLY hot water. Jump in (jumping is not exactly it, go slowly to adjust to he heat). once you are comfortable, keep adding hot water, just as ho as you can bear, to fill up the bath.

AVOID this treatment if you suffer from spider vein = varicose.


ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Bath is good for sore muscles.
It is also helpful in cases of skin fungus infection.
(2 tbsps of apple cider vinegar in a bath)

That works because vinegar is an acid and it actually DRAWS the lactic acid from your muscles (lactic acid is normal but when your liver and kidneys cannot cope, it builds up and it causes the soreness). WELL since I have been attempting to FLUSH the candida again lately I noticed that the bath water will turn a very faint yellowish color. But the most amazing thing is that my SKIN tone and integrity seem to be hugely improved as well. Less rashing and dryness (this may help Patches as well)....Anyone ever heard of this as a treatment for candida?? I believe it is pulling the toxins out from the die off or something....any thoughts??

OATMEAL BATH (Nyssa's Post)

When my son was 5 he had Fifths Disease ("slap face") ....a rash basically that is common in goes away eventually, it a virus. Anyhow, the doc gave me a hydrocotisone cream for it because it burns and itches pretty badly. Well that cream only relieved him for a few minutes at a time, and seeing as how hydrocortisone cream is one of the few topicals that actually absorbs systematically, I was not comfortable with using so much of it on my 5 year old child (it's a steroid) SO we tried baking soda baths, which didn't work all that well....THEN I thought well soda baths are ph are oatmeal baths....maybe they do it I tried the oatmeal. NOW the bath help a little, but what happened next is the thing. I drained the tub and the oatmeal piled up on the drain so the bath water would not empty. I grabbed a cup and scooped the oatmeal out. The oatmeal was a paste at this point....I thought ...HHMMMM I I went up to my sons room, he was laying there in his undies (which is all he wore while he had this rash because he could not wear anything else, it HURT) I applied some of the paste to a small spot on his leg that was BEAT red with the time it dried (minutes)that ONE spot was normal colored and did not burn or itch! (it was surrounded by rash where I had not put it....but it worked. I had my son lay on a towel on his bed and spread the paste all over him, told him to lie there until it dried (for 2 reasons, so it would stay on long enough to work, and so he didn't make a huge oatmeal PIE out of his bedroom....he was 5!!lol) IT DISAPPEARED...and stayed gone all night. I repeated this in the morning, and he went off to school and was fine...the rash did not return....

So the moral...oatmeal paste for sever rashing.....not a bath or a store bought lotion...just plain oatmeal turned into a paste...let it soak in warm to hot water for 15-20 minutes then drain the excess water off...WALLA...I do 1/4 oatmeal to 2 cups water just be sure there is enough to completely MUSH it... I'm thinking maybe this would even help yeast rashes...I don't have the skin problems to where I turn red and rashy...I only get DRY skin, but I may try this for that had just occured to me so I thought I'd share!


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