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Suffering Rock Rose

The land here--the Rock Rose--
is calling for attention.
Can I afford to do the
World Environment Day?
Where is my focus most needed now?

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7:26 AM
May 24, 07

The Agnihotra is getting me up everyday at Sunrise.
Today I missed. I got up a bit after Sunrise,
but did it anyway.

I am feeling very tired.
My arthritis is hurting.
That can happen when I am really far off
my diet. I feel it in my shoulders.

Yesterday was about being in the energy of Sinai,
the energy of the Collective Dream coming down.
I was still high from the night previous with
the Jewish Renewal community at Rabbi Wayne Dosick's.
That was very healing. Anytime I have a positive
Jewish experience it touches me to my core and is
very satisfying.

I was all over the map spiritually in my ten minute talk.
I talked about the practices of the Sioux Indians who
give their wife away to guests on the first night, according
to what I was reading in research on adultery.

I was making a point that there are many strokes for
different folks. The Jewish people, in committing
to this Seventh Commandment, were also committment
to lead enlightened male-female relationships.

The energy was basically in the head when I came
up for my ten minutes. Numbers of the speakers were
lovely and I enjoyed them. Lots were taking us
to inner places. I wanted to ground the energy and
also give an Awakening. I was humorous, bold,
electric, aromatic.

Too aromatic for one sweet Holy Woman who was
reacting to the Lemon Verbena.

I also brought some of Joe's ripe strawberries.
I was surprised that there were some berries as
well from Tierra Miguel, but mainly there were
some deliciously looking extravangant pies and
cheesecakes. I surrendered to eating bits of
some of those.

Yesterday, I really got into using the Holiday
for Cleanup--more than five hours worth.

It was a good day to initiate
"The Great Earth Cleanup" that can only
begin where we live.

After Agnihotra I went into the basement
and pulled out a box or two, and also what
I thought would be simple, a box of old photos.

I was mistaken...the box of old photos had
so mucn energy I ended up really distracted
and caught in the energy of what do you keep
and what do you empower.

I ended up empowering some old photos of
Foundation Pillars of my Archetypal reality--
I empowered a photo of Leonard Richardson--
a delightful farmer of another time and space
who died early this year, or was it last year.

I empowered a photos of my father Solomon,
a sweet photo. He is standing with Eva,
my sweeting relations of my sister Vivian's kids.
Evea gets me. What a healing feeling to be
gotten by someone in my own family. What a blessing.

I gave some energy to Joe the Farmer yesterday as well.
I gave him a Pep Talk going beyond where we could be discouraged,
a response from the current owner of the 100 acres
indicating they want to hold out his formerly owned
and now leased farmland for development.


My Pitch for Joe was based on the Inflowing
inspiration of taking a Larger Stand to Return
san Diego to be a Growing Capital of Organic Food
for the World.

San Diego was once a major agricultural Center,
but that is less clear now with the Predominance
of Development.

The Idea--the Seed Dream--is Strong and can
gather energy.

There can be a major convergence around the idea

I received support before the Town Meeting
called by Congress Woman Susan Davis when I
spoke out for Local Food Security

True Homeland Security is based on having
food to eat. It was pointed out in the
Public Forum last week that much of our food
in the US of A is centralized in a few
major growing areas. The Delivery of food
from far away is definitely causing pollution
influencing Climate Change.

Tons of Food from San Diego is shipped elsewhere,
warehoused, and then some of it shipped back.
Tons of our food is sold elsewhere, but nothing
like it once was. We have lost tons of farm land
here in our county in one of the places where
food can be grown most parts of the year.

Of all the places in the US, this County has
a high priority to be a growing capital.

The need to have a formula--for balanced
development--there must be farmland locally
and gardens.

I wrote this up at the Seed Dream level

Now the idea needs to come down to earth
and find its substanceand structure.

The EG Mobile also gave notice the eve
of needed more work.

It would not start 1 1/2 hours before Show Time
at Rabbi Waynes.

As seems to be the Way this year--I did find a Way
up there--as if by Miracle; but I cannot depend
on miracles as a Lifestyle.

The Truth is, I am leaving in a profound mess...
a mental mess that is producing a physical,
very Unholy, Very Unnerving Extreme condition
of Disorder.

The Enchanted Garden Intentional Community Property--
this place where I am feeling more and more at Home
after many, many years here--is profounding impacted
with Clutter and too many things.

My recent trip to Rancho La Puerta and Ranco Tres Estrellas
informed me--Wealth has lots of Open Space. "Rich" people,
abundant people, honor Space, empty--space that is not filled
in with Things.

The cost of too many things in one Space is Profound.

I can see it being played out as I survey the Garden
this early morning.

Paris started to simplify one area. He took on
on Area to the right of the Drive Way Entry.
He pulled out lots of leaves off the sugar cane
and revealed a bunch of uncared for, holding on
for dear life, cactus and succulents intermixed
with overgrowth of wild tobacco spewing long
gangly stalks and leaves, heither and yon (sp?).

The area is impacted, intensely impacted.
He added some Zen, and now this early morning,
I can see the Impact of so much intense stuck
energy in one spot. Until he took it one,
it was not clear. In clearing the space,
now the underlying disorder is more clear
and awaits further decision.

These cactus and succulents, they are not
being cared for. The energy needs to be freed.
There are too many plants in one spot.

He made a border with bricks and garbaged out
rocks broken. Now it is clearer. I can see
this. Before, It was like some like of total
unconsciousness. Now it is an "Oh I see"
the mess.

This "Oh I see the mess" was further underscored
with a walkaround with N our resident Antropologist,
who as the Tour of neglect and unconsciousness
proceeded, was walking with her hand protecting her
lungs and heart. Their was a semi grimace on her
face. Perhaps, if she was a religious person,
sho might have called out, "Oh My God!"

The most she could verbalize was, "Oh the Fire
department will be coming, and we could be evicted!"

I had to take a stand on that, and ask her to
back off from that train of thinking that is
Cancer Producing and Fear Making.

She is in recovery from Cancer, our delightful
N the Anthro. She is really coming out, and the
truth is, in her coming out, so are many of us here
joining in deeper community.

So this is the Question:

The EG Mobile needs energy.
I could summon extraordinary Creative Will
and determination and make
attendence at the World Environment Day
in Tecate a full on priority.

This will take many hours of vigilance
and focus.

The laundry list of what needs to be done
would be immense. I have not found that Focus
for that laundry list.

This is a Monumental Major Growth Opportunity
to do this event. I have Paris worked up about it,
but the both of us share the similar Pattern
of "Being Not Enuf" inside and therefore "Doing too Much"

A Major healing happened for me the other night
when I spoke to Anna in a compassionate Way.

Anna is my Soul Mate Here in Clutter.

The Summer here I have committed to Declutter.

With this will come an endless opportunity to interact
with Anna and others. With this will come a summoning
of Resources to help with this Monumental Task of
Cleansing not only the Premises but an Invite to bring
the Soul of this Place into Form, into Harmony with
Malchut--this Kingdom of Earth that can be the Enchanted Garden.

One more thing! One more event! One more outpouring
of energy to prove something! one part of me says.
Do the World Environment Day at Las Piedras.
What a major opportunity.

There are 40 booths at this World Class Event.
We are one of five US participants. I can make this happen,
but at what cost?????

What is the most important priority now????

I said it to Joe over the phone---
Get ready to be Famous. Get Ready to be called
by Radio and T.V. people and be a spoke person
for the local organic farmers of the world.

Get ready to walk the County designating farm land
that needs to be Upheld as Farm Land so our People
can eat in the days ahead when we will be asked
to depend more and more on locally grown food.

Look at the writing on the Wall:

We will be asked in the years ahead to depend
on more and more locally grown--organic food--
to sustain ourselves here in a healthy manner.

That is part of the message, here is another

"Our food supply is at risk. We need reframe
True Home Land Security and see this through
new eyes, the eyes of the farmer and gardener.
We need a new generation of children who love
to garden, who understand that apples grow on
trees and invite us to participate in their growth
as much as Apple Computers invite our attentiveness."
--Your Enchanted Gardener

Mother Earth does not know International Borders.
She does not know of immigration laws, but moreso
that the Earth is our Home, and all its People
are called to Live here in Peace and Justice.

For our County--our San Diego County--this means
We will need a whole new generation of farmers
and gardeners, and this asks our attention
and committment of funds.

The Del Mar Fair begins soon, and this ideas
will come alive in me as I see face to face
the head of the Flower and Garden Show.

I know Spirit will be directing my actions,
to move locally to infuse the Del Mar Fairgrounds
with Enchanted Garden energies.

I know for Joe the Farmer to make his Comeback.
This will Ask Focus, and investment of energies.

IF I want to Realize not only seed
but come to See this in the Time-Space Continuum
of Malchut--this Kindgom--this will mean
have a Home that is in Sync with that High Level
of Manifestation.

This Vision--this Seeding--can only thrive out
of the Space of a Home that has Room for the New
Growth and the New Visitors who will want to come

I am not so much concerned about the Fire Department
coming here, as I am Susan Davis, or the next
Presidential Candidate of the US of A.

I would not want them to talk down one of our
pathways and get stuck with thorns of unruly cactus,
or an overgrown Vetch starving out the life
of my favorite Rock Rose that appears this
morning to be in a Crisis, calling for my attention.

Oh My God! My poor Rock Rose!

Clipper in hand, this Awesome, Enchanted Garden,
these birds I hear now every Holy Dawn,
are calling me.

8:27 AM
May 24, 2007

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