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1. New Heaven-New Earth


Part ONE:
A New Heaven and a New Earth
Shall Rise from All This.

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A Poem in Process
Draft- Part ONE

© 2005, lesliegoldman, yourenchantedgardener

1. New Heaven-New Earth

I listen to the newsmen
standing outside the Astrodome
as buses come reeling in
passengers numb and
wondering what will become of me?

There is a block.
Eyes catch eyes through the
dark glass, but words are not
spoken. "Somebody" prefers
the words not be spoken
no interviews, no answer
to the question what must "they--
the Refugees--
be thinking inside their battered heads?"

"What must it feel like behind those eyes
starring out?" the newsmen wonder.

These are from the back of the Bus
always the Back of the Bus
These had no resources to leave,
no reserves, feeding children
hand to mouth, maybe no job at all.
They could not get out if they tried.
No gas, no car, no nothing to begin with
just an Old Man River sucking them dry.

"What must it be like to lose everything
except the clothes you are wearing?"
News Man asks this over the airwaves.

What must it be like to be carried
in the Bus from one polluted sports stadium
to another, hoping here, unlike what was called home,
rats will keep their distance.
They are offered makeshift blue cots
made of unnatural fibers placed
row upon row tight against each other
to provide moments of comfort
before the deep questions rage up.

NO lights,
no food,
sopping wet clothes,
body stink,
tired bones from six hours of travel,
grateful to be alive.
"Where are my children?"
they wonder if one can think at all.

This has become the human condition
and this is the human condition of all of us.
They are us, We are them.
RIch, poor it is all an illusion
We are all looking through the glass darkly
and very much dumb struck.

There was once a mule who would not move.
The farmer picked up a two by four and hit it on the head
attempting to get its attention.

I do not want to make light of this.
The utter pain,
the disbelief from having Bought
into some kind of System you imagined
could take care of you, but really, really,
this is where it has come to maybe here
or someplace in Iraq.

Looting, looting, new Rules,
police watch break-ins without doing anything
knowing deep inside these hapless
Ones are in panic and better they find something
to eat from the rubble. This is not a crime
this breaking in, this is an attempt to do something
in the face of a System that was always broken down
and is now showing its true face.

Who is wielding the two by four?
The news man says it is "Mother Dearest!"
Some kind of "sicko" planet that cannot be trusted.,
he says.

There are times to Anthropomorphize,
times when I like to see Her and call Her
Mother Earth, but in a time like this it is best
to look at the Physics of it all, the aberrant Chemistry of it all,
the underlying Physical Laws
The Test Tube Experiment of Lab Science
the Equation that produces this.

A Mystic Rabbi Politico says,
"1. Take a Windstorm
2. Heat up the water to scorching temp
3. Create some kind of thing called Global Warming
--"Warm" is too nice a Word--he says
4, suck the Oil out, because you are really, really Addicted
to Having it despite any human cost in Blood.
5. Create an unnatural condition, an UnGodly Condition.

It is so simple. That equals This.

Mess with the Natural Order--This is what you get.

Taste it.
Breathe it.
Smell it.
This is Hell on Earth as much as is humanly possible.

No Mother made this mess.
We made this mess. We Bought in. We did this to ourselves.
Technically, Techno-Unlogicallly, Perfectly,
Matter of Fact, Consistently, Precisely.


I feel grief I understand the pain
the anguish, horrific loss of life. I feel compassion,
and I am also deeper
looking, looking, seeing.

What is the Nature of this happenstance?
Where are we as a human race, racing?

What is the deeper meaning?
What can we do with all this?
How do we put the pieces of
this Humpty Dumpty System back
together again? No Kings Men
can do this.
What can we do with the Crack UP?
How do we make sense of all this?

There is no sense here.
Only the Human Soul.
Elegant. Dynamic. Inspired.
Humble. Gracious. Loving by nature.
Trusting by Nature and in Nature.
Innocent, can do something about this.

What Hubris caused this,
what pride, what kind of ignorance,

Who builds a city lower than the water's edge
and imagines they will NOT have to one day
Pay the Price?


Who does this kind of thing, turns a River
into an %¤#&!§-of filth and pollution
where lovely white steamboats sang some
kind of Southern Belle romantic song?

This is not Romance. This is not some kind
of Mardi Gras, buried down anxiety covered over
with drunken stupor
to not see what is really happening.

This is what comes of Banking
your commerce, Our future on
a Hub of Profit-Loss with no
natural ground.

The levee has finally broke
the dike, the finger in the hole
and there is no one to blame
not really, it is each of us
who held back ourselves
without knowing we had more to give.
a more beautiful world to create
founded on a different kind of Heavenly Order
an Enchanted Garden.

It is not an "Us" and "Them" thing.
They are no more "Refugees" than
any of us.
We are each lost without a home
how big our house may be.

We are each taking the hit.
It is not New Orleans alone
that is underwater. We are ALL underwater.
What are we going to do about it?

The boastful will build again in the same old way
in the same old place.
The pride-filled will attempt to put puppet poor people back
in an %¤#&!§-of stink that was overdue for a water wash out.

Does any of us really imagine that such a broken
Way, such a broken System, can work?

Union Carbide--GMO corn, Soybeans--
deliveries of STUFF, and Oil, Pollutant making things
came from here making the Whole World a nowhere place,
beating down the Whole Holy World.
All this was part of New Orleans
as well as the quaint burial grounds above ground.

Get a bloom.

Let us take a fresh Look.
Let us Start from scratch
and feel the sun our our faces,
the wind, the water filled with so much
natural power and energy here freely for all of us.

What are the basics?

Redefine, Review.
come out New.
"Teshuva" means Return
and this is the time for it.

How many more two by four's
do we need to beat us on the head
to Wake us Up?

Am I ready for the New Jerusalem
the Promised City,
the promised TIme,
a New Heaven and a New Earth
build in the Old Garden by Friends
who would never imagine doing anything
to hurt "the least of these?"

Let's Review.
Let us together review
the Basics.

New Epic Poem Rise!
Flowing out, watering with good
energy, Vitality. in the flow of Heaven
Earth with concern willfully listening to each One of us
sitting in a Talking Circle.

New Heaven, New Earth Rise!
People of the Earth, Rise Up.

[10:44 AM stanza addition, Wisewoman comment thanks!]
4:07 PM corrections made second time.

End of Part ONE

PART ONE: New Heaven-New Earth:


PART THREE: New Voices Must Rise



History of Kamasutra:

is Katrina a Disaspora?


Photos to come, other parts to this poem
to write, and things to do:

1. A 63 year old man on the Way to being 120 who eats well
out of self love.

2. Turtle Island: We are an Island on the back of a Turtle.
The Island is meant to move. How to Trade the BiG ONE
Earthquake into a Bakers dozen of manageable LITTLE ONES,
less damaging, less harmful.

3. Nature's Original Technology: Woman in the Enchanted Garden
breathing in herbs. What is :Green Evolution?" How is
"Green Evolution" part of "Organic Celebration?"

4.Eyes. Eyes. The Loveliness that is Woman and Her Power
to use her Body and her Soul to inspire a Whole World.
The story of the Women of Greece who stopped the War through
denying Men their Bodies until the Men learned to appreciate

5. Mother-Daughters-- The power of a Mother's love for her
offspring. What she will do for her children.
to make a New Heaven and a New Earth
May I have permission to use this photo?
Ask .XX. "Ask me first..."

6. This is Man. He will do anything for her.
"Because He is a Man." The Seven Love Cure

5. The Maiden. "As a Maiden,she will charm you.
She is intended to seduce you into being the best possible you.
She has want it takes." --from Love Her Always, one of The
Seven Love Cures. (photo of Sam, from New Zealand..vibrant...
full of life force. Aware of her "Action" and her "Juice."

6. Katrina...directed toward katina Frey...How does it feel
to have the same name as the Hurricane...Describe Life
at the vineyard. Photo of me in the pond petting the snake
that was so trusting, so enjoying the sunshine, it never even
moved when I touched it.

7. Photo: Me in Sacramento...The Enchanted Garden at the Capital
in Capital Park. Proposal...create an Enchanted Garden here...with
fruit trees, a place for the Legislators to sit and meditate b/4 they vote.
Good food in the from "Organic Celebration!"
on the walls of the Capital Cafeteria.

Sponsors for the Trip? TO Do: complete Feng Shui site. Photos on site
NOW! Slow foods, Follow of Daniel on Images site...
communicate with Scott.

8. The Future of Food. Made with Jerry Garcia money. Listen to
Grateful Dead lyrics. Ask Joan of the Teacups for her recommendations.
Tiedye Joan. Attend Opening.

9. Return to Leonard's farm...learn to graft a tree. Tell the story.

10. Angels 50 feet high. Flower Newhouse's Christward Ministry.
Questhaven Retreat Center. Get her book again for the Library here.
Explain to LL the difference between the We guides and the Angelic

New Purchases.
PC. laptop
Cell phone.

Eva: Ready to go on trip? September 16-October 3
Call Rabbi Zalman...arrange to read D.I. in second day of
Rosh Hasnanah...Have communities sign the Declaration
of Interdependence.

Earth Dance, northern Cal? Dates. Connect with Twyman.
He has a D.I. too now.


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